Edge out the Competition with the Sharpal Knife Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blades (and Much More)

Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

The Sharpal Knife Sharpener makes your life easier—it sharpens lawn mower blades, knives and tools quickly.

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When was the last time you sharpened your mower blade? If you don’t have a grinder, files or the time and skill to do it right, you might need some help. The Sharpal Knife Sharpener is a handy tool designed to sharpen dull blades in a flash.

From lawn mower blade sharpening to sharpening knives and scissors, learning to sharpen tools takes time and practice (especially if you’re tackling it old-school style). Or, you can check out Sharpal’s line of sharpening products for a more straightforward fix. Your pruners, hatchets and hoes will work harder for you with less effort—what more could you ask for?

How do you know when to sharpen blades?

A quick visual inspection can tell you if the blade is chipped, dented or bent, but there are other clues too. Look for signs your lawn mower blade needs sharpening, like a discolored lawn. Typically, you can feel when your blades are dull, your cuts aren’t as clean, or it takes more work to get the job done. Lopers and lawn mower blades take a lot of abuse and naturally dull over time, so it’s best to sharpen them every so often.

What is the Sharpal Knife Sharpener?

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Experts love Sharpal products, as they make everything from pocket-sized survival tools to culinary and kitchen apparatuses. However, the Sharpal All-in-one Knife, Pruner and Tool Sharpener is the most multi-functional item in their product line (in our humble opinion).

It’s a sturdy handheld unit suitable for indoor and outdoor use, complete with three sharpening slots. The all-in-one Sharpal Knife Sharpener restores the edge of single beveled blades like pruners, loppers and mower blades. It also handles wide-bevel blades like spades, axes, and machetes alongside straight-edge knives, hedge sheers and scissors. 

Wondering about this sharpener’s durability? Don’t sweat it—this sharpener is built with high-performance materials like carbide and ceramic and the brand offers an impressive three-year warranty.

How to Use the Sharpal Knife Sharpener

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Understanding which of the three slots to use on the Sharpal multi-sharpener for your blade type is essential. The rest is like butter (after you’ve grabbed the proper gloves and eye protection).

Simply stabilize the tool to be sharpened, choose the correct slot for the blade type, and slide the sharpener against the edge. Conversely, when sharpening knives or small tools, set the Sharpal on a flat dry surface and pull your tool through the slot a few times for a sharper new edge. 

For a visual demonstration, download the user manual and watch the manufacturers’ video on Amazon, and you’ll be sharpening like a pro before you know it.

Sharpening your lawn mower blades is an important part of your mower maintenance. When it’s time to give your mower a tune-up, you’ll want to assess all the tools and lawn mower attachments in your garage to make sure they are ready to work efficiently for you.

The Best Sharpal Knife Sharpener Amazon Reviews

Amazon Sharpal review by Trey H. says “It handles everything but the largest of blades with ease, and the big ones are doable, just a bit awkward. I find it easiest to put the blade in a workbench vice and move the sharpener over it, but sometimes I do it the other way around. It’s so easy to have sharp tools all the time now.”

Mausero saved time and money using the Sharpal Knife Sharpener. “My lawn mower blade needed a little sharpening, a beveled blade. I was planning to take it to a shop or use a file to do the job myself. Then I saw this $20 tool at Amazon and decided to give it a try. I received it in 2 days with Amazon’s fast shipping and I’m extremely pleased with it.”

Avid gardener, Eddygirl offers tips, “I needed to find a sharpener for my garden tools. This All-in-1 sharpener did the job! Now my garden tools are ready for another growing season. I even used it to sharpen my craft tools, household scissors, & knives. An added bonus was that my hubby used it to sharpen his tools in the workshop. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. It definitely is a good purchase, and I recommend this product.”

Where to Buy the Sharpal Knife Sharpener

Sharpal All In One Sharpener Ecomm Walmart.comvia merchant

This is a must-have item whether you’re a cook or a gardener. Sharpen all your blades for around $20 with the Sharpal multi-sharpener. You can pick one up on Amazon, Walmart and Ace Hardware. With the versatility of this gadget, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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