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Updated: Nov. 09, 2023

Get your DIY inspiration via the At Home with Family Handyman streaming channel!

man building with wood in a workshopAT HOME WITH FAMILY HANDYMAN

Can’t get enough DIY? We understand, and we’ve got just the thing to scratch that itch. Our new streaming channel, At Home with Family Handyman, has something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros.

The At Home with Family Handyman channel launched last fall, and since then we’ve been adding new shows. Here’s a list of everything you can watch now, as well as our upcoming lineup. Check it out!

Where Can You Watch At Home with Family Handyman?

Just about all the major streaming platforms carry it, and we’re adding more soon.

At Home with Family Handyman is now streaming on Samsung TV Plus, XUMO, The Roku Channel, LG Channels, Plex, fuboTV, and Sling Free. You can also check it out via the Family Handyman app, available on iOS, Apple TV, Android, AndroidTV, FireTV and Roku devices.

In addition to all the great streaming shows, the Family Handyman app gathers our best digital content and videos in one place for easy, on-the-go access to all your favorite DIY tips and tricks. Content themes include Skill Building, Safe & Easy Living, Tips, Handy Hacks & Hints, Projects and Let’s Decorate.

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Mr. Build it building something with wood
At Home with family Handyman

Mr. Build It

Everyman and dad Alex Mazhukhin (YouTube’s Mr. Build It) DIYs his way through the everyday projects any homeowner is likely to encounter.

Mazhukhin has more than 700,000 followers on his YouTube channel. He started in DIY in 2015 when he and his wife Irina, an interior designer, bought a house in Boise, Idaho. “The house was a fixer-upper in need of a lot of work, and the budget to do it was nonexistent,” he says.

Following other social media accounts for project inspiration, Mazhukhin says he began watching other people and then practicing on his house.

In the new series, Mazhukhin says we can expect projects like building a giant open kitchen, replacing a brown stone fireplace and building a real Swedish sauna in an old unused shed.

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Luke bar sitting outside with a yellow lab dog
at home with family handyman

Pet Palaces

Celebrate two things we love the most — animals, and building awesome habitats! We’ve mashed the two together to showcase the builds behind the most amazing indoor and outdoor dog houses, cat quarters, lizard lairs and all-around pet palaces. 

Host Luke Barr grew up in a family of carpenters and electricians, so he’s been immersed in projects since an early age. Now, he’s looking forward to creating innovative structures for animals and their humans. “Designing spaces for animals is a new challenge for me,” says Barr. “There’s a lot more that goes into it than just walls and paint.”

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A greenhouse in a residential setting surrounded by greenery
At Home with family Handyman

Best Builds Countdown

Are you ready for the most impressive building adventure ever seen?  Our host counts down the best builds from DIYers around the globe. We’ll showcase the best indoor and outdoor spaces, from room makeovers and additions to furniture do-overs to full home renos.

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a moon shaped piece of wood burning on a gravel ground
At Home with family Handyman

Saturday Morning Projects

It’s the perfect series for our busy DIYers and weekend warriors, because every project featured can be completed in a Saturday morning! This is your one-stop shop for small workshopping at its best.

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a newly renovated bright and modern bathroom
At Home with family Handyman

The Before & After Show

For our home enthusiasts who crave nearly instant gratification, this is the eye candy and quick payoff you’ve dreamed about. We will go from wrecks to decks, big bores to awesome floors, and kitchen disaster pieces to kitchen masterpieces. 

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a patio with a grill and wooden pergula
At Home with family Handyman

The Outdoor Show

If you build it, they will come. Your neighbors, that is! The Outdoor Show covers everything outdoors through a celebration of intricately designed patios and pergolas, decks and outdoor sanctuaries.

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a man helping with renovations in an old home
At Home with family Handyman

Leave It To Bryan

Homeowners turn over their keys to expert contractor Bryan Baeumler to solve their home renovation woes. With the house and budget under his control, it’s up to Bryan to make the final decisions and give the homeowners the renovation of their dreams.

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a nicely decorated living room with light blue-grey walls, a couch and arm chair with a painting of people skiing on the wall behind the couch
At Home with family Handyman

Open House Overhaul

Interior designer Samantha Pynn and her crew ambush an unsuspecting seller with the offer to overhaul their home and increase its value in time for their next open house. 

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a woman with her arms outstretched standing behind a newly restored wooden dresser
At Home with family Handyman

Money For Nothing

Well-known television host, designer and upcycler Sarah Moore lets us in on her process for turning trash to treasure to dollars!

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a large hole in a side of a house with one person inside and two people standing outside
At Home with family Handyman

Tackle My Reno

Canadian Football League player turned handyman Sebastian Clovis teams up with overwhelmed homeowners to right their renovation wrongs.

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coming soon red fabric letters on a wooden background
Carol Yepes/getty images

Destination Renovation

Each year, the Family Handyman team travels for a series of special projects and builds, where the transformations are incredible and inspiring and the lessons priceless. Coming soon! 

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a man and woman opening box of tiles to renovate a home
At Home with family Handyman

Save My Reno

Cash-conscious homeowners finally catch a break when Sebastian Clovis, a savvy contractor with contagious energy, and resourceful DIY designers toss out overpriced reno quotes and slash budgets by putting homeowners to work and hunting for salvaged goods.

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four people standing in a backyard. Two have their eyes closed and are waiting for something unseen to be revealed to them
At Home with Family Handyman

Backyard Builds

When indoor space isn’t enough, Backyard Builds showcases the endless opportunities outdoor areas can provide. The series stars contractor and designer Brian McCourt and design expert Sarah Keenleyside, who work with homeowners to maximize their backyard’s potential by creating tailored, one-of-a-kind structures.

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a group of people standing outside looking at the exterior of a house
At Home with Family Handyman

Worst to First

Everyone wants a move-in ready dream home, but it’s just not possible for most homeowners. Professional contractors Mickey and Sebastian thrive on the challenge of transforming the ugliest house on the block into the envy of the neighborhood.