9 Brilliant Uses for Gutters that Aren’t on the Roof

Updated: May 31, 2024

Don't put those old gutters in the trash heap just yet! There are many clever and creative ways to recycle and repurpose gutters. Here are our favorite unconventional ways to use gutters.

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rain gutters planter
Courtesy of Jodie VanDerwall

Hanging Garden Shelves

Lengths of gutters leftover from an installation project can be cut and mounted on a fence or wall as planter shelves. These narrow planters are perfect for growing seedlings, lettuce and other small plants.

Photo: Courtesy of Jodie VanDerwall

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Gutters can also be used for creative outdoor water features. Here, gutters have been mounted on a wall to channel water from above down the wall and into a large tub below.

Photo: Courtesy of Backyard Boss

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use gutters for tool organization

Supplies Storage

Cut your cheap gutters into short sections, about 6 inches long, then stack and bind these sections so you have several rows of openings. You can store these gutter storage slots in a work bag for quick access, or mount them on a table. It’s a great DIY project for hobbyists with supplies that are tough to store and organize.

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Catching Chicken Droppings

Got chickens? If you keep a coop, you know that dealing with droppings is a problem. However, if you position a length of gutter under roosts or cages, and incorporate a French cleat, you can catch most of the droppings before they hit the floor.

Photo: Courtesy of Ploughs and Stars

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Supplies Storage

Use short lengths of gutter material, gutter support hooks and a chalkboard for a small indoor planter project. Attach gutter sections to the board, add soil, and plant your favorite herbs. Mount on a wall in your kitchen for fresh herbs any time.

Photo: Courtesy of Balcony Garden Web

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Ribbon Storage

Mount sections of vinyl gutter on a wall and place your ribbon spools in them. When you pull on the ribbon, the spool spins in place. Look for gutter sizes that can accommodate your largest ribbon spools.

Photo: Courtesy of Scrapbook.com

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Cable Organizer

Does your computer desk have a cord problem? Specifically, do your cords all hang off the edge in a tangled mess? Attach a section of gutter on the underside of your desk, toward the back. This holds the cords and channels them toward the electrical outlet.

Photo: Courtesy of Make: Magazine

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Boat Racing Channels

Think there’s no way gutters can be fun? They can be if you turn them into paper boat racing channels. (There are lots of videos online that show how to make these boats.) You need one section of gutter material, with an end cap on both ends, for each contestant. Add water, paper boats and personal wind power. On your mark, get set, go!

Photo: Courtesy of Pack1530.com

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Table with Built-in Beverage Cooler

This clever outdoor table has a built-in trough for ice and beverages. The table shown here has planter boxes mounted in the middle, but deep gutter sections would also work. This looks far more impressive than a plastic cooler!

Photo: Courtesy of Ana White