I Tried the Solo Stove Chair, and It’s Now My Favorite Seat Around the Fire Pit

Our favorite fire pit brand now makes an Adirondack chair, and we tested it to see if the Solo Stove chair lives up to our expectations.

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When it comes to elevating your backyard setup, there are a few items that stand out among the rest. A nice fire pit, outdoor lighting, a reliable grill and comfortable seating are at top of most homeowners’ lists when it comes to making a patio or deck space enjoyable for all. And if you do find yourself gathered around your Bonfire or other fire pit often, the right fire pit seating ideas are crucial to completing the experience.

Solo Stove—yes, the brand that makes fire pits, outdoor torch lights, pizza ovens and more—recently launched an Adirondack chair through its sister brand, Terra Flame. Naturally, if it comes from Solo Brands, we’re interested. So, we snagged the 1903 Adirondack chair as quickly as we could, assembled it and tested it to write this review. Now you can decide if it’s something you want to spend your money on. Here’s what we learned.

What is the Solo Stove Adirondack chair?

1903 Adirondack Modern Chair in BackyardMary Henn/Family Handyman

If you’ve shopped for outdoor furniture before, you’ve probably noticed that Adirondack chairs in general tend to be on the pricier side. That’s because Adirondack chairs are known for their comfort, durability and sleek design. Plus, they have wide arms and an inclined back, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed whether you’re on the patio, at the beach or on gravel and other rough terrain.

The 1903 Adirondack modern chair from Solo Stove combines the classic, timeless design with new, lightweight outdoor materials. The chair is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), an eco-friendly composite made partially from recycled plastics. HDPE is frequently used in plastic lumber and wood plastic composites because of its resistance to corrosion.

While the chair’s materials are resistant to corrosion, the chair also seems to be less prone to chipping and peeling than a chair made of wood. That means you won’t have to worry about snagging clothes or blankets on splinters with this chair, either.


We Tried It

Solo Stove 1903 Adirondack Modern Chair

Solo Stove now makes a sleek, lightweight Adirondack chair for your backyard fire pit setup.

Solo Stove Adirondack Chair Features

Because Solo Stove’s chair is made with HDPE, it’s lighter than other Adirondacks made of solid wood. It weighs about 45 pounds, so it’s not too difficult to move across the patio when rearranging furniture or making room for additional seating. This is certainly a plus if you’re like me and find yourself frequently rearranging patio furniture when entertaining family and friends.

For reference, the 1903 Adirondack chair is 30 inches wide and 32 inches in length. The width of the chair’s seat is 20.5 inches, and the arm length is 29 inches. The seat is very wide, like most Adirondack chairs, and most people won’t have a problem wrapping up in a blanket and snuggling into the chair. It also comes in white and gray color options. The gray is a versatile dark slate color that’ll go with a range of patio decor and furniture.

How We Tested It

1903 Adirondack Modern Chair in backyardMary Henn/Family Handyman

The 1903 Adirondack chair arrived at my doorstep in a deceptively small, thin package, which was easy to haul through the house and out to the backyard. That said, the chair does require some assembly, but all the major components (the seat and back of the chair) come preassembled, meaning you’re just attaching the main parts of the chair. Additionally, all the tools and parts you need for assembly are included, so you won’t need your toolbox handy for this project.

Assembly did take a little bit longer than I had anticipated. That’s because the screws on the bottom of the chair were a tad difficult to screw in. To get the arms and front legs onto the base of the chair, you have to screw six small screws into the inside panels on the bottom of the chair. Then, you have to screw another eight screws into the seat to fix it to the back of the chair. All of the screws are tightened using the included L-wrench, which is difficult to turn without running into other parts on the underside of the chair. While it’s certainly nice to have the screws hidden on the inside of the panels for its overall appearance, tightening the screws was a tedious process that took longer than it should have. I also ended up scratching the underside of the chair with the L-wrench, too. Thankfully, the scratches were hidden along with the screws on the bottom of the chair.

Once the chair was put together, it looked and felt incredibly sturdy. I liked the overall look and design of the Solo Stove chair more than I expected to! Truthfully, it’s one of the nicest looking Adirondack chairs I’ve seen. The two-panel back seamlessly streamlines into the armrests and seat of the chair. It looks great in any environment: on the lawn, on the patio near a fire, by the pool—you name it.

The chair was rained on the first night I had it assembled (naturally, right?), which I was a little bit bummed about at first. But the Solo Stove chair is completely waterproof. I wiped it down the next morning, and it was good as new. That also clued me into the fact that the chair will be super easy to clean with water and a rag, which I appreciate.


  • Durable material and construction
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Weighs just 45 pounds
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • White and gray color options


  • May scratch if contacted with metal surface or tool
  • Pricey, but comparable to other quality Adirondack chairs


1903 Adirondack Modern ChairMary Henn/Family Handyman

Are Adirondack chairs good for fire pits?

Absolutely! Adirondack chairs offer low, relaxed seating at the same level of most backyard fire pits. Plus, they’re typically weather-resistant and wide, so you can wrap up in a blanket and recline into the chair for the coziest outdoor lounging experience.

How far should chairs be from a fire pit?

The distance between your fire pit and patio furniture is largely a matter of personal preference and relative to the size of your patio or backyard space. Generally, it’s good to be at least 18 to 24 inches from a fire pit for your safety. Using a heat-deflecting device on top of your fire pit helps radiate heat outward and allows you to feel the warmth while sitting farther back from the flames.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Buyers are loving the Solo Stove chair as much as we are. Here’s what some of them have to say about it:

Verified buyer, Alma C., calls the chair “terrific.” She writes, “The instructions for assembling were clear to understand. The chairs are sturdy, look great on my terrace and I look forward to many years of use.”

Joshua F., a five-star reviewer, was surprised by the overall quality of the chair. “The chair was in a simple package that was perfect size. Took me about 20 minutes to get together. It’s super solid, very smooth and looks incredible. We are in the pool business and thinking about giving a pair of these away with each pool.”

Final Verdict

If you’re in the market to upgrade your fire pit seating and patio furniture, then look no further. The 1903 Adirondack chair offers comfortable, durable and weather-resistant seating from a fire pit brand we love and trust. We recommend the Solo Stove chair for its overall appearance, sturdiness, reasonable price point and movability.

Where to Buy the Solo Stove Adirondack Chair


We Tried It

Solo Stove 1903 Adirondack Modern Chair

This Adirondack chair offers a modern take on a classic chair from the outdoor fire pit brand you love.

You can shop the 1903 Adirondack chair now at Solo Stove for $300. The gray color is expected to ship a little bit later than the white, which you can also shop on Amazon for the same price. Solo Stove is almost always running deals and sales, so it’s likely you can save a little when you shop.

Make the most of your fire pit set up with this all-weather Solo Stove chair. We don’t regret it one bit.

Mary Henn
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