Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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10 Plants That Help Keep Weeds Out of Your Garden

Ground covers are plants that grow and cover soil that would otherwise be overrun with weeds. Choose among the best weed-killing plants.

Husqvarna Combi Switch 330iK Review: It’s Official, I’m Breaking Up With My String Trimmer and...

I tested the convenient Husqvarna Combi Switch 330iK pole saw and edger and it's safe to say...

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Why You Should Use Wood Ash in the Garden

Loaded with nutrients like calcium and potassium, wood ash can give your garden a boost.

How To Build a Planter Box for Your Deck Railing

Add a little greenery to your outdoor refuge with this easy-to-build planter box that sits on the railing.

10 New Award-Winning Vegetables for 2024

Sometimes, newer really is better. Meet some recent All-America Selections winners that are a distinct improvement over previous vegetable varieties.

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10 Poisonous Plants You Might Have Around Your Home and Yard

From sago palms to milkweed, there are toxic plants all around us. But they're not all monsters. Here's how to...

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How To Build a Birdhouse

Get rid of that pile of wood scraps by making this distinctive DIY birdhouse.

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Your Plant Hardiness Zones Might Have Shifted

Half the country is now in a new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. Here's how that might change what to plant...

How To Make a Birdbath

Create this leaf-shaped birdbath in a few hours with common tools and materials.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw Review: A Powerful Saw Capable of Nearly Any Task

With hundreds of trees on my property, I'm constantly managing growth, clearing dead trees and removing invasive species. I tested...

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How To Read Plant Tags

Plant tags are vital for helping you choose your green friends wisely, but they also have pitfalls. Here's what to...

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If You Want to Support Your Local Wildlife, Plant This

The humble milkweed feeds dozens of animals and insects, enriching your local ecosystem.

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How to Overwinter Finicky Tropical Plants

That Venus fly trap isn't doomed, we promise!

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Guide To Growing and Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinths are easy to grow in a garden and they're also one of the easiest flowers to force into bloom...

This Ancient Garden Watering System Is Still the Best

For 4,000 years, gardeners in arid regions have used clay pots to water their plants. You can also use this...

Guide To Growing Snowdrop Flowers

Plant snowdrop flower bulbs in fall and enjoy their first flowers in late winter.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Up Honey Bee Hives

Honey bees are a worthy hobby for some. But if conservation is your goal, you're buzzing around the wrong hive.

Review: I Tried the Solo Stove Patio Heater, and Here’s How It Went

The Solo Stove Patio Heater is back in stock, and we tried it to let you know how it works...

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What Is Lasagna Gardening?

I built my garden beds without digging or tilling any soil — and without any noodles, either. Here's what lasagna...

Guide To Growing Autumn Crocuses and Colchicums

Although they look like spring flowers, I'm delighted to see the flowers of colchicums and autumn crocuses blooming in my...

Plant Crocuses in Your Lawn in Fall for Spring Flowers

I love my lawn in late winter when the crocuses I've planted begin to bloom. I love seeing them, and...

I Tried the Handy Brush Grubber and Pulling Brush and Shrubs Has Never Been Easier

Every homeowner gets unwanted saplings and brush that magically sprout in their landscape. The Handy Brush Grubber helps...

What Is the Lasagna Planting Method?

Planting spring flowering bulbs in the garden in layers, a process called lasagna planting, provides a continuous spring flower display.

10 Flowers to Plant This Fall

Fall gardening doesn't have to be just tidying up and storing things. Here are big-payoff flowers to plant in the...

Why You Should Never Use Floral Foam

Plus, five alternatives to use instead!

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I’m an Experienced Gardener, and I Love the Liberty Garden Hose Reel

The Liberty Garden hose reel is the easiest way to keep your garden hose tidy and off the ground in...

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10 Handy Gardening Tips for Busy People

Love to garden but short on time? Here are some tips that will help you plant, water and weed more...

7 Best Worm Composting Bins to Turn Food Scraps Into Fertilizer

Worm composting bins turn table scraps into free fertilizer. Plus, they offer hours of entertainment.