Fire Up DIY Projects with the Family Handyman Approved Wagner Furno 700 Heat Gun

Updated: May 01, 2023

Heat guns are a tool you buy once and you'll be happy you have forever. Here's one you should check out.

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There are few tools as versatile and dependable as a quality heat gun, and I’d argue the Wagner Furno 700 is one of the best! Heat guns can be used for a wide range of jobs — removing flooring, refurbishing woodwork, thawing frozen pipes and much, much more.

What is the Wagner 700 Furno Heat Gun?

It’s a state-of-the-art heating tool. This electric heat gun features an LCD display, push button controls and six fan settings including a cool down mode. Its 1,500 watt heating element puts out 5,100 BTUs with temperature settings from 125 F to 1,300 F. Weighing just two pounds, it feels comfortable while in use. It also includes a glass protector and flare attachment.

How We Tested It

We put the Wagner Furno 700 heat gun through common real-world tests — scraping paint from an old door, bending some PVC and composite decking, shrink wrapping and even making a couple of s’mores!

Wagner Heat Gun testFamily Handyman

Performance Review

This is no garden variety heat gun. The Wagner Furno 700 is loaded with innovative features, starting with its creative design.

I love that the tool balances vertically, which comes in handy for shrink wrapping, bending PVC or running the cool down mode. Even if you accidentally knock it over or leave it on its side, the hot nozzle stays elevated and can’t burn or char your work surface.

Cool down mode is great! With the push of a button the gun automatically circulates room temperature air over the heating coils, expediting cooling. The simple four-button design makes this tool nearly foolproof. It’s got a power button, plus and minus buttons to adjust your temperature, and a mode selector which changes the fan speed.

Gone are the days of guessing your heat gun’s temperature. The clear LCD readout and pinpoint temperature adjustment offer clear improvements over heat guns of the past.

The Wagner Furno 700 excelled at all the tasks I put in front of it, including making a s’more! After setting it to 950°, it quickly bubbled and lifted the layers of old paint off the door making it easy to remove. The process for bending the composite decking was a bit different.  We set the gun at a much lower temperature and took a low-and-slow approach, bending it ever so slightly as we heated up around the bend radius, as not to burn or mar the finish.  Moving the adjustable fan setting to high worked fantastic for shrink wrapping large objects, while lower settings were adequate for heat shrinking small items and the electrical connections.

Wagner has been making reliable and durable home improvement products since the 1950’s, and the 700 feels sturdy and well-built. Though the Wagner 700 comes in at a middle-of-the-road price, I believe the long list of features and included attachments, as well as a one-year warranty, are well worth the extra dollars.

Wagner heat gun testFamily Handyman

Why You Should Buy This

I purchased my current heat gun nearly 15 years ago to remove some flooring. Since then I’ve used it to strip paint, free seized bolts, thaw frozen pipes, shrink wrap, fix laminate countertops, remove window glazing and even melt wax for decorating Easter eggs!

A heat gun is an essential tool for any homeowner. The artful design, ease of use and fantastic features make the Wagner Furno 700 a top-notch choice.

Where to Buy the Wagner Furno 700 Heat Gun

The Wagner Furno 700 Heat Gun is available online or in store at Lowe’s, Walmart, Ace Hardware, or Northern Tool.

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