Storage and Organization

Keep your entire home well organized and find storage space you didn’t know you had with these organization and storage projects, tips and ideas.

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    Storage Solutions for Counter-Depth Refrigerators

    Maximizing space in a counter-depth refrigerator calls for creative solutions and clever gadgets.

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    9 Garage Items That Aren’t Worth Keeping

    If your garage is so full you can't park your bike inside, let alone your car, it's time to clear...

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    Keep Your Tools Ready with an In-Cabinet Charging Center

    This sliding station keeps your tools ready to go

    5 Food Storage Tips for Camping Trips

    How to keep your food supply safely stored while you're out camping in the wild.

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    9 Best Garden Tool Organizers for Your Garage

    Gardening season is in full swing, so if you don't have a good garden tool organizer in your garage or...

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    8 Creative Ways for Hiding Cords in Your Home

    Goodbye cord clutter! Hide unsightly wires, cables and cords with these clever DIY and store-bought solutions.

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    Find the Best Shoe Storage Bench for Your Entryway

    Get your family's footwear under control. We found the best shoe storage benches for every home's entryway.

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    10 Best Living Room Shelving Ideas

    Not sure what to do with that blank wall? Living room shelves add storage and style. Read on for 10...

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    8 Best Closet Organizers

    Functional closets feature the right closet organizer. Our organization pro shares her picks for the best systems and individual pieces...

    Design Your Small Bathroom with Space-Saving Items from Amazon

    These popular (and stylish!) products from Amazon will make your small bathroom more functional and beautiful.

    Wayfair Way Day 2021 Is Here!

    You can save up to 80% with the Wayfair Way Day 2021 sale! Check out our favorite steals.

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    How to Keep Your Bathroom Counter Clean and Organized

    Enjoy a vanity that's sparkling and free of clutter, thanks to a bathroom counter organizer and more smart storage.

    The Overstock Spring Black Friday Sale Is Here

    Black Friday is early this year. Get your hands on the newest spring trends for your home with this major...

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    10 Home Gym Storage Ideas

    Clever home gym storage ideas can help turn a spare room, garage or abandoned corner into a motivating and clutter-free...

    The Most Essential Products for New Homeowners

    From cleaning supplies to tools, here's a list of everything you'll need for your new home.

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    10 Storage and Organization Tips for Your New Home

    Moving into a new home is an opportunity to start fresh and organized. Use these ideas to get settled with...

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    How to Organize Your Freezer From Start to Finish

    Follow these simple steps to tame the chaos in your freezer, ensuring it's organized and stocked with food that's safe...

    5 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Get Paid for Your Clutter

    Thinking about doing some spring cleaning? Instead of chucking your stuff, use these websites to score a few bucks for...

    12 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

    When you have a stack of cardboard boxes in the corner (too much online shopping this month?!), recycling is one...

    Can You Recycle CDs, DVDs and Other Discs?

    Despite the fact that CDs and DVDs are made of plastic, your local curbside recycling program is unlikely to accept...

    34 Important Things to do When Planning to Sell Your Home

    Prepare your house and your family by knowing the things to do when selling a house. It'll help sell your...

    50 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

    An average Joe may just see a bucket, a rubber band or a length of PVC, but a DIYer sees...

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    Bathroom Cabinet Organizers: 10 Smart Ideas for Storage

    Maximize valuable storage space and organize bathroom cabinets with smart strategies and savvy organization products.

    10 Hidden Storage Spots in Your Home

    You don't need extra closets and storage rooms in your house just to stay organized. There may already be storage...

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    Stuff We Love: Kitchen Storage Products

    Kitchens collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and a little sanity) with these storage and organization products.

    15 Items That Get You Organized Like Marie Kondo

    "Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed...

    These 11 Products Will Get You Organized Like Marie Kondo

    Stop sweeping things under the rug and get to sparking joy in your house today with these organization products inspired...