10 DIY Bike Storage Ideas You Must See

These clever ideas will keep your favorite wheels accessible and organized while saving space for your other gear.

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Wall Hook Bike Rack
Courtesy @gavjitsu/instagram

Wall Hook Bike Rack

Fed up with his bikes laying all over the garage, @gavjitsu attached heavy-duty bike hooks to the wall to store them vertically.

First, mount two planks of wood to the wall studs to ensure a sturdy hold, then install as many hooks as you need along the wood. The rubber-coated hooks protect the bike from scratches and hold up to 50 pounds.

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Bench Hack Bike Rack Courtesy Prettyliving Instagram
Courtesy @_prettyliving/instagram

Bench Hack Bike Rack

Instead of trashing an old wooden bench, @_prettyliving transformed it into a bike rack for her kids. She removed the lower slatted shelf, reattached it to the side of the bench, then took off a few slats to create space for the front tires. The bikes stay upright because the tires fit snugly between the wooden slats.

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Diy Wood Bike Rack
Courtesy @hamsterwheelbikerepair/instagram

DIY Wood Bike Rack

This DIY bike rack by @hamsterwheelbikerepair is made with just wood and screws! The diagonal pieces hold the bike tires.

Build the base frame first, then add the support rail. Cut the diagonals at a 45-degree angle so they can attach to the support rail and the base. We love that you can make it as big or as small as you need to fit any number of bikes.

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Crank Operation Bike Rack
Courtesy @different_sized_home/instagram

Crank-Operation Bike Rack

This clever bike storage design from @different_sized_home starts with a metal frame and heavy-duty hooks. The frame hangs from the garage ceiling, rigged with a crank mechanism to lower and lift as needed. Simply turn the crank when you’re ready to ride, and lift the bikes out of the way when you’re done.

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Diy Wall Mounted Wood Box Bike Shelf
Family Handyman

Two-Hour Bike Shelf

This bike shelf keeps yours up and out of the way, and it doesn’t take all day to create.

Start by making a wall-mounted wood box with a slot the bike slides into. Use the top of the shelf to hold your bike helmet, and the built-in drawer for gloves or other accessories. For clean, accurate cuts, we recommend table and miter saws.

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Child using a bike rack
Steve Maxwell for Family Handyman

Steel Pipe Bike Rack

If you’re comfortable with welding, you can make this DIY bike rack with steel pipes. Make it as long as you need to fit your bikes, then place it in the garage or yard for easy access.

Before you paint, apply a zinc-rich primer to the welds to keep them from rusting. Or, if you like the look of rusted steel, leave the rack bare. Step-by-step instructions here.

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Bike Closet
Courtesy @charlih/instagram

Bike Closet

Professional biker @charlih designed this stunning bike closet and had it custom-built by the folks at @velo_furniture. The enclosure works as tidy storage and a beautiful focal point in her room. It also includes a storage cubby, hanging rack for clothes and shelves for shoes and water bottles.

She says she keeps it next to her bed so she always has the visual motivation to get up and ride!

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door track bike rack garage storage
Courtesy Roy Velardi

Door Track Bike Rack

This hanging bike rack by Family Handyman reader Roy Velardi features a sliding door track.

“I attached a box rail to a well-braced shelf,” Velardi says. “Each machine-threaded bike hook hangs from a box rail hanger, using a nut and thread locker. Bikes slide both ways for easy access, and the hooks rotate, allowing bikes to hug the wall. The rail and hangers hold 450 pounds.”

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rolling garage bike storage
Courtesy Eric Schleppenbach

Rolling Bike Storage

This bike rack features casters so you can easily roll it into storage when it’s time to put the bikes away. Here’s how to build it, according to Family Handyman reader Eric Schleppenbach:

“I made a 2×4 lower frame with 2×4 uprights on each end,” he says. “Large triangular plywood braces support the uprights. Plywood panels span the uprights, adding strength and rigidity. Staggering their heights and alternating their orientation, I can hang seven bikes on this six-feet-wide rack.

“For security, I run a long steel cable through the bike frames and connect the looped ends with a hefty lock.”


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Diy Bike Shed
via merchant

DIY Bike Shed

These digital plans from Etsy sellers @AzulWood include step-by-step instructions, sizes, diagrams, required tools, shopping list and a cut list so you can build your own.

This wood bike storage shed features a bi-fold door system that opens all the way up so you can easily access bikes and other gear. Go with Western red cedar because it’s naturally resistant to rot and decay.

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