Dewalt Rolling Tool Box: Features, Tested & Reviewed

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Keep ALL the tools you need for any job in one place with this Family Handyman Approved rolling tower from DeWalt.

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When choosing the right toolbox for your needs, an age-old dilemma comes into play. Do I go with a smaller, easier-to-haul toolbox and carry fewer tools? Or a larger, more cumbersome toolbox with every tool I need for any DIY project, but takes an army to move?

I’ve flip-flopped on this for years. At one point I lugged a toolbox so big and heavy I outfitted a furniture dolly with a custom-built rack, just so I could move it onto the jobsite.

These days, all the leading tool brands feature modular, rolling tool towers. After examining several at my local home center, I picked up DeWalt’s ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Tower and put it through its paces.

What Is The DeWalt’s ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Tower?

The DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Tower consists of three toolboxes: standard, extra-large, and an even bigger one with a rolling bottom. It comes with an adjustable handle and sturdy eight-inch wheels.

Tough System 2.0 toolboxes feature spring-loaded, auto-connect side latches enabling one-handed operation, along with durable metal front latches and a padlock hasp. The dust and water resistant set comes with two large organizer cups and two removable inner trays, letting you maximize your storage space. Best of all, the Rolling Tower is compatible with any Tough System product, past or present.

Straight out of the box, Rolling Tower feels steady, strong and well-built. The molded bee-colored plastic tower is roomy, measuring almost 40 inches tall while providing nearly five cubic feet of storage space for your tools and gear.

How We Tested It

I sought to determine its capacity, maneuverability and durability. In my test I loaded almost 100 pounds of tools and gear into the Rolling Tower. Then I took it up and down stairs, across uneven terrain, and even plunged it off my pickup’s tailgate.

Towards the end, I sprayed the ToughSysytem tower with my garden hose from every angle imaginable to assess its water resistance.

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Performance Review


My first impression while loading the Rolling Tower was how spacious it is. It easily fit all the cordless tools I usually bring to a jobsite in the bottom rolling unit alone. That included a drill driver combo, oscillating tool, handheld vacuum, random orbital sander, right angle drill, 18-gauge nailer, jigsaw, reciprocating saw and a circular saw. I loaded the batteries and charger as well, no problem.

I filled the large toolbox on top with hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers, as well as my corded belt sander and router. With just these two boxes filled, the Rolling Tower was definitely heavier and more cumbersome, yet still maneuverable.

Typically, I would save the top box for my delicate tools, pencils and instruments like tape measures, squares, levels, and chisels. But for testing purposes, I threw in some more non-delicate hand tools and filled the large storage cups with screws, dowels and biscuits.

Maneuverability and durability

At this point, after accounting for its 45-pound starting weight, the DeWalt Rolling Tower weighed approximately 144 pounds according to my bathroom scale. Though hefty, it still managed to roll smoothly up and down stairs and across bumpy terrain.

I could feel the Rolling Tower’s heavy weight stressing its adjustable handle when it tipped up before rolling, or going up and down stairs. Despite my slew of rigorous tests, the handle held firm. That surprised me.

I was most afraid of the tailgate test. Counting the curb height, the fall from the bed of my midsized pickup onto soft grass measured 22 inches — above and beyond what a full toolbox should handle.

I figured the auto-connecting side latches would be the weak point, either popping apart or breaking completely. But I was wrong. The Rolling Tower stood up to the abuse and came away unscathed.


I emptied every tool out of all three toolboxes and wiped them clean. If water seeped into the Rolling Tower, I wanted to notice it.

I pulled out my garden hose and put the sprayer on the most powerful jet setting. I soaked the tool tower for two solid minutes. Upon inspection, I found the DeWalt ToughSystem Tower to be legitimately waterproof.

However, I was disappointed to see a couple of drops trickle down from the lid and enter near the open boxes hinges. This isn’t that big of a concern, just something to be aware of if your box gets stuck out in the rain.

Why You Should Buy This

Though nothing is flawless, the DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Tool Tower is close. It’s well-made and roomy enough to carry every tool you can imagine in one easy-to-transport tower. Furthermore, it’s water- and dust-proof, excelling in tests beyond everyday use.

Easy to configure and disassemble, it includes plenty of compatible accessories. It’s backed by DeWalt’s Guaranteed Tough Lifetime Limited warranty. There isn’t much more a toolbox tower could offer.

Where to Buy

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The DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Rolling Tool Tower is available at The Home Depot.

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