Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    12 Types of Grass and Garden Weeds (and How to Remove Them)

    Grab your sprayers or herbicides, or be ready to tackle by hand some of the peskiest and most persistent lawn...

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    10 Tough Flowers That Survive in Harsh Sun

    If your garden is all sun and no shade, these plants will add vibrance to your space.

    49 Colorful Plants to Brighten Up Your Landscape

    Want to add more color to your landscape this season? Start by incorporating one or more of these stunning landscaping...

    24 Clever Repurposed Garden Containers

    Each of these creative garden containers once had a completely different purpose.

    Amazing Cabin Kits You Can Buy On Amazon

    If you've ever dreamed of building your own small cabin, garden shed or tiny home in less than a week,...

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    How to Test And Extend the Shelf Life of Seeds

    Yes, seeds expire. Here are some helpful tips from garden experts on how to test expired vegetable and flower seeds...

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    Natural Ways to Kill Weeds and Get Them Out Of Your Garden

    Use these techniques to help prevent the spread of weeds and learn what they can teach you about your soil.

    12 Ways to Prepare for Your Lawn and Garden While it’s Still Cold

    Now's the perfect time to start planning your spring garden, so put on your warm slippers, grab a mug of...

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    8 Easy Types of Cactus for Beginner Gardeners to Grow

    First-time plant parents will love these low-maintenance varieties.

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    9 Innovative Plant Humidifiers and Misters

    Humidity-loving plants wither in winter dryness. Give them the moisture they crave with one of these misters or humidifiers.

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    Why Are My Houseplant Leaves Turning Yellow?

    Yellow leaves are an early sign that a plant has a problem. Learn what your plant needs to stay green.

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    7 Fascinating Indoor Plant Facts

    Learn facts about various indoor plants and how to care for them.

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    Why Is My Plant Leaning Over?

    How can you tell if your leggy plant needs more light? Look to see if it is stretching toward the...

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    Electrical Wiring: How to Run Power Anywhere

    The easiest way to bring electricity to a shed, garden or lamppost

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    How to Get Rid of Indoor Plant Bugs

    Learn how to eliminate and prevent bugs on indoor plants, including aphids, mites, mealy bugs, scale, fungus gnats and more.

    How to Install Outdoor Lighting and Outlet

    Underground wiring puts light and power anywhere in the yard. We'll show you how you can do it easily and...

    14 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Yard

    Whether you dream of lush, green grass or a vegetable garden with a bounty of produce, there are things you...

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    Can You Reuse Potting Soil?

    Replacing container garden soil every year is expensive and messy. Here's what you need to know about the viability of...

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    Family Handyman’s Vintage True Value Ad from the ’80s

    Family Handyman published its first magazine in 1951. In honor of our 70th anniversary of garden advice and tool recommendations,...

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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Poinsettias

    Here are the things you didn't know about poinsettias and learn the whole story behind the poinsettia, like where they...

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    Tips for Caring for Your Christmas Cactus

    Learn how to care for a Christmas cactus to ensure it blooms in time for the holidays.

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    Monstera Deliciosa Care Guide

    Ready to grow one of the trendiest houseplants out there? Here's how to help care for your Monstera deliciosa.

    How to Winterize and Store Garden Hoses

    With old man winter knocking on the door, time to reel in that garden hose. Here are a few tips...

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    Discover the Truth About Common Hummingbird Myths

    Should you add red dye to hummingbird feeders? Find out as we separate hummingbird myths from hummingbird facts.

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    Plant Propagation: How to Multiply Your Plants for Free

    Save money and get more plants for free! Follow these plant propagation steps and learn how to make plant cuttings.

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    9 Easy-Care Holiday Houseplants

    Fuss-free and festive, these houseplants deck your halls with vibrant color. They make excellent holiday gifts, too!

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    Turn Your Fall Leaves into Free Mulch and Compost

    Use fall leaves to improve soil, make free mulch and expand your garden beds.