Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    How To Test Soil pH With and Without a Kit

    From formal lab tests to DIY baking soda and vinegar, here's how to choose which method is best for your garden, lawn and budget.

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    What To Know About Moss Gardens

    Mosses are the oldest living land plants and you can grow them in your newest outdoor garden. Learn how to...

    8 Best Stand Up Weed Pullers for Removing Roots with Ease

    Weeding is back-breaking and time-consuming. A gardening expert gave us advice on the best stand up weed pullers on the...

    Power King Chipper Shredder: A Beast of a Chipper

    The Power King Chipper is called a beast for a reason—it quickly shreds your brush pile in a...

    Dethatcher vs. Lawn Sweeper: What’s the Difference?

    Dethatcher vs lawn sweeper: Which one do you need to get your lawn in shape? The answer can save you...

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    12 Best Annual Flowers for Full Sun

    Dress up your sunny patio and landscape with any of these dazzling annual flowers that thrive in sun and heat.

    How to Build a Modern Water Fountain

    Create a calming and relaxing environment right in your backyard with this modern water curtain.

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    12 Shrubs for Full Sun

    If your garden is full of sun, many great shrubs will love it, producing fabulous flowers and interesting berries.

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    How To Grow Lavender

    There are many good reasons to grow lavender. Bees love it. It smells great. And it will grow in a...

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    9 Tips To Create an Authentic Backyard Japanese Garden

    A Japanese-style backyard is a place for contemplating nature. Here are some tips to help you set up your own...

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    11 Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

    What's the trick to ditching synthetic chemicals and fertilizers? Use the power of nature to boost your organic garden's resilience.

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    10 Best Types of Azaleas for Your Garden

    The Azalea Society of America says there are more than 10,000 registered varieties of azaleas. Find the right one for...

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    How to Build a Vertical Garden

    Time to grow up with these plans for a vertical garden.

    This Hack Will Instantly Elevate Your Fake House Plants

    Your faux plants can look so much prettier! This TikToker shows you how to make fake plants look real with...

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    What Are GMOs? What To Know

    Soon gardeners might have to decide whether or not to go GMO. Here's what you need to know to make...

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    10 Best Evergreen Shrubs

    Evergreen shrubs can add year-round beauty to your yard and garden. Which type will you plant this spring?

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    10 Spring Container Garden Ideas

    These gorgeous spring container garden ideas show off an explosion of color and texture while celebrating warmer weather and boosting...

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    Guide To Growing Tiger Lilies

    For a pop of orange in the middle of summer, plant a tiger lily, which is easy to grow and...

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    Guide To Ranunculus Care

    Ranunculus flowers aren't just for florist's bouquets. You can grow them, too. Here's how.

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    30 Types of Weeds and How to ID Them

    Meet the most common botanical interlopers you're likely to find in your garden or vegetable patch, and learn how to...

    17 Gifts for Gardeners Guaranteed to Please

    The best gifts for gardeners are more than practical, they’re artful. Impress anyone with a green thumb with...

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    10 Types of Lilies To Grow in Your Garden

    There are so many types of lilies, it can be hard to choose. Here's help deciding which ones will grow...

    Edge out the Competition with the Sharpal Knife Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blades (and Much More)

    The Sharpal Knife Sharpener makes your life easier—it sharpens lawn mower blades, knives and tools quickly.

    How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

    If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

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    15 Native Plants To Add To Your Yard

    Native plants require less fuss, grow more easily and help pollinators and other wildlife. Here are some ideas to plant...

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    10 Green Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

    Green flowers are not common. Plant them in your gardens as eye-catching stunners that blend in beautifully with the rest...

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    10 Best Spring Flowers

    Expand your yard's palette of spring flowers with iconic and new ideas you'll find in this list of top performers.

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    What Is a Keystone Plant and How Does It Support Wildlife?

    Keystone plants nurture an incredible amount of bird, insect and wildlife diversity. Here's why these ecosystem heroes should be in...