This Attractive Opinel Knife Goes Anywhere You Do

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

For around $20, you’ll want this trusty folding pocket knife in your car, your toolbox and your pocket.

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Oh, là là! The Opinel No. 08 is a classic French folding pocket knife that has existed since 1890. The Opinel knife has stood the test of time—crafted with beauty, simplicity and durability.

Beautiful by design and made in France for over 100 years, this knife has a solid beechwood handle shaped for comfort, making it an ergonomic choice as an all-purpose utility knife for the garden or kitchen.

Its lightweight design is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures and camping trips. Enjoy a picnic in the park or foraging in the wilderness—with the Opinel No. 08 Knife, you’re always prepared.

What is the No. 08 Opinel Knife?

The No. 08 Opinel Knifevia merchant

The No. 08 Opinel carbon steel knife is a versatile, ergonomic and attractive folding pocket knife that can be used in the kitchen, garden or workshop.

The solid beechwood handle is smooth and robust, built for a lifetime of durability. The carbon steel blade is precise and easily sharpened if needed. The thin convex-ground 3.28-inch blade is a versatile length without being cumbersome.

This space-saving, attractive pocket knife folds down to 4.72 inches. With its elegant rotating locking system, it’s easy to use while still keeping you safe. This everyday carry knife is a cut above the rest in its class due to it’s all-purpose performance, traditional craftsmanship and affordability.


  • Lightweight
  • Quality materials and design
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Safety lock
  • Attractive
  • Carbon steel blade can be sharpened
  • Affordable
  • Easy to open


  • Rust is possible if not cleaned and dried properly

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How to Use the Opinel Knife

You’ll love the simplicity of this folding pocket knife. It doesn’t have a spring, so flipping it over is easy. Next, twist the locking mechanism to stabilize the blade then you’re ready to go. After using it, wipe it down, fold it, lock it closed and slip it into your pocket.

Whether preparing a campfire dinner, filleting freshly-caught fish or whittling wood, the Opinel No. 8 will work for you. Gardeners keep an Opinel No. 8 in their tool bag for easy harvesting to cut through tough stems and vines. Woodworkers, artists and craftspeople find hundreds of opportunities where the Opinel knife comes in handy.

Grab that bottle of vino and some cheese and take pleasure in a traditional French “picque-nique” as the Opinel peels your apples, slices your salami and glides through cheese, leaving time for romance.

To enjoy a lifetime of utility, clean and dry your Opinel Knife after each use to avoid rust. Do not run it under water, as the wooden handle could swell, making it hard to open. 

The Best Amazon Reviews

“Love this knife!” says Dalton Phillips, “An excellent and well-made knife! Love the aesthetics too.”

Verified Amazon customer, Road Warrior simply says, “Nice little pocket knife. Sturdy and sharp.”

Another 5-star review by Oorah, “Came with a very good edge. It’s fun to pull out this iconic knife and have people ask about it. It’s the lightest knife I have, and I have at least a dozen. It’s not a bushcraft or heavy duty knife but it takes care of 99% of EDC tasks. Get one!”

Where to Buy the Opinel Knife

The Opinel Knifevia merchant

Take it on the road, on the boat or in your backpack. Every toolbox needs an Opinel Knife. For less than $20, you won’t find a better knife with this much class (or prestige). 

The Opinel No. 08 is available at retailers like REI and Amazon. Don’t get caught without an Opinel when you need it!

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