Power King Chipper Shredder: A Beast of a Chipper

Updated: Nov. 30, 2023

The Power King Chipper is called a beast for a reason—it quickly shreds your brush pile in a flash.

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A top-performing product with five-star reviews, the Power King Chipper eats brush for lunch. The Power King Chipper is royalty when it comes to residential wood chippers, as this beast devours five-inch branches without a hiccup. 

Owning a wood chipper will save you time and money and make tree care easier in the long haul. Why wait to hire someone expensive when you could do it yourself?

What is the Power King Chipper Shredder Kit?

Power King Chipper Shredder Kitvia merchant

It’s no wonder owners call this powerful chipper a beast. The Power King Chipper boasts an impressive 14-horsepower, four-cycle Kohler engine. Plus, the heavy-duty blades can demolish lengthy limbs without incident.

With its large hopper, you can feed this hungry beast with ease. We also love the rotating shoot, which puts the finely shredded mulch wherever you want.

Perfect for homeowners with heavily-wooded or large properties, the Power King can roam your jungle (er, yard) for its next meal. This machine is easily towable with an all-terrain vehicle or small tractor. 

The Power King Chipper Kit includes an extendable wheelbase, a removable tool-free tow bar, a weatherproof cover and extra blades. Power King also offers a similar model with an electric start, but it is hundreds of dollars more.


  • Easy recoil start
  • 360-degree rotating exit shoot
  • Removable tow bar
  • Extended axle
  • Comes with extra blades
  • Weatherproof cover included
  • 14 horsepower engine
  • 3-year engine warranty


  • Cannot be towed on the road

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How to Use the Power King Chipper

Safety first, please. Grab your goggles and gloves—this is a powerful machine. Place the chipper on a flat surface and adjust the exit shoot to direct the output of the pulverized material. Then, simply feed the branches with the large diameter side first. When the beast begins to chew, let go of the branch, as auto-feed should kick in.

It will be greedy for more, but don’t stuff it too full. Make sure to allow it to chew before adding additional material. With a little practice, feeding your beast will become your favorite chore. For more information, we recommend referring to the user guide for in-depth start up and maintenance procedures. 

The Best Power King Chipper Reviews 

Home Depot customer, David says, “A workhorse. Took care of everything I threw in it and then some from storm damage on 8+ acres. Towed great using the wide wheel base set up. Set up was easy but a second set of hands is needed. Solid piece of equipment.”

Ed Abel gave the Power King five stars, “Much Better than Hoped! I was hesitant to start with 2″ thick branches; I incorrectly assumed that the chipper must at least stall if the entire branch were tossed in. Whoa! It’s gone without any hesitation. At first I held onto, and slowly fed, the Juniper branches thinking that they would stall and jam the blades. The machine told me to “let go”; so I did and the chips flew out the chute. Again, no stall nor jam. Soon the 3″ and 4″ limbs were being chewed up and spit out. I could relax, ‘feed the machine’, and watch the brush pile disappear. Satisfied.”

BigDibbs echoes many user reviews, “This chipper is a beast, easy to put together and operate. I use a hand dolly with a hitch to move it around by hand and it is easy. Well balanced and easy to maneuver around. Shredded two large trees in one afternoon. Not designed for shredding smaller items but does chop it up a bit, though it prefers larger branches.”

Where to Buy the Power King Chipper

The Power King Chipper Shreddervia merchant

The Power King Chipper Shredder is poised and ready to help you tackle the toughest branches. Grab yours today at Home Depot or Walmart.

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