The 8 Best Lawn Mower Attachments

Your lawn mower can do so much more than cut grass. These lawn mower attachments will add new functionality to this already useful tool.

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Agri Fab DethatcherVIA MERCHANT

Your lawn mower is a surprisingly versatile tool. Sure, it cuts the grass, and that might be all you really need it to do. However, the right lawn mower attachments turn your mower into a machine that can handle a long list of yard maintenance tasks. They’ll save you from hours of raking and make sure your yard stays green year after year.

Before buying an attachment, there are a few considerations to take into account. First, know what fits your mower. Riding mowers have more options for attachments, while you’ll find a limited selection for zero-turn mowers. Many attachments have a universal-fit hitch, which means you can hitch the attachment to mowers, lawn tractors and other yard machines.

Second, how big is your yard? If you’ve got an acre of grass to take care of, you’ll get more use out of some attachments versus a home sitting on a small city lot. However, if you’re looking to clear snow from your driveway, then a snow blower or blade attachment might be a worthy investment.

There are a variety of lawn mower attachments, from dethatching to leaf pick up, so we found the best options to whip your lawn into shape.

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Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper
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Lawn Sweeper

This multi-purpose Agri-Fab lawn sweeper picks up grass clippings and sweeps up fallen leaves, pine needles and so much more. It easily attaches to tractors with ground clearance of eight to 13 inches. It also comes with a large bag that hauls up to 26 cubic feet of debris. Need more convincing? Learn all about it here.

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Tow Behind Sprayer
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Tow-Behind Sprayer

This NorthStar Tow-Behind Sprayer is built to last with chemical-resistant viton valves and a santoprene diaphragm. Its extra-thick walls are UV-resistant, and the heavy-duty steel cart can handle almost any terrain. The sprayer gives you many different options to achieve a healthy lawn, from treating small spots with precision to covering wide, 10-foot swaths.

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Brinly Push Tow Lawn Roller
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Combination Push/Tow Lawn Roller

The best lawn mower attachments are the most versatile. This Brinly roller allows you to push it by hand or affix it to back of your mover, which makes it convenient for both tight spots and open spaces. The poly roller drum is weather-resistant for all seasons and won’t dent or rust. It holds 28 gallons of water or sand, and it’s easy to fill with an extra-large opening. Its rounded edges won’t damage your lawn either.

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Vevor Tow Driveway Leveler
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Steel Driveway Leveler

Level driveways, yards and fields with this tow-behind steel leveler. A pin-style hitch easily attaches to most lawn mowers and ATVs, and a fixed frame helps make quick work when leveling dirt or gravel. It’s made with heavy-duty steel and a powder coating that makes it rustproof.

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Agri Fab Tow Dethatcher
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Tow Dethatcher

The Agri-Fab towed de-thatcher has 20 durable spring tines to help you clear away dead grass and pull up hard-packed dirt to make planting easier. There’s a transport handle for easy raising and lowering of the tines. It also features a durable steel deck and rust-proof drawbar.

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Polar Dump Cart
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Dump Cart

This is one of those classic lawn mower attachments for a reason. Hitch this plastic dump cart to your mower and haul up to 1,000 pounds of soil, mulch, rock, firewood and more around your yard. The frame tilts and the latch releases quickly so you can dump your load swiftly and with ease. Knobby-style tires on this dump cart allow you to drag it across all different types of terrain.

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Arnold Snow Blade
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Snow Blade

Some snow blower and blade lawn mower attachments can set you back more than a thousand dollars, but this 46-inch blade on Amazon costs less than $250. Attach it to the front of your lawn mower to turn it into a snow removal tool for winter. The durable spring-loaded blade clears snow out of your pathways in no time—without freezing or straining your back!

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Agri Fab Tow Spreader
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Tow-Behind Spreader

Grow the lawn of your dreams when warmer weather arrives. The Agri-Fab attachment helps you spread grass seed over bare areas in the spring and maintain a green, healthy yard in the summer. It has a universal fit hitch, so it’s compatible with any lawn mower, and it holds up to 130 pounds of fertilizer and herbicide.

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Can I add a bagger to my lawn mower?

Most lawn mower models come with bag attachments to catch grass clippings. Some older or more basic models only mulch the debris or shoot it out the side of your mower. If you’re looking to add a bag to your lawn mower, do research on your specific model to ensure it’s designed to have a bag, and look into what size is needed for the proper fit.

Do riding mowers have attachment options?

Yes, riding mowers are built to have different attachments added to them. Some attachments can only fit onto specific mowers, but many are built with a universal fit hitch that works on a variety of models.

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