DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw Review (We Approve!)

Updated: Nov. 28, 2023

DeWalt has long been associated with great jobsite tools. This saw is no different.

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Growing up, I fondly recall working with my uncle Mike in his basement workshop. Together, we (mostly he) built lots of small stuff like bird houses, tackle boxes and picture frames.

Years later, when I left apartment living behind and bought a home, I was excited to have a garage and get back to building these sorts of things on my own. The first tool I purchased was a portable table saw. Had this DeWalt Job Site Table Saw been around, it would have been the one! The compact size, combined with the rip capacity and included stand, make this tool stand out against the rest.

I tested this product and like it a lot. Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional, if you’re in the market for a compact table saw, I’m confident you’ll like it, too.

What is the DeWalt Job Site Table Saw?

Jobsite table saws — often called compact, benchtop, or portable — are the smaller and easier-to-haul cousin of stationary contractor or cabinet saws. Portable table saws are ideal for anyone who wants to rip boards or sheet stock on the fly or ata jobsite.

This DeWalt saw (model No. DWE7491RS) features robust a 15-amp motor, a cast aluminum table and a full size 5/8-in arbor which accepts standard 10-inch saw blades. The reliable, accurate rack and pinion fence system allows you to rip boards up to three inches thick and 32-1/2-in. wide, a best-in-class rip capacity.

The sturdy stand with wheels took a few minutes to assemble — a piece of cake. The saw comes with a 24-tooth saw blade, miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard assembly. And anyone running the machine inside a garage or jobsite will appreciate the 2-1/2-in. dust collection port.

How We Tested It

I look for maneuverability, power and precision in a jobsite table saw. To test it, I carried the saw up and down a flight of stairs and in and out of the bed of my truck a few times.

I needed at least 50 cuts to get a feel for the saw’s overall power and accuracy, so I worked through the scrap pile in the corner of my garage. I ripped down 2×6 studs; a variety of plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), oriented strand board (OSB) and melamine; small chunks of birch and oak; and even a cutoff of a 4×4 fence post.

Performance Review

This table saw is great. The 15-amp motor easily cut through all the lumber and wood products I could feed into it. But the highlight was the rack and pinion fence system. Its accuracy, durability and ease of use make it ideal for any new homeowner or general contractor.

The innovative, tool free, riving knife release lever makes switching between the riving knife and blade guard assembly fast and easy. The included stand is smooth and maneuverable, and breaks down or sets up in seconds.


An old adage says you should buy the nicest tool you can afford.  If this DeWalt Job Site Table Saw falls within your budget, it might be the nicest one for you. The potent power, extensive list of features and included stand make this tool a fantastic value even at the lofty price.

Reliability and Durability

DeWalt has been making durable and dependable high-quality tools for almost a hundred years. This is no exception.

This beefy unit, with its the steel frame and legs, cast aluminum table and the 15-amp electric motor, weighs in at nearly 100-lbs. That adds to the saw’s stability while in use — a plus — though it makes it more difficult to lug around.

But I’ll take stability over portability any day. On several occasions I’ve witnessed a lightweight jobsite table saw wobble while someone fed a long deck board or sheet of plywood into it.  Not only is this dangerous, it ruins the accuracy of your cut, which will have to be made again.

Ease of Use

The DeWalt Job Site Table Saw is extremely user-friendly. From its dial-driven rack and pinion fence system to its tool-free lever for switching between the writhing knife and a blade guard assembly, this saw is full of features that make for a straightforward user experience.

Though not ideal to dead lift because of its heft, the saw handles much like a hand truck when upright, easily navigating stairs or uneven terrain. It can easily be set up or broken down by a single user.

In general, while table saws can be a valuable part of your tool collection, they can also be dangerous. Be sure to read the owner’s manual and understand proper operation.

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Why You Should Buy This

If you’re in the market for a jobsite table saw, take a hard look at this DeWalt.  The quality, performance and lengthy list of features will benefit you whether you’re a woodworking newbie, DIY fanatic or seasoned contracting professional. DeWalt also backs its craftsmanship with a three-year warranty.

Where to Buy the DeWalt Job Site Table Saw

It’s available at both Lowe’s, Home Depot, and you can get it on Amazon too.

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