12 Small Tools That Do Big Things

Updated: Aug. 31, 2022

These tools don't take up a lot of space, but they definitely pull their weight.

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Makita Cut Out Tool

Makita Cutout Tool

Makita’s Cordless Cut-Out Saw is designed specifically to cut through layers of drywall without cutting too deep. Whether you’re remodeling or installing outlets, this is incredibly helpful. The saw just barely cuts through drywall, so you don’t run the risk of accidentally nicking any pipes or wires that might be on the other side. It also includes dual LED lights, so you can always see where you’re cutting, and an adjustable blade depth with a max depth of 1-3/16-in.

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procomm headset
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Procomm Wireless Headsets

ToughTested’s Procomm Neckband Headsets are headphones built for the jobsite. What makes them so great is that they work both as headphones and as a speaker that rests around your neck, all wirelessly through Bluetooth. “Speaker mode” is especially nice if you’re the type of person that can’t stand having ear buds in for long periods of time. And they are all-importantly very durable, featuring rubberized surfaces and Kevlar reinforced cabling with braided nylon covering to prevent wear-and-tear and tangling. Procomm headsets are even IP54 rated for water, sweat and dust resistance and last up to 15 hours on a single charge.

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Klein Magnetizer

Pro Klein Magnetizer

No, it’s not a floatie for your boat keys. It’s a Magnetizer/Demagnetizer from Klein Tools! The Magnetizer uses powerful rare-earth magnets to immediately give screwdrivers or drill bits magnetic properties. All you have to do is insert the driver or drill bit into the magnetizing slot and slowly pull it back out…like magic, it’s magnetic. You can then remove the magnetic properties from the tool by inserting it into the demagnetizing slot and, again, removing it slowly. The Klein Magnetizer/Demagnetizer attaches easily to tool bag, pouches and backpacks so you can always keep it handy.

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Extendable Arms

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter

Normally, when your bolt cutter lacks the leveraged to cut the mustard (so to speak), you either have to switch to a larger bolt cutter, or contort your body so you can use your hands feet and backside all at the same time. Now there’s a third option: Create your own larger bolt cutter. These Milwaukee Bolt Cutters are equipped with POWERMOVE Extendable Arms. They have up to 30 percent more cutting power at full length.

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Three plane laser

Bosch Lasers

Without accuracy and precision, a leveling laser is pretty much useless. Bosch’s family of Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Lasers has accuracy in spades. These lasers are accurate within 3/32 of an inch over 30ft, which is even better than Bosch’s typical 1/8 of an inch. The system comes in both a red light and a green light version. The green laser does go through batteries a little faster, but it’s 4x brighter, perfect for using on a sunny day. Both the red beam (GLL3-330C) and green beam (GLL3-330CG) are Bluetooth compatible so you can connect the lasers to an app on your phone. The Bosch Leveling Remote app tells you battery level, lets you control the lasers and gives you an alert if the laser is out of level.

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Klein Wire Puller

Klein Puller

Cable grabs are pretty standard tools designed to help electricians pull long zip lines up off the ground. So what makes this one special? Well, for years there wasn’t a cable grab that could grip HDPE cable, or “tree wire,” without damaging the coating. Klein Tools changed that when they released the first ever Jaw Grip for HDPE-Coated Cable. It is specifically engineered with a high-traction surface so that it can handle tree wire with no impact on the outer jacket. Klein Tools has also released a version of this pulling tool that is three pounds lighter than their first model. The lightweight Parallel Jaw Grip also has a wider cable diameter range (0.625” to 1.362”) than its predecessor and can be operated with just one hand. See more of our favorite tools for electricians here.

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Are you worried about your assets coming loose in the back of your truck or on your trailer? Check out ShockStrap. ShockStrap’s Ratchet Straps use a urethane-based shock to keep tension on the strap at all times. Other ties loosen when road conditions force the payload to shift and settle. The ShockStrap prevents unsafe loosening by absorbing shock and contracting with the load, perfect for hauling equipment or toys with any kind of suspension, like snowmobiles, ATVs and side-by-sides. The Urethane formula is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear typically caused by sunlight, saltwater and chemicals. On top of all that, all the hooks and buckles on a ShockStrap are coated in yellow zinc so they will last much longer than powder-coated metal.

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Super Sawsquatch

Super Sawsquatch

SKILSAW turned heads when they released the Sawsquatch, which featured a 10-1/4 in.-blade. That blade is now dwarfed by the Super Sawsquatch, which boasts a massive 16-5/16-inch 32-tooth blade, a 15 Amp Dual Field Motor and worm drive gearing. What could you possibly need a saw that big for? Well, the Super Sawsquatch is perfect for ripping through 6x, beams and engineered lumber, which SKILSAW says the Super Sawsquatch can handle in just one pass. Plus it’s only 27 pounds, a full 5 pounds lighter than many comparable beam saws on the market.

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Split Shaft

Makita Split Shaft

Makita’s Couple Shaft Power Heads are a great way to save space and reduce repairs and maintenance. These Power Heads come in two power options: Cordless or 4-stroke. Makita makes nine different attachment options for the power heads, giving you all the versatility you need. The interchangeable attachments use a lock system that makes it easy to switch from, say, a hedge trimmer to a pole saw. The Cordless Power Head is fully compatible with Makita’s 36V/18V battery system.

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circ blades

Milwaukee Circ Blades

Milwaukee’s line of circular saw blades are the on the cutting edge of technology. Get it? The cutting edge? Every blade in this line of circ blades is engineered with anti-friction coating and laser-cut from 100 percent sheet steal. The coating keeps your blade cooler while cutting, which prevents corrosion and gumming, and the laser-cut blade ensures a stable, more accurate cut. These new saws will come in over 30 different blade options ranging from 5-3/8-in. to 12-in. diameters.

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DAP Products

Exterior sealants need to be tough. All year long they must hold up against rain, snow and heat without cracking or fading. DAP’s Dynaflex Ultra Advanced Exterior Sealant is made to beat the weather, featuring what DAP calls Weather Max technology. Weather Max keeps Dynaflex from losing color, yellowing and prevents damage from harsh conditions. It’s also water and dirt resistant and is ready to paint just one hour after application! DAP guarantees that Dynaflex Ultra will stay mold, mildew and algae resistant for the life of the sealant, which is especially great if you are using it in low-light, damp areas.

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Dewalt Lawn Mower

DeWalt Lawn Mowers

The great thing about these mowers is that they run off of existing DeWalt battery platforms. The mowers use either DeWalt 20v or 40v Max batteries, so you can use the same batteries you use to power your tools and other lawn care products to power these heavy-duty mowers all summer long. These mowers have a 20-in. metal deck, and can mulch, bag, or rear discharge grass clippings. The handle folds for easy storage, and with no oil or gas to worry about, you could store them upside down if you wanted.

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