Start a Campfire with These DIY Fire Starters

Updated: Apr. 18, 2023

Getting a fire started can be a tough task. Make it a little easier on yourself with these DIY fire starters.

DIY Lint Fire starterFamily Handyman

DIY Lint Log Fire Starter

To properly build a fire, you need to have tinder (easy-lighting material), kindling (finger-size sticks that will catch fire quickly) and fuel (logs that will sustain the fire). The good news is that most people have a readily available supply of tinder right in their own homes: dryer lint! To make fire starters, stuff empty toilet paper tubes with dryer lint. Dryer lint “logs” will light quickly and easily burn long enough to light up the kindling, and you won’t have to resort to lighter fluid!

HH Handy Hint Wine Cork Fire StarterFamily Handyman

DIY Wine Cork Fire Starters

Fill a mason jar with wine corks and rubbing alcohol, and let the corks soak. The corks will burn pretty well in a couple days, but you should let them soak for a week for the best results. Be sure the corks are natural, not synthetic.

HH Handy Hint Wine Cork Fire starterFamily Handyman

HH diy egg carton wax dryer lint fire starterFamily Handyman

DIY Waterproof Fire Starters

Still got some more dryer lint laying around? Here’s how to turn that lint into fire starters that won’t get ruined by exposure to water, making them a great choice for camping trips. Stuff each well of an egg carton with dryer lint, then pour melted wax into each well and let them cool. The wax waterproofs the dryer lint and carton and also helps the starter burn longer. Once you’ve got the flames covered, sit back and relax with this campfire popcorn popper!

HH pouring wax into waterproof fire startersFamily Handyman