Tame Your Grass for Less with the 5 Best Cheap Lawn Mower Models

Updated: Mar. 23, 2024

Lawn mowers are essential for those who take pride in their yard. However, they can be expensive—unless you shop the best cheap lawn mowers.

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Homeowners who perform their own lawn maintenance know how essential lawn mowers are. But with prices creeping up industry-wide, some people are hesitant to invest in a new mower. Although challenging to find, perfectly capable lawn mowers are available that are budget-friendly and well-suited for grass cutting.

Cheap lawn mowers shouldn’t compromise quality for affordability, so we only included options made by trusted brands with an established, well-known reputation. Whether you want a gas-powered machine for heavy-duty mowing or a manual push reel option for quick jobs, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this guide.

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Best Overall Cheap Lawn Mower

BILT HARD Push Lawn Mower

This 21-inch BILT HARD mower has a 170 cc engine that’s powerful enough to handle a wide range of lawn sizes and types. This is our overall pick for the best cheap lawn mower, as it’s significantly cheaper than similar gas-powered models. The three-in-one deck offers the choice of side discharge, rear discharge or mulching operation, so it’s a smart option for those interested in turning leaf piles into nitrogen-rich mulch. This push mower also features a handle that folds down and out of the way with no tools required, so it’s convenient to store when not in use.

Power Source: Gas | Blade Height: 1.2 in. to 3.75 in. (5 height settings) | Cutting Width: 21 in.


  • Can be used on lawns up to 0.5 acres
  • Easy pull-start function
  • Quick-folding handle
  • Five height adjustments


  • Louder than electric or manual mowers

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American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Mower
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Best Value Cheap Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Mower

If you don’t have much yard to mow and want to spend under $100, this push reel mower has excellent value. Its 14-inch width easily maneuvers around landscaping elements and contributes to its light 19-pound weight. The four alloy-steel blades adjust to your specific grass height and effectively cut grass up to 4 inches high. The compact size and manual design are also extremely convenient to use. With no fuel mixes or electricity, this mower is always ready to go. Plus, unlike larger, heavier mowers, this one requires very little storage space in your garage or tool shed.

“I’m very pleased with this product. We needed something that even I could use to mow the lawn (I have a bad back), and something inexpensive. This thing is STURDY, but it’s also lightweight and really very simple to use,” writes five-star reviewer, Sonja Johnson. “It’s nice not having to mess with gasoline or oil, or batteries or God forbid an electric cord (which would just get run over and ruined). The blades are quiet, so we could mow at 5 in the morning if need be and the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed.”

Power Source: Reel | Blade Height: 0.5 in. to 1.75 in. | Cutting Width: 14 in.


  • Affordable price
  • Small size is comfortable to operate
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Very little maintenance required


  • Not practical for medium or large yards

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Sun Joe Mj401e Pro Electric Lawn Mower
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Best Cheap Lawn Mower for Small Yards

Sun Joe MJ401E-Pro Electric Lawn Mower

Thanks to its compact size and corded power supply, this Sun Joe mower is the best cheap lawn mower option for efficiently tackling smaller yards. It’s clear to see why this brand was also included on our list of best electric mowers! With its 13-amp motor and 3,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) speed, it provides all the power you need for light-duty mowing. Get the job done quickly and without being subjected to unnecessary engine noise or gas fumes.

The controls are easy to use. Simply hold down the start button and squeeze the lever handle to begin mowing. If you prefer a tidy yard, use the 10.6-gallon bag to capture clippings as you go, or, switch to the discharge chute and use those valuable grass clippings to improve your lawn’s health.

“No gas, no battery, no spark plug, no draining it for winter. No headaches or anything to go wrong except running over the cord,” writes verified purchaser, Cyn. “I am very impressed with this mower. It’s relatively quiet and lightweight.”

Power Source: Corded | Blade Height: 3 positions (doesn’t specify heights) | Cutting Width: 14 in.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Includes 10.6-gallon bag and discharge chute
  • Features a 14-Inch steel blade
  • Has a two-year warranty


  • Adjusting the height requires flipping machine over

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Greenworks 40v Push Lawn Mower
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Best Battery-Powered Cheap Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40-Volt Push Lawn Mower

We’ve had solid experiences with Greenworks cordless lawn equipment, and this 40-volt battery-powered mower is an easy choice as our best battery-powered option. The 17-inch deck size strikes a good balance of compact size and efficient operation, and the single-button height adjustment is comfortable to change on the go.

This model boasts 45 minutes of mowing per charge, which is well-suited for those seeking the runtime of a gas-powered mower without the harmful fumes and engine noise. The battery-powered design also requires practically no maintenance and generates minimal vibration and noise.

