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Keep your entire home well organized and find storage space you didn’t know you had with these organization and storage projects, tips and ideas.

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11 Tips For Buying and Assembling a Closet Storage System

Ready-made storage components make organizing your closet simple and inexpensive. This article compares features of three different systems and explains basic installation techniques.

These 6 Hanging Pot Rack Ideas Create Storage and Organization

When it comes to storing your pots and pans, sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. These hanging pot racks...

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How To Start Decluttering When It Feels Overwhelming

Clutter stresses us out. So does decluttering. An organizational expert explains how to declutter and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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This IKEA Bread Box Table Hack Is the Perfect Storage Solution

Interested in DIY upcycling projects? We reviewed a popular TikTok hack on using IKEA's bread boxes to build a bread...

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How to Declutter Your Closet in 4 Easy Steps

Use these time-tested tips to keep your closet organized and your clothes in tip-top shape.

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How to Make a Clothes Rack on Wheels

Why should you choose function over form when building a clothes rack? Here is how to make a clothes rack...

The 4 Best Garage Storage Systems, Tested by Editors

Looking to organize a typically forgotten spot in your home? These are the best garage storage systems for...

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What’s the Best Way To Pack Clothes for Moving?

Boxes? Bags? Vacuum packing? Here's how to keep your clothes in good shape and make moving a little less of...

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Is It Better To Roll Your Clothes or Fold Them?

Save space, save time or save yourself from ironing? We asked the pros whether it's better to roll your clothes...

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How To Hang and Install a Pegboard

Considering installing some pegboard but not sure where to start? Don't worry! It's a cinch if you follow this tutorial.

How to Make the Most of a Galley Kitchen

Small spaces require creative design and storage solutions.

The Best Washer and Dryer Pedestals for Your Laundry Room

Pedestals for your washer and dryer, also called risers, can raise the utility of your laundry room by adding space...

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Make Your Own Clear Labels in Minutes Using This Cheap Hack

All you need are a printer, tape, scissors and a bowl of water!

The 8 Best Pegboard Accessories for an Extra-Organized Workspace

Is your garage as tidy as it could be? Probably not, but that could all be changed with the right...

This is How Shaq Organizes His Garage

The basketball legend gave fans a sneak peek inside his handy haven.

9 Garage Shoe Storage Solutions to Instantly Organize Your Space

Keep your footwear from piling up with these easy garage shoe storage solutions

Space-Saver Vacuum Storage Bags Saved My Life While Moving

If you’re moving or swapping out your summer wardrobe for cold-weather clothes, you’ve got to try these space-saver...

8 Clever Barbie Organizer and Storage Ideas for Doll Collections, Accessories, Clothes & More

Here's how to organize your kids' Barbie dolls, and more importantly, what to do with all those tiny accessories!

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Easy Garage Storage Solutions

Four quick and simple DIY storage projects.

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8 Decluttering Tips for Hoarders

When signs of hoarding appear, use these tips to get things under control before full-scale hoarding takes over.

9 Garden Tool Bags to Keep Planting Essentials Organized and Ready to Use

Store your supplies and keep them in order for the next gardening session with a garden tool bag

Organize Your Space with Customizable NewAge Products Garage Cabinets – We Tried It!

You’ll be weeping (OK, probably not actually weeping) over how much you love these...

16 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

No Father's Day fails here! We've rounded up the best last-minute Father's Day gifts with something every type of dad...

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How To Organize Cleaning Supplies

Use these tips and tricks to organize your cleaning supplies and make your cleaning projects that much easier.

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How to Build a Key Rack For Your Wall

If you're always misplacing your keys, wallet or sunglasses, this handy key rack is the perfect project for you.

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How to Build a Wooden Clothing Rack

Is your closet overflowing with clothes? You can build this practical and stylish clothing rack in a day by following...

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7 Built-In Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Feeling cramped in your apartment or small house? These built-in storage ideas will free up space and help your cut...

6 Best Shoe Bench Finds for Your Entryway

Get your family's footwear under control! We found the best shoe bench for dirty boots, tying shoelaces, and keeping your...

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Does This Daily 15-Minute Decluttering Hack Really Work?

Try this simple decluttering method to organize your entire home without experiencing burnout.

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10 Power Tool Storage Ideas

Love your power tools but struggling to store them efficiently? Here are some solutions to help organize your workshop or...

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Feng Shui for Your Home: A Guide

Exploring the person-place connection — and better design — with the principles of feng shui, according to an expert.