Family Handyman Approved: Hart Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

This reciprocating saw from Hart Tools is a powerful, all-in-one cutting tool with a brushless motor that DIYers will love.

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If you’re about to knock down a wall in your kitchen, add a skylight to your home office or tackle the huge branch pile from the recent storm, the Hart 20v brushless reciprocating saw is the tool you need. After recently testing it, we judged it Family Handyman Approved.

What is the Hart 20v Brushless Reciprocating Saw?

Because of its shape, power and ease of use, a reciprocating saw is a must-have tool for demolition and disassembly. The hand-held, battery operated Hart 20v brushless reciprocating saw works well in unison with other demolition tools (hammers, crowbars, hacksaws, etc.) for common projects like replacing a door or window, tearing out a wall, cutting out old pipes or even pruning trees.

Tools with brushless motors offer more power and a longer run time. They also come in smaller and lighter packages than a traditional brushed motor tool. That helped Hart design a product about 17 inches long and weighing less than six pounds.

Though the tool features a 7/8-in. stroke length ideal for aggressive cuts and heavy demolition, it feels comfortable and secure thanks to the textured rubber covering the body. It’s full of features like a quick-change blade lever, variable speed trigger with lock for better blade control, LED project light and a self-adjusting shoe to maintain blade-to-material contact.

How We Tested It

When using a reciprocating saw, speed and ease are of utmost importance. Remember, demolition is usually only the first part of a project!

We tested the tool three ways: slicing through nail-embedded lumber; cutting steel and PVC pipe; and breaking down an outdoor branch pile.  These tests are comparable to what you may encounter knocking down a wall, removing a door jamb or pruning a few fruit trees.

Performance Review

After a few hours of testing, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall performance of the Hart 20v brushless reciprocating saw. It cut everything quickly and efficiently, and on a single charge.

I used the included Hart wood blade for the tree trimmings, and a Hart combo metal/PVC cutting blade for the nail-embedded lumber and the different pipes. The saw never missed a beat. Through every material I tested, it did its job well. The blades made their cuts, but I think it would have been worthwhile to invest in a good bi-metal or demolition blade, especially for the nail-embedded lumber and PVC.

Reciprocating saw blades come in all shapes and sizes. Most brands label their blades according to use, length, and teeth-per-inch (TPI). There are plenty of specialty blades out there for pruning, ductwork or even grout removal if that’s what you need. Use a blade with a lower TPI for rough cuts and one with higher TPI for cleaner cuts.

The value of this tool is unrivaled. Know that it you buy it with a battery included, it costs about $55 more than buying it without one. Both the bang-for-your-buck power and lengthy list of suitable features make it comparable to its more costly peers.

The quick release blade lever is convenient when switching between blades in cold conditions or with gloves on, and the variable speed trigger is well-suited and easily featherable to achieve the desired speed your projects require.

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Why You Should Buy This

The Hart 20v brushless reciprocating saw is an all-in-one cutting tool. Powerful enough and easy to handle, this saw easily cut through any material I tested. Its compact and lightweight size makes it suitable for any application, from working high on a ladder to deep in a crawl-space.

The surprisingly long-lasting battery life combined with high-end features make this an easy choice if you’re in the market for an entry level reciprocating saw.

Besides the low quality of the included blades, there’s one other drawback: The battery took more than two hours to fully charge. But overall, I think the Hart 20v brushless reciprocating saw would be a welcome addition to the tool collection of any DIYer.

Where to Buy the Hart 20v Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Hart Brushless Reciprocating SawVia

The saw is available at Walmart and the Hart Tool web site. Its combination of utility, features, and value is superb for any do-it-yourselfer. Battery and charger not included.

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