Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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What Is Black Spot and Rose Rosette Disease and How Do You Treat It?

Are your roses looking a little sick? Get expert advice on how to handle rose rosette disease, black spot on roses and botrytis blight.

You Can Prep Your Garden Super Quickly With This Cardboard Gardening Hack

One hour doing this can save you from an entire season of weeding!

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Should You Be Using a Tree Watering Bag?

Do you know what tree watering bags are? Learn the pros and cons of utilizing them for newly planted trees...

If You Love to Garden, You Need to Know This Hack for Keeping Your Hands Clean

Because no one wants to carry their garden soil around with them.

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3 Simple, Attractive Garden and Lawn Edging Ideas

Three simple, attractive, low-maintenance garden and lawn edging ideas to inspire.

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What Is a Seed Library?

Who needs the Dewey Decimal System? A seed library is a free community resource, and growing flowers, vegetable and herbs...

How Do You Compost With Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

These little critters may look gross, but they're gardening superheroes.

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Here’s How to Use Coffee Grounds to Make Your Plants Thrive

Your guide to the do's and don'ts of using coffee grounds for growing healthier plants

Self-Propelled vs. Push Mower: What’s the Difference?

Finding the right lawn mower for your property and budget can be a bit confusing. When it comes...

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11 Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

What's the trick to ditching synthetic chemicals and fertilizers? Use the power of nature to boost your organic garden's resilience.

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How To Plant and Care for Rhododendrons

It's hard to resist growing flowering rhododendrons when you see them in bloom in the spring. But do you have...

If Your Indoor Plant Has Water Droplets On Its Leaves, This Is What It Means

Deciphering those drippy leaves is easier than you might think and reveals the secret to healthy, happy plants.

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The 10 Best Plants for an Indoor Herb Garden

Once you have success with a few easy-to-grow indoor herbs, you'll start looking for more to grow and cook with!

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What Is a Plant Hardiness Zone and How Do I Find Mine?

Learning your Plant Hardiness Zone will help you choose plants that will grow well in your garden and avoid those...

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10 Easiest Plants To Overwinter

Overwintering tender annuals and tropical plants is a great way to keep your favorites from one season to the next.

Tips for Planting Roses in Your Garden

Novice gardeners are often reluctant to plant roses. The truth is, roses are no more difficult to plant than any...

Three Ways To Use Eggshells In Your Garden (and Three To Skip)

There are some good ways to use eggshells in a garden, and some ways that are a waste of time.

Tips for Planting and Caring for Daylilies

Make room for daylilies in your garden. They're easy to grow! What's hard about them is choosing which of the...

10 Tips for Planting Bulbs

Learn how to plant bulbs in the fall so you're sure to enjoy their colorful blooms in the spring. We'll...

Succulents vs. Cacti: Is a Cactus a Succulent?

Resilient and eye-catching, we're seeing succulents everywhere right now. But are cacti part of this popular family?

12 Best Rake Tips and Tricks

Rakes don't just clean up leaves. They can do lawn care and so much more.

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If You Plant This, Hummingbirds Will Flock to Your Home

Want an easy way to attract hummingbirds to your garden? Grow a hummingbird mint plant! Pollinators can't resist these colorful...

How and When to Prune Lilacs

A garden expert tells us the best way to prune lilacs and enjoy their spring flowers. Also learn why your...

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13 Best Tips for Mulching

Wondering about the best way to spread mulch? Or if you need it? These tips for mulching are sure to...

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How to Repair a Garden Hose

Fix leaky garden hoses quickly and cheaply.

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Discover the Truth About Common Hummingbird Myths

Should you add red dye to hummingbird feeders? Find out as we separate hummingbird myths from hummingbird facts.

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Yard Safety Tips for Commonly Used Equipment

Injuries can occur if the right safety precautions aren't adhered to while using lawn and garden equipment. Here are simple...

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What Regions and Zones are Best for Growing Hostas?

Hostas can grow in a wide range of U.S. regions and zones. Here are the areas where they absolutely thrive.

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10 Best Hydroponic Plants for Your Garden

How does your garden grow? To its max potential, if you choose the easiest and best plants for hydroponics.

How to Keep Deer and Other Pests Away from Your Hostas

Deer, rabbits and other animals love hostas just as much as gardeners. Here are some easy ways to keep these...