Tear Through DIY Projects with the Family Handyman Approved Diablo Demo Demon Saw Blade

If you're planning on adding a window, knocking down a wall or re-roofing your garage, pick up a Diablo Demo Demon 24-tooth circular saw blade.  

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For as long as I can remember, a reciprocating saw with a demo blade has been the go-to combination for teardowns or demolition tasks. The makeup of these blades make them ideal for cutting through all kinds of materials — siding, laminated panels, PVC and nail embedded lumber — without quickly dulling or tearing apart.

In the last few years I’ve started seeing circular saw blades hit the market with this same demolition purpose in mind. I’ve used many Freud products over the years, so I decided to pick up a Freud Diablo Demo Demon circular saw blade and put it to the test.

What is the Freud Demo Demon?

It’s a circular saw blade specially designed for framing and demolition applications. The Demo Demon features 24 high-density carbide teeth in a three-tooth grind sequence for exceptional tracking and control.

Its ultra-thin kerf is a hair under 1/16-inch. That’s not only great for squeezing between old framing members, but also less work for the circular saw, leading to more cuts between battery charges. The blades accept a standard 5/8-inch arbor circular saw and come in 6-1/2-in. and 7-1/4-in. sizes.

How We Tested It

With no projects planned that require framing or demolition, I decided to set up a few tests to see how the Demo Demon would fare.

I took a warped eight-foot 2×10 I had laying around the shop and ran down both edges, putting a different kind of fastener in every 1-1/2-inches. I selected different screws and nails based on their girth and metallic makeup. I used framing, roofing and trim nails and various screws in #6, #8, and #10, some stainless steel, some not.

If the Demo Demon survived that test, I planned to break down a few odd-sized pallets left over from some recent machinery purchases. I figured the pallets should be an easy job compared to the 2×10. But I wanted to see how well the blade handled the nail embedded pallets, and how cleanly it cut after our first test.

Performance Review

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The Diablo Demo Demon handled all the tasks we put in front of it.

After four rip cuts down the edges of my 2×10 riddled with miscellaneous hardware, I inspected the blade and found all the carbide blade tips still intact and sharp to the touch. This surprised me, since I had cut through more than 200 nails and screws in less than 10 minutes!

As expected, the pallets were a breeze after the 2×10 test. The Demo Demon had no problem chopping them up for the dumpster. (Because they’re not treated lumber, I kept a few chunks for the bonfire pit as well.) After both tests, the blade still cut cleanly and precisely. It was still sharp enough to tackle a framing project or rip down a few sheets of oriented strand board (OSB).

The blade felt great in use. It cut and tracked well even while fighting through the smorgasbord of nails and screws. The feed rate through the 2×10 was smooth and uniform. I slowed down only a little in the most warped sections.


Few things last forever, and demo blades certainly don’t. One hidden vent pipe, concrete block or hearty corner brace can render a blade worthless. That the Diablo Demo Demon made its way through more than 200 screws and nails with the carbide intact is impressive for any circular saw blade, especially one at this price.

Reliability and durability

In our tests, the Diablo Demo Demon proved its durability and resilience. Diablo is a long-trusted industry leader for cutting tools, abrasives and power tool components favored by craftsman across a range of trades.

Why You Should Buy This

Even if you’re like me and a reciprocating saw is your go-to demolition tool, you’ll be happy to have a Diablo Demo Demon in your shop. Its durability, thoughtful engineering and affordable price make it ideal for any surprises your next project might throw your way.

Where To Buy

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Pick up a Diablo Demo Demon at The Home Depot.

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