Power Source: Battery | Blade Height: 6 positions (doesn’t specify heights) | Cutting Width: 17 in.


  • Lengthy runtime
  • Battery and charger included
  • Push-button start
  • Folding handle for storage


  • May have trouble with tall grass

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Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Push Reel Lawn Mower
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Best Cheap Push Reel Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Push Reel Lawn Mower

Our other push reel mower on this list offers great value, but this Scotts Outdoor Power Tools reel mower is budget-friendly with an added benefit: a second set of wheels for maneuverability. Combined with its 20-inch cutting width, this reel mower has more functionality than typical manual reel mowers. An oversized ergonomic handle and cushioned grip make it comfortable to push, as well. The five alloy steel cutting blades stay sharp for longer, and the reel’s ball-bearing design creates a smooth, efficient spinning motion as you push.

“We recently downsized from almost an acre of property and a service maintaining our lawn to a new home with a very small front/side yard and about a 30-foot by 50-foot backyard. While trying to decide what to do long-term, I picked up this mower,” George V. writes in his five-star review. “It will pay for itself in less than a month over using a lawn service. Does a great job on thick Florida St. Augustine grass. Takes me about 13 minutes from the time I take the mower out of the garage to when I’m putting it back.”

Power Source: Reel | Blade Height:  1 in. to 3 in. | Cutting Width: 20 in.


  • Easy to maneuver around obstacles
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Cutting height adjusts from 1 to 3 inches
  • No additional tools required to assemble


  • May have trouble with mixed grass heights

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What to Consider When Buying a Cheap Lawn Mower

To confidently select the best cheap lawn mower, consider the size of your yard and choose a mower that’s best suited for that acreage. The larger the mower deck, the more grass it cuts in each pass (and the sooner you’ll finish). It’s tempting to try and save even more money by choosing the smallest mower option available, but the savings aren’t worth the extra time, energy and unnecessary strain.

When comparing buying options, make sure that you consider these important factors:

  • Brand: In addition to being tempted to get the smallest mower to save money, avoid getting an unreliable brand just because the price looks appealing. Purchasing an unreliable brand could end up costing you more when you need to replace your mower after one season. We’ve gathered a few trustworthy options that you can trust and stay within your budget.
  • Cutting height and width: A mower’s cutting height determines how short it can cut your grass. The cutting width, or mower deck, is how long or wide the blade is on a mower. Most mower models have multiple width options to pick from, so consider yard size before automatically selecting the cheaper option. Mowers almost always have different height settings that help cut grass down to the desired height. Look closely at the minimum and maximum cutting height to ensure it works for your needs.
  • Attachment options: Affordable lawn mowers tend to be basic models. However, some come with grass bags and the option to buy a blade sharpener separately. If you’re looking for several attachment options to tackle additional yard projects, the best riding mowers have more variety.
  • Price: Lawn mowers can get extremely expensive, but this list focuses only on affordable options. Our picks range from $90 to just above $200.

Types of Cheap Lawn Mowers

  • Gas-powered: Powered by gas engines, these mowers have the strength and mobility needed to handle large, overgrown lawns. Their engines produce harmful emissions, though, and are much louder than other options.
  • Battery-powered: Lawn mowers powered by lithium-ion batteries provide mobility and emission-free operation, but they don’t last as long as gas-powered mowers and have a lower power output.
  • Corded: These lawn mowers plug right into your home’s electrical outlet, so their range is limited by the length of your extension cord. Although corded mowers aren’t practical for large lawns, they’re very easy to use and offer unlimited runtime.
  • Reel: Reel lawn mowers are entirely powered by the user pushing them forward, which naturally requires more user effort, making them ideal for smaller yards. They are extremely quiet, though, and are the best cheap lawn mower for those who want to spend the least amount of money.

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How We Found the Best Cheap Lawn Mowers

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Are cheap lawn mowers worth it?

If your goal is to save money while still having a properly cut lawn, then yes, cheap lawn mowers are worth it. However, even the best cheap lawn mowers won’t have the bells and whistles of more expensive riding lawn mowers, so be realistic about what you’re paying for. Go with a trusted brand that includes a solid warranty. Don’t be tempted by the ultra-cheap, no-name brand options online and you’ll be satisfied.

How often should you mow your lawn?

Although mowing frequency depends on the season, climate and type of grass, a good rule of thumb is to keep your grass from 2.5 to 3 inches in height. Grass grows faster in the summertime and should be mowed about once a week to prevent excessive strain on your mower. Especially hot or wet conditions require less or more frequent mowing intervals. As the weather cools, those intervals get longer and longer until winter sets in and you stop mowing altogether.