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27 Coolest Cordless Tools For Your Collection

These battery powered tools will blow you away.

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Man on a Ryobi Battery Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn MowerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Ryobi Zero Turn Riding Lawn mower

One ride on this Ryobi battery powered riding lawn mower and you’ll wonder where all the noise went. It’s incredible how quiet this mower is if you’re used to a gas-powered riding lawn mower. This 42-inch, 100 Ah battery powered mower will cover up to 3 acres on one charge. The price tag might shock you a little but that can be made up with the enjoyment of quiet mowing provided by the mower.

Buy it now at The Home Depot.

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Echo cordless chain saw

Echo CCS-58V4AH

This saw practically tied EGO for top speed and number of cuts on a single charge, and was one of our favorites. The only feature missing is the tool-free chain tensioner. But the wrench required to loosen and tighten the bar nuts is securely attached in a convenient pocket on the underside of the handle.

Buy it now at The Home Depot.

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DeWalt Atomic DrillCourtesy of The Home Depot

DeWalt Atomic 20V Cordless Compact and Drill Driver

DeWalt is proud of its Atomic line of tools because the Atomic Compact Series is packing more power in a smaller chassis. The drill/driver is 13 percent more powerful and 25 percent more compact than its entry level model.

Buy this DeWalt Atomic 20V cordless compact and drill driver now at The Home Depot.

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Ryobi cordless chain saw

Ryobi RY40511

The small battery provided far fewer cuts than other saws, but the cutting speed was as fast as that of much more expensive models. The variable speed trigger provided good control. This saw is a good choice if you don’t need to cut large quantities of wood at a time, and you don’t mind not having tool-free chain tensioning or a blade brake.

Buy it now at The Home Depot.

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EGO 56 volt portable power stationCourtesy of The Home Depot

EGO 56V 3,000-Watt Nexus Portable Power Station

This battery powered generator has all the power of conventional gas generators and then some, minus the fumes and noise of traditional generators. This Ego 56V, 3,000-watt Nexus portable power station is perfect if you tailgate or need something to have on hand in case of an emergency. The EGO Nexus Power Station will power a TV, microwave and full-sized refrigerator. Plus, it’s great for any camping trip. The LED display will show the remaining run time while you run power from the four USB ports or three 120-volt AC outlets. It comes with two EGO POWER+ ARC lithium 6.5 Ah batteries and can charge up to four EGO batteries. If you’re searching for the perfect camping gadgets, check out the coolest camping tools on Amazon.

Buy the Ego 56V, 3,000-watt Nexus Portable Power Station now at The Home Depot.

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Dewalt cordless chain saw

DeWalt DCCS690H1

This saw, along with the Stihl, has the highest amp-hour battery of the group. The design of the tool-free chain tensioner is top notch, and we liked the quarter-turn oil reservoir cap and wide oil-filling opening. It’s one of a few saws that have variable speed. Our only criticism is that the space between the hand guard and the handle is a little tight.

Buy it now at Amazon.

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EGO 150 watt power invertorCourtesy of The Home Depot

EGO Nexus Escape 150-Watt Power Inverter

If you don’t need something as powerful as EGO’s Nexus Power Station, you can try the slimmer EGO Nexus Escape 150-watt power inverter. This power inverter has two USB ports and one 120V AC power outlet. It comes with a five-year warranty and will power TVs, routers, lamps, speakers and more.

Buy the EGO Nexus Escape 150-watt power inverter now at The Home Depot.

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Greenworks cordless chain saw

Greenworks GCS80420

One of the most powerful saws in the group, the Greenworks cut fast without bogging down. The 2-amp-hour battery provided only about half as many cuts as saws with 4- to 6-amp-hour batteries. We liked that the oil reservoir level was easy to see. This helps prevent messy overfilling. If you’re looking for a powerful saw with a long bar and don’t mind the shorter run-time and the absence of a tool-free chain tensioner, this is a good choice.

Buy it now at Amazon.

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Milwaukee M12 and M18 Battery ChargerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Milwaukee M12 and M18 Battery Charger

If you’re going to run cordless tools you’d better have a good charging station to stay powered. Milwaukee’s got that covered with its six-port sequential battery charger. It has three M12 ports and thee M18 ports so if you’ve got some of both — you’re alright. Check out our buyer’s guide to cordless tools before you cut the cord.

Buy this Milwaukee M12 and M18 battery charger now at The Home Depot.

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Kobalt cordless chain sawCourtesy of Kobalt

Kobalt KCS 180B-06

The Kobalt saw appears to be identical to the Greenworks saw except for the color. And the two saws performed similarly, with plenty of power to cut even 10-in.-diameter logs. The batteries are not interchangeable, though. The 80-volt battery provided plenty of power but didn’t last as long as batteries with a higher amp-hour capacity. This saw is a great choice if you need to cut big logs and want a cordless tool that can rival the power of a gas chain saw.

