12 Brilliant Uses for Duct Tape

Updated: May 26, 2021

While we wouldn't condone all of these, it's still pretty incredible to see the kinds of stuff people use duct tape for. Take a look and you just might see something you've never thought of before!

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Duct Tape Drink Holder
Family Handyman

Duct Tape Drink Holder

Keep a roll of duct tape on the center floorboard in your vehicle. It works great as a cup holder and it's just sticky enough to stay put. When you need the roll, you'll know right where to find it. Get this and you'll never run out of duct tape again! Well, at least not for a long time.
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Remove Pet Hair with Duct Tape
Family Handyman

Remove Pet Hair with Duct Tape

That's right. We've found another use for duct tape—cleaning. The stickiness of duct tape makes it perfect for a makeshift pet hair remover and this method is faster than vacuuming. It also works on seats in vehicles. A sponge or cloth wrapped with duct tape works great for getting into corners. Wrap duct tape around a paint roller cover, sticky side out. Roll the paint cover over furniture or carpet to pick up the pet hair. Add more tape as the surface gets full of hair. Once you're done removing hair, learn how to clean a microfiber couch here. Plus: Kitchen Cleaning Checklist: 11 Tips for a Clean Kitchen
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Cricket Trap
Family Handyman

Cricket Trap

From a Family Handyman reader: A lot of cricket-like bugs had taken up residence in my basement. I'm concerned about chemicals in bug sprays, so I came up with this simple trap—duct tape. I set out a long strip of duct tape sticky side up in my basement. When I returned a couple of days later, I found it had about 15 to 20 bugs attached. Since then, I have set tape out several times with the same results. Matt Langford Editors' Note: To permanently banish crickets, seal entrances by caulking around basement windows. Also dehumidify your basement—they like damp areas.
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Holiday Footwear

The Duct Tape Guys have put together an encyclopedia of uses for duct tape. They even put out a calendar but some of the most original stuff comes from readers. One reader didn’t have the right shoes to go with her holiday party dress so she did like any good DIYer would and improvised a new pair of shoes by duct taping over an old pair. Photo: Courtesy of Gummybearlove/Instructables
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Fungus Toe Nail Remedy

Another reader of The Duct Tape Guys reported they cleared up toe nail fungus with duct tape. They applied duct tape to a toe nail to prevent from losing it and it seemed to work.
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Duct tape can eliminate eyesores from your home but it’s also really good at getting rid of eyesores on your body like warts. According to a study published in "Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine," duct tape proved more effective at treating warts than having them frozen off. Photo: Courtesy of Very Well
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Duct Tape Kayak

Mythbusters created a boat made of duct tape in an episode and so have others. As long as the seals are water tight it's possible. Duct tape also works well as a guard when using a spinning sander to prevent fingers from brushing up against the wheel. Photo: Courtesy of ineverfinishanyth/Instructables
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Gettin' Jiggy With It 
Family Handyman

Gettin' Jiggy With It 

A reader of The Duct Tape Guys from Floral Park, New York sent in his DIY repair to his jigsaw plate made from duct tape. It worked perfectly as he cut paneling with the jigsaw and didn’t splinter.
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Toothpaste Tube Fix

Instead of having to re-roll a tube of toothpaste on its last legs, a heady reader of The Duct Tape Guys taped the rolled up tube with duct tape. Photo: Courtesy of Infinitedly.com
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Duct tape has even saved the lives of plants as people have left stories of mending broken branches of plants on The Duct Tape Guys website.
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Prevent Deer From Electrocution

Prevent Deer From Electrocution

Deer brake for duct tape, according to a Duct Tape Guys reader from Pennsylvania. She used it on her electric fence to signal the fence to deer so they wouldn't go through it.
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Duct Tape Camper

Yes, it does exist, a duct tape camper. Scott Crevier and his daughter created one in August of 2008 as kind of a goof but it picked up steam. It was featured on CNN. So if duct tape can’t fix your home, you can build a new one with it.