The Cutting-Edge Tool Your Lawn Needs: Ego String Trimmer

Tired of replacing your trimmer's line? Grab the Ego String Trimmer with Powerload, which makes switching the string as easy as pushing a button.

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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, frustration-free, eco-friendly trimmer, the Ego String Trimmer gets the job done right. This machine rivals even the toughest gas-powered weed whackers. With a powerful 56-volt battery and two speed options, the Ego String Trimmer is an excellent choice for lawn-care enthusiasts.

Battery-powered lawn tools make yard maintenance a joy–you’ll enjoy their lightweight and quiet nature. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about dealing with gas or cumbersome cords.

Furthermore, if you struggle with replacing your weed whacker string, you’re in luck. The Ego’s cutting-edge technology makes changing the string a breeze, thanks to the push button line feed.

What is the Ego String Trimmer?

Ego makes a variety of string trimmers, and each has slight differences in line feeds and shaft styles. Trying to decide which shaft is right for you? The telescoping aluminum shaft is lightweight, while the carbon fiber shaft is strong enough for commercial use and abuse.  We’re especially impressed with the Powerload series’ intuitive technology and self-feeding line.

The Ego String Trimmer with Powerload has built-in self-loading technology. With the push of a button, the Ego Power+ Powerload String Trimmer automatically loads the trimmer line. Say goodbye to the frustration of hand-winding the line and get back to work faster.

For uninterrupted trimming, the Eco String Trimmer with Line IQ automatically senses the line feed, maintaining a 16-inch cutting swath. No need to bump it to feed it.

How to Use the Ego String Trimmer

Simply charge the battery and assemble the product using the included screws to get started. The quick telescoping aluminum shaft makes this machine adaptable for any size person or situation. Just insert the battery and push the start button.

The Ego String Trimmer with Powerload has two speeds, and the handle is adjustable, too. Flip it, and the machine doubles as a lawn edger.

The 56-volt battery is interchangeable with compatible Ego products and boasts 45 minutes of run time for large jobs.

We love the ease and versatility of these trimmers. Ego has thought about the user experience and designed an innovative product to make your chores fast and enjoyable.

The Best Ego String Trimmer Amazon Reviews

Reviewers rave about the Ego Power+Powerload Trimmer. Even hardcore gas guys are impressed with the Ego’s power and ease of use.

Amazon customer, Robert Rushia sees no reason not to go with an Ego Trimmer, “The automatic line feed works like a dream. The adjustable shaft is bonus. After a lifetime of messing with fuel mixes and pulling a cord in hopes of making a gas engine come to life, this trimmer is predictable and light and quiet.” 

George Johnson is impressed, “Powerful with long lasting battery. Best feature is the power auto line replacement. ..less than 60 second it’s done.”

Lisa says, “It is absolutely perfect. The way it is constructed allows me to position it close enough to my body that my arms do not get sore. I have about a quarter acre and was able to trim the edges with no problem for the battery. This thing has a ton of power. I used it on low for 90% of the time and it handled everything great with little blow back. Turned it on high a couple times and it ripped through. Very happy with it.”

Rick Camaro gave the Eco String Trimmer five enthusiastic stars, “Best Weed Eater, Very Light & Easy To Use, Very Easy To String, Would Never Want Anything Else!”

Where to Buy the Ego String Trimmer

Ego Power+ 15 Inch String Trimmer Ecomm Lowes.comVIA MERCHANT

Ego offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product with a three-year warranty for the battery. These trimmers are sure to save time and frustration for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. New Ego users will want to buy the cost-saving kit that includes the battery and charger.

Ego String Trimmers are available at Lowe’s, Amazon and Walmart.

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