8 Lawn Mower Brands To Consider

Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

Here are some of the most trusted brands of lawnmowers for DIYers, whether you have your first home with a yard or you're replacing your fifth mower.

For most, buying a new lawn mower is a big purchase. It’s important to buy a reliable mower that will not only give your yard a great cut but also last many seasons. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you on your search by gathering the best lawn mower brands on the market.

Before narrowing down the brands you’re interested in, think about the type of lawn mower you’re looking for. Do you want a reel, walk-behind, riding, zero-turn or robotic mower? This will help you decide which brands to look into. Also think about whether you want a gas, electric or manual-powered mower. Some brands only offer gas and others only sell electric. Lastly, think about the size mower you’re looking for that will best fit your yard and budget. American Lawn Mower is great for those looking for an affordable lawn mower and the higher-end Toros and Cub Cadets are a nice splurge.

The number of options can seem overwhelming, but you’ve come to the right place to find your ideal lawn mower.

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American Lawn Mower via merchant

American Lawn Mower

Let’s start our review of lawn mower brands with the oldest and most basic style — the manual, reel-type mower. American Lawn Mower manufactures reel mowers under several brand names, including Scotts, Earthwise, and Great States.

A manual reel mower uses human power (YOU!) to spin the blades. It’s probably not the best idea for a large, hilly lawn, or one that isn’t frequently maintained. But if you are looking for simplicity in your tool shed and don’t have much to mow, a reel mower is a great choice. It leaves a beautiful cut if you keep the blades sharp.

Besides the classic reel mowers, American Lawn Mower offers plug-in electric mowers.

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Cub Cadet Mower via merchant

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet has a long history of manufacturing commercial and residential lawn and garden equipment. I remember my grandfather riding a classic white and yellow Cub Cadet lawn tractor.

Beyond the usual gas-powered walk-behind and riding mowers, Cub Cadet offers a lineup of battery-powered lawn mowers and commercial stand-on mowers. One model that works great for me is the CC30 electric mini riding mower. At 30 inches wide, it fits through the gate between my front and back yards while letting me attend to my chores quickly and quietly.

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Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower via merchant

via merchant


Lithium-ion batteries revolutionized the home power equipment industry, giving homeowners the performance of gasoline without the noise or the mess. EGO capitalized on that trend, offering all kinds of power equipment, all running on the same battery system. One battery can power your leaf blower, string trimmer and walk-behind mower.

Now EGO is taking on the battery-operated zero-turn mower market, offering models that can mow up to two acres on a single charge!

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Honda Lawn Mower via merchant

The same Honda that builds cars and motorcycles has long manufactured some of the most renowned small gas engines in the industry. Honda mowers have a reputation for durability. Some mowers use a non-metallic mowing deck that can’t rust and come with a lifetime deck warranty.

When I bought my home 16 years ago, one of my first purchases was a Honda mower. It has performed all this time without a problem. Honda will stop manufacturing gas-powered lawn mowers as the market is shrinking.

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John Deer Mower via Merchant

John Deere

Take a drive into any rural area and you’ll undoubtedly spot some John Deere green. Farmers have trusted John Deere equipment since the 19th century — after all, John Deere invented the steel plow!

To this day, John Deere lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers are popular all across the U.S. A John Deere lawn tractor gives you capabilities beyond mowing, with attachments and accessories that allow you to add a snowplow for clearing your driveway in winter.

  • Product Offerings: Riding Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers.
  • Power Types: Gas.
  • Where to Buy: The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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Toro Lawn mower Via merchant

Imagine your lawn as lush and verdant as a golf course fairway. Toro has been manufacturing some of the most popular golf course maintenance equipment for years, and that performance can be yours with a Toro mower. Various gas- and battery-powered riding and walk-behind mowers are available.

One innovative feature on many Toro walk-behind mowers is the Personal Pace self-propelled system. It automatically adapts the mowing speed to your preferred walking pace by pressing on the mower’s handle.

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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower via merchant


Troy-Bilt is nearly legendary for its line of garden tillers and cultivators, but they’ve long offered riding and walk-behind mowers as well.

One distinctive model of walk-behind mower is the TBWC28 wide-area mower. While it looks much like a typical lawnmower, this model cuts a 28-inch wide swath of lawn, rather than the typical 21 or 22 inches. That means you finish the job faster.

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Cordless Lawn Mower via merchant



Worx is another power tool brand that has moved into the lawn and garden equipment business, with various cordless lawn mowers that utilize the same batteries as in their power tool lineup.

Taking it a step further, Worx offers a line of popular robotic lawn mowers with a memorable name — Landroid. These mowers can be controlled by an app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android), and will gradually mow your lawn unattended while you relax.

What is the most reliable brand of lawn tractor?

All of the brands we’ve gathered for this guide make reliable lawn mowers. The reliability of a brand will vary based on maintenance, usage and other individual factors. These companies all produce high-quality equipment so it’s hard to go wrong with any mower that you pick.

Which lawn mower lasts the longest?

Similar to brand reliability, the longevity of your mower depends a lot on personal usage and how well you maintain it. However, a standout among the brands we’ve gathered for durability is Honda. They’re known to have engines that last a very long time. With regular oil changes, blade sharpening and cleaning, any of these brands will last for years to come.