Family Handyman Approved: DeWalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

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Family Handyman Approved: DeWalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set 

DeWalt brings a lot of value to the table with their new DW1361 drill bit set. I knew these drill bits would do fine in wood, but I really wanted to see how well the larger diameter bits performed in something more difficult — acrylic, aluminum or brass.

The guide point should eliminate the need to drill pilot holes for large diameter bits, which saves a lot of time. I’m going to test that.

What Is the DeWalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set? 

Dewalt Drill Bit Set Fh22d Approved Dewalt Drill Bit Set 02 11 002Family Handyman

This new drill bit set from DeWalt includes 21 titanium drill bits for a variety of materials. I was impressed with one thing right away — the case has a clear lid. Bravo. At a glance, I can see exactly what’s inside.

Included in this set: A small carrying case and bit sizes from 1/16-in. to 1/2-in., with doubles sizes of 1/16-in., 5/64-in., 3/32-in. and 7/64-inch.

How We Tested

I drilled multiple holes in plywood, hardwood, one-inch clear acrylic plastic and 1/4-in. brass stock.

In wood, I compared the entry and exit hole quality with that of a brad point drill bit, known for their clean cutting. These don’t perform on the same level as my fine woodworking brad point drill bits, but they’re not supposed to. Their strength lies in their versatility. I would never put my brad point bits into brass, but I won’t think twice using the DeWalts.

Dewalt Drill Bit Set Fh22d Approved Dewalt Drill Bit Set 02 11 006Family Handyman

In brass, the pilot point design provides two distinct benefits:

  1. It eliminates the need to pre-drill pilot holes for large diameter bits, which is more accurate and saves time.
  2. Instead of a long curl of waste material which can clogs the flutes, the design creates small chips which are quickly and cleanly ejected. To me, this is a primary reason these bits run as cool as they do.

Dewalt Drill Bit Set Fh22d Approved Dewalt Drill Bit Set 02 11 005Family Handyman

When drilling in acrylic plastic, heat is always the enemy. The plastic heats up, the flutes start clogging, and all of a sudden you’re melting things.

These drill bits cut clean and cool. Unlike the brass chips, the waste material was a stringy curl but it ejected cleanly. No clogging, no melting.

DeWalt Drill Bit Set Performance Review

I was impressed with the performance of these drill bits. The bits came sharp and chip ejection was fantastic.

Dewalt Drill Bit Set Fh22d Approved Dewalt Drill Bit Set 02 11 003Family Handyman

The anti-slip shank design did its job well in the drill press, even when I forgot to tighten the chuck during the photoshoot! However, I would prefer a quick-release hex shank design for easier integration into my cordless drill kits.

Dewalt Drill Bit Set Fh22d Approved Dewalt Drill Bit Set 02 11 004Family Handyman

Where this bit set really shines is the value-added features. It’s the little things, like how easily the case inserts pop out. My large fingers easily retracted and inserted even the smallest bits. I appreciate that.

Also included are the most commonly broken or lost bit sizes. Very cool.

This bit set comes packed in DeWalt’s new Tough Case, which turned out to be what I liked best. DeWalt has given a lot of thought to their new tool case system and it shows. Not only can the individual inserts be swapped out with other bit sets, the case itself is part of a larger interconnectable and customizable system. This really appealed to me.

Where To Buy It

Overall, this well-designed drill bit set can be found for less than $35 at The Home Depot. And at that price, there’s no reason you shouldn’t own two.

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