This Genius IKEA Pull Out Drawers Hack Will Double Your Storage Space

Who doesn't need more storage space in their kitchen?

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Cabinets and drawers are the go-to storage solution in kitchens, but many of them are so deep that they can leave your utensils cluttered and difficult to grab. Slim equipment like spoons, spatulas and oven mitts can quickly become a tangled mess at the bottom of deep drawers. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to maximize your drawer space without having to replace them altogether.

One of our personal favorite hacks comes from Instagram cabinet expert Michelle Phillips, who shared her method for installing two low-profile IKEA drawers behind her existing high-profile IKEA drawer front. This cleverly allows her to keep the aesthetic appeal of a taller drawer while doubling her storage. Even better? It’s completely reversible, so those who rent won’t jeopardize that security deposit!

How to Install Low-Profile Drawers

This hack works best for those who are already using the best-selling IKEA Maximera drawer and a medium (10-inch-tall) IKEA drawer front, such as the Axstad. For this hack, you’ll be replacing the medium Maximera drawer with two low-profile Maximera drawers in the same width as your cabinet, and adding one low-profile Utrasta drawer front. You’ll also need a screwdriver.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, start by removing the original drawer and 10-inch drawer front. Then, detach the drawer front from the old drawer.

Next, assemble the Maximera drawers according to IKEA’s instructions. Attach the low-profile Utrusta door front to one of the Maximera drawers. Attach the 10-inch drawer front to the other, ensuring that the drawer is placed at the bottom of the front, to place the other shallow drawer on top.

Lastly, install the new drawer tracks with the screwdriver, three pegs down from the top of the cabinet and inset. Roll the top shallow drawer in on the new tracks, then slide the shallow drawer attached to the original drawer front in on the lower tracks.

Voila! Now you have two drawers where you originally had one and can maintain the attractive façade of the original drawer front.

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