Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    12 Best Rake Tips and Tricks

    Rakes don't just clean up leaves. They can do lawn care and so much more.

    13 Best Shade Perennials That Won’t Take Over Your Garden

    Finding plants that don't just survive, but thrive in shade can be challenging. These shade perennials are a sure win...

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    9 Perennials You Should Divide in Spring

    Want free perennials? Divide perennials in spring so you'll have more to transplant in your garden and share with family...

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    Top 10 Best Flowers for Growing in Pots

    Even if you have a small garden, deck or patio, you can still grow beautiful flowers! We found the best...

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    If You Plant This, Hummingbirds Will Flock to Your Home

    Want an easy way to attract hummingbirds to your garden? Grow a hummingbird mint plant! Pollinators can't resist these colorful...

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    Garden Cultivator vs Tiller: What’s the Difference?

    Don't confuse a cultivator with a tiller; they're different tools for different jobs. Here's how to decide which is right...

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    Get Your Hands On Some Family Handyman Approved Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Gloves

    When headed outdoors to work on your spring projects, the first essential tool to reach for...

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    10 Plant Stands You and Your Indoor Plants Will Love

    Houseplants are having a moment in a big way, and this collection of must-have indoor plant stands celebrates the best...

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    9 Things Master Gardeners Wouldn’t Do in Their Gardens

    We asked master gardeners for advice to help the rest of us garden like the pros. Here are the top...

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    13 Perennials You Didn’t Know You Could Divide

    Dividing perennials is good for them! And you get new plants for your yard and garden, or to give to...

    11 Best Trailing Plants

    For wall planters, hanging baskets and more, trailing plants add a touch of elegance and tons of eye-catching dimension. Here...

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    10 Best Houseplants To Propagate

    Plant propagation is a cost-effective way to create more plants. Experts say you're likely to have success with these 10...

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    When and How To Repot a Plant

    Repotting plants is essential, but how can you tell when a plant has outgrown its container? Experts explain when and...

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    Can I Replant Potted Bulbs?

    Is the pot of tulips you received this spring worth saving? Find out which types of bulbs are worth your...

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    What You Need to Know Before Buying Indoor Plants Online

    Ready to buy indoor plants online? Read these tips from an indoor plant expert about what you should know before...

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    18 Unusual Gardens Ideas To Consider

    From simple to classic to surreal, we take a closer look at innovative garden designs that are out of the...

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    What To Know About Houseplant Propagation

    Houseplant propagation is a fun, creative and budget-friendly way for home gardeners to create more plants.

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    How to Propagate Succulents from a Cutting, Leaf or Pup

    Ready to grow your collection of houseplants? Learn how to propagate succulents to create new plants for free.

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    9 Garden Styles From Around the World To Inspire You

    By adding a few distinctive elements, you can recreate the garden styles of Europe, North Africa, the Far East and...

    Hydrangea Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

    A hydrangea not blooming can be a frustrating issue for gardeners who adore its beautiful flowers. Here's how to solve...

    How to Remove Invasive Plant Species for Good

    Invasives cause lots of problems in your yard and garden. Follow these tips for removing and replacing invasive plant...

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    What To Do With a New Plant When You Bring It Home

    Wondering what to do with a plant you impluse bought or received as a gift? Fear not! Here's helpful advice...

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    Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas To Make More Space for Green

    You can never have too many plants! Turn any room into a fresh oasis with these clever indoor plant shelf...

    How and When to Prune Lilacs

    A garden expert tells us the best way to prune lilacs and enjoy their spring flowers. Also learn why your...

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    The Best Garden Cultivators

    Garden cultivators help stir soil and mix in fertilizer and compost to prepare planting areas for the growing season. Which...

    13 Best Mulch Tips and Tricks

    From hauling mulch to picking the right type for your garden, this collection of tips and tricks will improve your...

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    8 Best Stand Up Weed Pullers

    Weeding is back-breaking and time-consuming. A gardening expert gave us advice about stand up weed pullers. Here's what we learned.