How to Build a DIY Drill Organizer

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

Learn how to build a drill dock organizer to keep your workshop neat and clutter free!

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A few hours


Less than $100


Get your drills organized and out of the way by building yourself this convenient and space-saving drill dock.

Tools Required

  • Basic hand tools
  • Circular saw
  • Clamp
  • Jigsaw
  • Sharpie

Materials Required

  • 1"x8" Hardwood Board
  • PVC
  • Screws

drill dock garage organization storageFamily Handyman

What it Takes to Build a Drill Dock:

Cordless drills and drivers are some of our most-used tools. We couldn’t work without them. But with all of their chargers and spare batteries, they’re also a prime source of workbench clutter. What they need is dedicated space that allows for easy organization and instant access—like this drill dock.

Project step-by-step (5)

Step 1

Measure with a Clamp

To determine the width of the pipe slot for your drill dock organizer, use a clamp to measure the width of the tool handle.

drill measure with a clampFamily Handyman

Step 2

Mark the Slot

Transfer the handle width to the pipe and mark out the slot. Make the slot about 1/8-in. wider than the tool handle. The length of the slot isn’t critical; 5 inches is about right for most drills. This is where your drills will dock.

measure pvc pipe with clamp and sharpieFamily Handyman

Step 3

Cut the Slot

Use a jigsaw to cut out the marked area on the PVC. A fine-tooth jigsaw blade, such as a metal-cutting blade, is best for cutting through PVC. After cutting, ease the sharp edges with a file or sandpaper.

jigsaw cut pvc pipeFamily Handyman

Step 4

Mount the Holsters

Drill holes in the pipes and fasten each with at least two screws. Mount the holsters on an existing shelf to create an all-in-one drill dock organizer.

PVC pipe holsters projectFamily Handyman

Step 5

Customize it!

If this drill dock organizer suits your needs perfectly, go ahead and build it as shown here. If not, you can easily alter it. Here are some suggestions:

  • 3-in PVC pipe is best for the holsters and accommodates most tools. A 10-ft. pipe costs less than $20. Many home centers also sell shorter lengths.
  • We made our holsters 12-in. long. Shorter is fine, but don’t go so short that you’ll have to remove bits in order to stow the tools. Cut the pipe with a miter saw or a handsaw.
  • Leave enough space between holsters so you can comfortably grab the tool. We centered our holsters 6-1/2 in. apart.
  • Adjusting the width of the dock to suit your tools is easy; just change the length of the shelves and the back. But don’t skimp. Leave space for future tools.
  • Get a power strip ($10) and park it on the bottom shelf so you can plug in all your chargers. Drill a hole in the side of the dock to accommodate the power strip cord.
  • Tools and batteries are heavy, so build the dock from 3/4-in. plywood. Ours required a 4 x 4-ft. sheet ($20).