Yellow Leaf Hammock Review: A Shark Tank Success Story Unveiled

Updated: May 28, 2024

Feel like you're (almost) on a tropical island vacation with Yellow Leaf Hammocks hanging in your backyard.

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Looking for a way to de-stress and add a relaxing element to your outdoor space this spring and summer? Join the mocking trend with a new addition from Yellow Leaf Hammocks and hang out in style. No trees? No problem! If you don’t have mature trees to hang a hammock (like me), pick up a specially made adjustable stand from the brand. Once I had both pieces, I was ready to test it for myself.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks gained popularity after being featured on Shark Tank. The company’s mission is to make relaxation a part of everyday life while helping to make a positive impact on the Mlabri tribe. Hence the tagline, “Do good. Relax. Pass it on!”

What Are Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammock boxSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

What makes the brand’s signature hammock special is the softness of yarn, the artful combination of colors and handwoven craftsmanship of each hammock. No need to worry about scratchy nylon fibers or waffle-printed skin after a long nap—the airy weave is breathable and silky.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ hammocks are handmade by skilled weavers on a remote island in Thailand. It works to create jobs for women, and has raised them out of poverty. The brand is committed to making a positive global impact by providing cultural vitality, social equity, environmental stewardship and promoting long-term economic health for these remote island artisans.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

The hammock is available in 14 colors and prints.


  • Handwoven
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hang
  • Portable carrying case included
  • 400-pound weight capacity (500 pounds for the family-sized)


  • Hanging hardware not included
  • Fine threads can get caught on jewelry or zippers
  • Washers not included in hammock stand. Here are a few tips for building your own hammock stand.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Product Features

Each handmade signature hammock is unique. Woven with weather-safe yarn, the hammock comes in various colors, including an option to design your own. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these hammocks are versatile and can hang from porches, trees, an overhead gazebo or a hammock stand.

The signature hammock holds up to 400 pounds, so you can cuddle up with the kids or take a romantic nap.  If you need something larger, there’s a family-sized version that accommodates up to 500 pounds.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks offers a variety of hammocks to choose from, including indoor hammocks, hammock chairs, family-sized hammocks, along with a hammock stand and accessories.

How We Tested It

Yellow Leaf Hammock standSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

I received the signature hammock in the Mojave design and an adjustable stand, and waited until the snow melted before setting it up outdoors. Spring came early in the Midwest, at least for a few days, so I was excited to try it out.

I put the stand together by myself in a matter of minutes. To assemble the stand, first lay out the parts, then line up the holes and use the supplied bolts to attach the pieces. The instructions suggested putting a washer (not included) in between the frame and the bolts.

After the frame was assembled, I installed the gravity hooks. This was a little confusing, because it wasn’t illustrated very well in the instructions. However, once I figured it out (point the end of the hook toward the inside of the frame so that the curve of the hook is on the outside of the frame), it was very simple. Lastly, I attached the loops of the hammock to the gravity hooks. The nice part about the stand is that it allows for adjustable height with several holes along the frame. If the hammock stretches with time, you can easily adjust the height by moving the gravity hooks.

Weighing just 24 pounds, it’s easy to slide across the lawn or move as needed. Once I had it in the right spot, it was time to test it out. The leaves hadn’t popped out on my little shade tree yet, but I was happy to soak up some spring rays in the comfort of a pick from Yellow Leaf Hammocks. Pure bliss!

It rained later that evening and the next day the hammock was still a bit damp. I brought it indoors to dry out, as we were expecting snow the following night.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Yellow Leaf Hammock bagSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

Yellow Leaf Hammocks have created quite a name for itself, and buyers are taking notice of just how worth it these hammocks are.

“I bought this as a gift for my daughter who shares my love of hammocks,” writes five-star reviewer, Shemo. “I have had different hammocks before and this is my all time favorite. It is so comfortable and still looks new after many years.”

“It’s simply wonderful,” boasts verified purchaser, HRH Prince Rob. “The colors are even more vibrant in person. The hammock is super-comfortable and is lightweight. Easy to store in the winter.”

Another five-star reviewer, NDS, says, “It’s a great product for sure. Comfortable as can be, easy to set up and I don’t feel like I could fall out. Great for napping. $199 is a good chunk of change, but the quality is there if your budget is.”

Final Verdict

Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ signature hammock is a welcome addition to my patio furniture and outdoor space. The beauty and comfort of this inviting hammock beacons relaxation. I look forward to hanging out after a long day of work, sneaking in an afternoon nap or stargazing in comfort.

I never realized how wonderful and calming having a hammock could be, as I remember the old-school stiff hammocks that felt unstable and tippy. Conversely, the Yellow Leaf Hammocks offering conforms to my body and cocoons me in a soft, weightless cradle.

I love that I can place this hammock anywhere in the yard with the stand or hang it at my favorite camping spot. The handy carrying case makes it easy to store and travel with. Plus, I enjoy supporting businesses that make a difference. Yellow Leaf Hammocks provides opportunities for these talented women in Thailand by creating sustainable jobs.

Where to Buy Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Having a hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammocks is like having a bright island breeze in the backyard. You can shop different colors and styles on the brand’s website for $199. They’re also available on Amazon. If you need me, I’ll be enjoying the lazy days of summer in perfect bliss.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Enjoy lazy days relaxing in this sturdy hammock from Yellow Leaf. It's made with durable fabric and a weighted stand.


Can you wash Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

These hammocks are safe to wash. The brand recommends hand washing in cold water with a non-bleach detergent. Always tie a string around the hammock to keep it contained. Then rinse and hand to dry.

How long do hammocks last?

With proper care, hammocks can last up to 20 years, thanks to the materials they’re crafted with.

Are hammocks good for your spine?

Hammocks are good for the spine as long as they’re assembled correctly. Also, ensure that your hammock is made with high-quality materials. Flimsy options can increase back pain.

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