CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator: A Must-Have for Your Garden! (We Tried It!)

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

The CobraHead Weeder removes weeds with ease—and so much more!

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If you need a precision weeding tool that’s comfortable and easy to use, look no further. The CobraHead Weeder makes weeding fast and fun—honestly! Like many gardeners (myself included), you’ll likely find this indispensable tool useful for weeding tight spaces between plants, cultivating, furrowing and edging.

As a lifelong gardener, I’ve tried my fair share of weeders. When several of my master gardener friends raved about the CobraHead Weeder, I didn’t pay much attention. I had a garage full of gardening tools and didn’t believe a slightly different one would change my life. Luckily, I won two of them at a Garden Bloggers Fling raffle last summer and got to see the magic for myself. I was super excited to bring them home and get to work on my weed-filled beet plot. 

What is the CobraHead Weeder?

The Cobrahead WeederCaroline Lubinsky/ Family Handyman

Gardeners and landscapers love the CobraHead Weeder because of its distinctive design, durability and versatility. The single slender tine is attached to an ergonomic and lightweight handle. The sharp cultivator blade is shaped like a cobra, ready to plow through clay and devour weeds. 

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the lightweight hand tool was the smooth, comfortable handle that fits perfectly in my hand. It was lighter than I expected despite the strong tempered steel blade. The bright blue handle is made from recycled plastic and is easy to find if you leave it behind.

The CobraHead blade allows for precision weeding because of its slim design. The pointed head digs through the soil, while the curve allows for precisely scooping and lifting dirt. 

CobraHead Weeders are offered in three sizes. The Mini is perfect for container gardening and working around seedlings at 8.75 inches, whereas the Original is 13 inches long. The CobraHead Long Handle has a similar tine design with either a 48-, 54- or 60-inch ash wood handle.

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How We Tested the CobraHead Weeders

I had almost given up on harvesting any beets until CobraHead came to the rescue. This little hand tool, with its slim design and ergonomic grip, gave me the edge to weed between my crowded plants. I grabbed my gardening stool and went to work with the Mini version.

Using the CobraHead was the most fun I’ve ever had pulling weeds. It was so satisfying to dig the slim blade in and easily pull out the competing weeds. On the tougher, deeper-rooted weeds, I used the CobraHead Long-Handle standing weeder where I could get a bit more leverage. It acts like a precise hoe, not disturbing nearby plants. 

Next, I got after the thistles and grass threatening the strawberry patch. I used both the handheld CobraHead as well as the long handle tool. Digging thistles is always a challenge because of their deep roots. I like using the long-handle tool for large thistles to protect my hands from the thorns.

There was a bit of a learning curve with the long-handle CobraHead weeder. It works differently from a hoe or claw. I found myself bending over as if I was using a hoe, however, the CobraHead Long-Handle is designed as a back-saver, so your posture should be more upright. 

From the CobraHead web videos, I learned that the best way to move the long handle is as if you are sweeping a broom from side to side. I had plenty of weeds to perfect the technique and easily cleared a large bed—without a backache!


  • Sleek and precise tool 
  • Helps protect surrounding plants
  • Durable materials and design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile uses
  • Made in USA


  • May not work well on especially hard soil


What is the best tool to remove weeds?

Pulling weeds often feels like a never-ending job. Our weed-pulling tools get a workout, so it’s important to find quality tools that are comfortable to use that get the job done.

Tools that dig a narrow path and hook the soil to loosen it so you can pull it out by the roots are the best option. We love the CobraHead Weeder because it digs close to the root and loosens the dirt around the root to make pulling easier. The narrow blade can sink deep with less resistance than a wide trowel. 

What Other Gardeners Had to Say

With over 22,000 Amazon reviews, the CobraHead Weeder is a well-loved, top-performer with an impressive 5-star rating.

“You need this!” One Amazon Customer simply states. “I love this!! I can’t say that enough. Pulling weeds is now a game changer! You will not be disappointed.”

L Senkbeil recommends it saying, “I bought this from an arborist who recommended I dig out dirt around some young trees in my yard that were planted incorrectly. It not only works for that task, but also can get deep tubers yet is gentle enough to clean out mulch from plant wells for newly planted items. I think the genius is in the curvature. I wish I’d known about this tool long ago!”

“Best gardening tool EVER,” says Betty Benivegna. “I love this gardening tool. I have arthritis, but this is comfortable to use. It’s sturdy. I’ve been using it for 3 seasons and it’s still in good shape. Every other digging tool I’ve ever had ending up breaking. I think this one might last forever.”

“Great for weeding tight spaces between plants,” says Kevin. “I love this tool. It is so sturdy and easily loosens soil and gets under weeds. I only wish I had found it years ago.”

CobraHead Weeder Compared to Traditional Gardening Tools

The CobraHead Weeder is a versatile tool. Not only is it a great cultivating and weeding tool with the advantage of a single tine for precision, but it also protects surrounding plants thanks to its sleek design.

I’ve found that the CobraHead Weeder is the best way to furrow precise rows for seed planting with less disturbance to the surrounding soil and plants.

I also use it to clear weeds and debris from asparagus and strawberry patches. And contrary to a bulky rake, the CobraHead Weeder has a precise aim, so as not to damage the plants I love.

This is also the best tool to spread or gather straw in the garden, especially when compared to a heavy pitchfork. I’ve even used the long-handle tool like a sickle to knock down dried grasses and dead phlox. It’s easy to scoop up the remains with the sleek hook, making spring clean-up a breeze. 

This was the first tool that could uproot the tree saplings growing under my fence line. The compact size and curved blade successfully dug under the fence to get the entire root out. This is so exciting to me because until I met CobraHead Weeder, these pesky saplings have been impossible for me to remove. 

I’ve also used it as an edger along brick pavers. It works like magic to control grass and the ever-spreading strawberries. As a result, I use the Mini and Long-Handle tools in my yard far more than most in my shed.

Final Verdict

I’m in love with these tools. CobraHead has reduced my hand fatigue since I no longer pound the ground with a trowel to get to the roots. And my wrists no longer ache after weeding! Plus, the long-handle cultivator is easier on my back than using a hoe. 

The shape of the CobraHead cultivator tine makes everything easier compared to traditional hoes, trowels, or rakes. Furrowing rows, weed removal, cultivating, precision raking, scraping and scooping are a breeze with this tool.

It’s versatile, comfortable, durable, effective, and lightweight, which reduces fatigue. What more could you ask for in a gardening tool? I highly recommend putting a CobraHead in your bag of gardening hacks.

Where to Buy the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

Where To Buy The Cobrahead Weeder And Cultivatorvia merchant

Make your chores easier with CobraHead weeding tools, which are available on Amazon. Your back will be happy and so will your plants. Happy gardening!

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