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Toro 22-in. 60V 6.0Ah lawn mowerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Toro 22 in. 60V 6.0Ah Battery Powered Mower

Toro has made the transition to battery powered lawn mowers a little smoother for those used to gas-powered mowers. Toro’s 22-inch walk-behind mower is just like the gas-powered version with its steel deck. The 60V battery will let you cut up to a 1/3 of an acre on a full charge and the mower features the Toro Personal Pace Self-Propel System, which means the mower will move at the pace you’re most comfortable at. Plus, this Toro mower still uses the SmartStow system to take up less space in your garage. With Father’s Day around the corner, find a gift dad will love with this Father’s Day gift guide.

Buy this Toro 22 inch 60V 6.0 Ah battery powered lawn mower now at The Home Depot.

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Stihl cordless chain saw

Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ, AP 300 battery, AL 100 charger

This saw comes fitted with a unique thin-kerf, 1/4-in.-pitch chain. It was one of the fastest and most powerful saws we tested and was one of our favorites. The saw felt great and had every feature you could want, except variable speed. Unlike any of the other saws, it can cut brush and small limbs like butter because of its unique chain. The downside is the cost. The saw, charger and battery are sold separately, which drives up the price. If you don’t mind spending more for a Stihl saw, or you own other Stihl tools that can use the same battery, this saw would be a great choice.

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multi-purpose inflator black & deckerFamily Handyman

Multipurpose Inflator

Air mattresses, inflatable beds, tires, balls, swimming pools—we spend a lot of time fiddling with hand pumps and air compressors. Black & Decker has made life easier with its Multi-Purpose Inflator. This football-size tool can be powered three ways: 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC (via cigarette lighter adapter) or 20-volt rechargeable battery (it’s part of the  B&D 20V MAX system.) And it’s packed with lot of great features:

  • Onboard storage for power cords and air hoses.
  • A niche for holding a needle valve, tapered nozzle and Presta valve adapter.
  • The ability to deflate air mattresses and other inflatables using the hose attached to the end of the inflator.
  • A digital gauge for checking the existing air pressure and setting the target pressure (with automatic shutoff).

Before you set out on your next outdoor adventure, be sure to check out the following 10 cool camping gadgets that will help to keep you safe, add convenience to your everyday tasks and make your whole experience more fun.

Buy this inflator on Amazon now.

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Milwaukee M18 Combo Kit

Did you know you can buy 15 Milwaukee power tools with compatible lithium ion batteries all in one fell swoop? Milwaukee’s M18 15-Tool Combo Kit includes 15 cordless power tools, four 4.0Ah batteries and a six-bay charger. So dump your mismatched, used and abused tools and splurge on a set from a company known for durable, hardworking products. Get the entire set for about $2,000.

While you’re overhauling your power tools, why not also rethink how you’re storing them? See these clever tool storage ideas and projects to keep your tools organized.

Buy this standout combo kit on Amazon now.

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Milwaukee Tools ProPex Cordless Pex Tool

If you’ve got some plumbing to do in your house, you’re going to love Milwaukee’s cordless PEX tool because of its ease of use. It makes installing tubing in tight spaces easy and will expand PEX quickly. Learn more about Milwaukee’s ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit in our Stuff We Love video.

Buy the Milwaukee ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit now at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_028 circular sawsFamily Handyman

Ryobi P507

6-1/2″ $69

Weighing only 6.5 lbs., this is one of the lightest cordless circular saws we tried. It was easy to control with either hand and easy to handle on a vertical surface. Its shoe isn’t very large, but that’s what you’d expect from such a super-compact saw.

This made our Editor’s Choice list last year for best value.

NOTE: Prices shown for cordless circular saws do not include battery and charger.

Buy it now at The Home Depot.

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Ryobi 40V cordless backpack blowerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Ryobi 145 MPH 625 CFM 40V Cordless Backpack Blower

One of the problems with blowers is the amount of noise they generate but that’s not a big issue with Ryobi’s battery powered blower. It comes in at just 59 decibels and has up to 30 minutes of run time on its 40V 5 Ah lithium-ion battery. Discover 12 brilliant uses for your blower that you never considered before.

Buy this Ryobi cordless backpack blower now at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_039 cordless circular sawsFamily Handyman

Milwaukee 2731-20

7-1/4″ $199

This saw has all the features we like plus the extra capacity of a 7-1/4-in. blade. And if you’re used to a corded saw, the blade is on the usual side—the right. This cordless circular saw received our Editor’s Choice award for Best Overall last year.

