21 Incredible Tool Gift Ideas for DIYers

Give your favorite home improvement lover gifts that will help them get the job done. Here are 23 incredible tools DIYers will love.

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Magnetic Wristband

Need an extra hand? Try a magnetic wristband to help you hold your bolts, screws, nails — whatever you need to keep within reach. And this will make a great gift idea for DIYers.
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Multi Tool

Multi Tool

Gerber makes several multi tools that will help you tackle everything from removing staples to cutting to driving in finicky screws. And a multi tool is a great pocket tool gift idea for any DIYer. Photo: Courtesy of Gerber
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Punch and Chisel Kit

Punch and Chisel Kit

The DASCO PRO 15 Piece Punch and Chisel Kit gift idea will help your DIYer mark metal projects, loosen and unlock frozen pins, drive down the stub of a broken nail and about a million other tasks. Photo: Courtesy of DASCO
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Retrieving Magnet

Retrieving Magnet

Next time you drop a bunch of nails on the garage floor, pick them up quickly with this retrieving magnet from Northern Tool. It can lift up to 100 pounds! And makes a great gift idea for a home mechanic. Photo: Courtesy of Northern Tool
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Designer Garden Snips

Pruning is a snap with these designer garden snips from Fiskars. Gardeners and landscapers will be able to trim stems and branches up to 1/2-in. in diameter. Photo: Courtesy of Fiskars
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Every DIYer will find a way to put a Sugru gift idea to good use. It's a moldable glue that transforms into a flexible yet tough silicone rubber, allowing you to fix and modify almost anything. And you can fix a leaking hose, re-coat handles, add bumpers to doors—the possibilities are endless.
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Hot Glue Gun Accessories

The days of hot glue gun messes are over. Hot Glue Gun Helpers comes with tweezers, finger caps, a mat, paddle and press wand to help keep your work space and hands free from that sticky hot glue.
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Smart Measure Tool

Smart Measure Tool

The Smart Measure Pro tool from Stanley works with an app on your smart device to provide precise measurements of photos taken with your smartphone. Need to know how much tile to buy for the bathroom? Take a photo and the tool will give you an accurate measurement and help you calculate the amount of material you need. This is the perfect gift idea for those who love their smartphone. Photo: Courtesy of Stanley
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Ball Peen Hammer

A Ball Peen Hammer can help the DIYer flatten dents, shape metal and assist in a number of tough jobs. And this five-peace set from Northern Tool includes 8-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce, 24-ounce and 32-ounce ball peen hammers for every size job.
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Bench Cookie

No, it's not for eating! The Bench Cookie helps keep projects from slipping without the need to clamp them down. This gift idea can also be used to elevate projects for painting or staining.
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Pocket Monkey

The Pocket Monkey from Zootility has 12 functions and is the size of a credit card so you can keep it in your wallet. Open a bottle, reset a screw, scrape off glue residue, peel an orange and so much more.
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Portable Power Station

This portable power station and battery charger from DEWALT will become a go-to tool for DIYers, and it makes a great gift idea. It works with most corded tools and as a multi-port parallel charger wherever you need it to do the things you do as a home mechanic. Photo: Courtesy of DEWALT
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Auto Hammer

Next time the project calls for lots of hammering, your DIYer will love to reach for an auto hammer like this one from RYOBI Tools. With 12 volts, it drives up to 3 1/2-inch nails in tight spaces.
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Oscillating Tool

Oscillating Tool

An oscillating tool gift idea will help your DIYer get it all done, from sanding and grinding to cutting door jams and removing grout. This oscillating tool from Bosch makes it easy to change accessories and its compact shape makes it easy to use in tight spaces. Photo: Courtesy of Bosch
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Nifty Nabber

Nifty Nabber

Can't reach that tool you dropped behind the workbench? Grab a Nifty Nabber gift idea from Unger. The ergonomic design helps relieve back stress by allowing users to pick up things without bending. Photo: Courtesy of Unger
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Sonic Measuring Tool

The Sonic Measure DM S50L from Zircon will make measuring quick and easy as it uses ultrasonic frequencies, along with a laser, for accurate measurements. And just point, click and read the results.
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Butane Torch

Ideal for soldering, the Dremel VersaTip Butane Torch is a 14-piece kit that offers seven functions. And it will help DIYers get the detail they require on projects, including melting, welding, shrinking, cutting and even removing paint.
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Self-Retracting Safety Knife

Self-Retracting Safety Knife

This isn't your typical utility knife. The Self-Retracting Safety Knife from Milwaukee has two blade positions and the blade retracts when a button is released. It holds up to five blades inside the handle. Photo: Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool
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Digital Level

With seven measuring modes and dust- and water-safe construction, the Empire Digital Box Level is the perfect gift idea and will help DIYers achieve sturdy and level construction every time. And it has four power-save modes, surface grippers and a display that's easy-to-read.
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Dimensioning Instrument

When you need quick measurements and a great gift idea, this Dimensioning Instrument from InstruMMents delivers. And it rolls to capture dimensions of projects and then logs, converts and shares the information through your smartphone. Capture 3D reference curves and share the information with a project partner.
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Tool Tracker

Never lose a tool again with the TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker from Milwaukee Tool. DIYers can attach the TICK to anything. And then it sends a signal to an app on your smartphone that will reliably keep track of where it was last. Bonus: It's water and dust-proof.

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