5 Drill Bit Kits We Think Every DIYer Should Have

There’s no such thing as a drill bit style that does it all. Different tasks call for different types of drills. Here are five of the types you should have on hand to tackle every “hole-creation process.”

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Twist Bits

The one basic drill set everyone should have first is a high-end twist bit index. The vast percentage of the time, you’ll be chucking in a twist bit when drilling holes up to 1/2 in. in just about any material you can think of. Unless you’re a machinist, you won’t need an index with dozens of bits. A basic 21-bit set will do the job. The more you spend, the tougher the bit and the longer it’ll hold an edge.

Most of the holes you drill in metal require twist bits. Here are 12 great tips for that job.

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Forstner Bits

If you do cabinet or furniture building, a set of Forstner bits are must-have drills. They bore an incredibly clean, perfect hole every time with no tear-out at the surface. And they’re the only drill that leaves a perfectly flat bottom if you’re drilling a hole that needs to end partially through the wood.

A drill press is an easy way to drill perfect holes every time. But drill presses are set up for metal work, not woodworking. Here’s how to convert your drill press for that type of work.

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Masonry Bits

There’s only one way to drill holes in masonry, be it concrete, brick, tile or cinder blocks. That calls for masonry bits. Just like every other drill bit you can buy, the more you spend, the longer they’ll last. One other little expense you’ll have, though, you won’t have much success using an ordinary drill motor, you’ll need a hammer drill for sure.

If you’re wondering about hammer drills, read this.

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Brad Point Bits

Just like Forstner bits, brad points are a favorite of serious woodworkers. The sharp “brad” tip ensures perfectly placed holes exactly where you want them. And just like Forstner bits, there’s little or no tear-out.

Some projects cry out for dowels and brad point bits are the best way to drill them. This bench project is one of those projects.

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Spade Bits

Spade bits (AKA paddle bits) drill lots of holes up to 1-1/2 inches wide really fast, really cheap. Don’t expect clean, un-splintered entry and exit holes, though. These are for utility work like drilling holes to run wires through framing.

Drill motors can do more than drill holes. Here are some specialty accessories you should know about.

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