Buy this Milwaukee circular saw now at Amazon.

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Ryobi cordless 18V 1.5 Ah batter rotary toolCourtesy of The Home Depot

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with 1.5 Ah Battery and Charger Included

Ryobi’s cordless rotary tool is pretty convenient to have around because of its versatility. It has a variable speed feature that will reach up to 34,000 RPM and comes with 33 grinding, cutting, sanding and polishing accessories.

Buy this Ryobi cordless rotary tool now at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_038 cordless circular sawFamily Handyman

DeWalt DCS575B

7-1/4″ $149

This saw has plenty of power. Equipped with a 60/20V battery, it also has a long run-time—which you may need, because this saw will perform well on virtually any job. The blade is on the right, the same side as on most corded saws, so you’ll feel right at home when you use it. This tool received our Editor’s Choice award for Best Overall in circular saws last year.

Buy this DeWalt circular saw now at The Home Depot.

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DeWalt Miter SawFamily Handyman

Powerful Saw, Smart Batteries

Pros have been reluctant to cut the cord on larger tools because of a reduction in power and limited run-times. But DeWalt has addressed those concerns with a pro-grade double-bevel compound sliding miter saw equipped with a brushless motor run by two powerful FLEXVOLT batteries. And if there’s a plug-in handy, the saw can be converted to a corded saw by means of an adapter.

The versatility of the new smart FLEXVOLT batteries that power this saw is another big plus. Two of these 60-volt batteries can be combined to produce 120 volts in larger tools like this miter saw. Or one battery can be used to power 60-volt tools like a cordless DeWalt circ saw or grinder. But here’s where it gets interesting: This very same 60-volt battery knows when you plug it into a 20-volt tool and will provide 20 volts of power with 6.0 amp-hours of run-time. That’s up to four times the run-time of previous batteries (a 9AH version will be available soon).

Now you only need a couple batteries to power a whole arsenal of tools, including the tools you already own. The complete package, including the DHS790AT2 saw, two FLEXVOLT batteries, dual-port charger and corded power supply, costs $799 at home centers, tool stores and online retailers.

Buy the DeWalt FLEXVOLT cordless miter saw now at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_035 circular sawFamily Handyman

Makita XSR01

7-1/4″ $199

This saw differs from the others in several ways: It takes two 18V batteries and delivers awesome power and exceptional run-time. Of all the cordless circular saws we tried, it performed most like a corded saw. It’s also large and heavy. It’s a great tool for big, tough jobs, but maybe not your best choice for standard duty. This Makita circular saw was deemed to be in a class of its own during our Editors’ Choice awards last year.

Buy this Makita cordless circular saw now at The Home Depot.

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Ryobi PS20 Airstrike NailerCourtesy of Ryobi

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Nailer

If you’ve been looking for a powerful new nail gun, Ryobi has a highly competitive model with commercial-grade power. Two different modes allow for extra-fast light nailing or slower, single-nail placement for when precision is more important. It can handle any 18-gauge nails between 5/8 and 2 inches. It’s not cheap, but well worth it is you have frequent nailing projects.

Plus: Finish nailer tips

Buy this Ryobi P320 Airstrike brad nail gun now at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_029 Milwaukee circular sawFamily Handyman

Milwaukee 2730-20

6-1/2″ $197

This cordless circular saw is 1 lb. lighter than 7-1/4-in. cordless circular saws with the same power and features—brushless motor, fuel gauge, work light and nice depth scale. It’s the best 6-1/2-in. model we tested. The blade is on the left side, like on all the other 6-1/2-in. saws.

Buy this Milwaukee cordless circular saw now at The Home Depot.

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Ego LM22101 LawnmowerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Ego LM22102 Lawnmower

Cordless lawnmowers struggled for a while to find a good mixture of reliability and power, but this one does it all. This 21-inch Ego is a particularly good example, with a powerful 56-volt battery and an hour-long charge time that makes it better than many competitors.

Plus: How to sharpen your lawnmower blade and: How to tune up a mower.

Buy the Ego LM22101 battery powered lawn mower at The Home Depot now.

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Black & Decker Cordless DrillCourtesy of Black + Decker

Black & Decker Cordless Drill

We really like this Black & Decker drill kit with 100 accessories for nearly any type of drilling or driving activities you may encounter. Such a versatile tool gets even better when equipped with a durable battery that can hold a charge for more than a year at a time. It provides enough power to drill through metal, and includes a 24-position clutch for extra-delicate work.

Plus: Tips for drilling holes in metal

Buy this Black + Decker Cordless Drill now at Amazon.

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