7 Versatile Weed Wacker Parts and Attachments

Updated: Sep. 19, 2023

Turn your string trimmer into an entirely different tool with these game-changing attachments.

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Intro to Weed Wacker Parts and Attachments

String trimmers, or “weed wackers” as they are more commonly known, are tools typically used to cut back clusters of weeds and trim lawn edges. But with a few additional attachments, string trimmers become capable of all sorts of gardening, landscaping¬†and tree care.

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Greenworks Horizontal Blower Attachment

This weed wacker attachment turns any Greenworks attachment-capable string trimmer into a powerful blower perfectly suited for clearing out leaves and other lawn debris from your yard. Though it’s a secondary attachment, the blower still manages to pack a punch, generating airflow up to 145 mph.

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Trimmer Plus Garden Cultivator Attachment

The four heat-treated steel tines on the head of this cultivator are super-sharp and plenty durable to chew through clumps of dirt and rock as you till your garden. Set the distance between the tines to the exact width you want, making the tool even more flexible.

Trimmer Plus designed the cultivator to work with attachment capable trimmers from most major brands, including Troy-Bilt, Ryobi and Craftsman.

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Worx Lawn Edger Attachment

Precisely trim the edges of your lawn with this edger attachment from Worx. It boasts universal compatibility and heavy-duty steel cutting blades that will leave the outer edges of your lawn crisp and manicured.

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Shoulder Strap Harness

Give yourself (and your back) a little extra help with this shoulder strap harness. It’s simple, easy to use and adjustable. The single shoulder design evenly distributes the weight of the string trimmer across your shoulders and back to limit wear and fatigue.

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Black+Decker Lawn Mower Attachment

We probably wouldn’t recommend this model to anyone with a significant amount of acreage. But if you’ve got a small yard and don’t want to waste valuable storage space on a bulky full-sized lawnmower, this string trimmer attachment is a great alternative.

Clip it onto any compatible Black+Decker string trimmer, and you’ve got a dependable little lawn mower that will cut your grass quickly and accurately.

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Worx Pole Saw Attachment

Most of the time, weed whackers aren’t the tool for trimming trees. But throw this universal Worx Pole Saw attachment onto the end of a string trimmer, and you’ll be pruning leaves and branches up to 12-1/2-ft. high. That will help you shape your trees aesthetically and keep them healthy.

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Worx Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The dual-action blades on this hedge trimmer attachment run 10 inches in diameter, which Worx claims is wider than any other brush cutter attachment on the market. A wider blade means fewer passes over a bush to trim it. Plus, the attachment weighs just 4.42-lbs., making it easier to maneuver and operate over long periods.

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