10 Best Stand-On Mowers of 2024, According to a Lawncare Expert

Updated: May 06, 2024

The best stand-on mowers provide the deck size and performance of sit-down models with a superior line of sight and compact footprint

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10 Best Stand On Mowers Of 2023VIA MERCHANT

If you’ve ever seen a professional landscaper zipping around on a stand-on mower and completing their work in record time, you’ve likely wondered if you should get one for your own home lawn care. They’re not cheap, but these nimble machines offer the comfort and maneuverability that riding mowers lack, especially when mowing yards with hills and landscaping obstacles. By standing on the mower instead of sitting down, the impact spreads more evenly across your entire body rather than concentrating on your hips and back.

Stand-on mowers also have a relatively small footprint, and with a higher line-of-site, you’re able to get a better look at your path while you cut. If you have the budget and a lawn large enough, a stand-on mower could be a practical choice. We’ve assembled this list of the best stand-on mower picks to help you narrow your search, and included a variety of sizes and types to choose from.

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Husqvarna V548 48' Stand On Mower
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Best Overall Stand-On Mower

Husqvarna V548 Stand-On Mower


  • Ideal combination of quality and user-friendly operation
  • 7-gauge steel deck
  • Flip-up platform
  • Transmission is easy to disengage


  • Smaller than average fuel tank

Not too big, not too small, the Husqvarna V548 stand-on mower is a great middle-of-the-road option and is packed with high-end features. Its 48-inch cutting deck is narrow enough to drive through most gates while still large enough to tackle larger yards.

With the standing platform positioned between the axles—instead of behind them—operators are better balanced and expend less energy maintaining their position. The control console layout is easy to access and understand, and a user-friendly deck release lowers the deck with just the tap of your palm. Raising the deck is convenient, and the ergonomic extended handle, combined with a spring-assisted design, reduces operator strain and saves time.

The seven-gauge steel deck can take a beating, and the powerful V-twin Kawasaki engine provides a maximum cutting speed of 11 mph. For convenient cleaning and maintenance, the operator cushion easily pops off so you can get to work.

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Bradley 36' Compact Stand On Mower
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Best Budget Stand-On Mower

Bradley Compact Stand-On Mower


  • Great value for the price
  • Heavy-duty deck construction
  • Compact size is convenient for storage
  • Powerful engine for the size


  • Small fuel tank
  • Not CARB Compliant

Even though this compact stand-on mower from Bradley is about half the price of the other mowers on this list, it doesn’t skimp on the basics, featuring a 36-inch, seven-gauge steel cutting deck. Our expert, Zach Poole of Advance Lawn Care, also recommends Bradley stand-on mowers. Having used his for several years, he “found it to be a simple, robust mower.” This mower is powered by a 25-hp Briggs & Stratton engine, although its smaller, five-gallon fuel tank may require refills on particularly large properties.

The relatively narrow deck width is well-suited for maneuvering through tight openings and gates and is also convenient if you plan on storing it in a smaller tool shed or garage. A flip-up standing platform also easily converts this model into a walk-behind mower, which is also ideal for those looking for an option that takes up as little space as possible.

Adjusting the cut height is simple to accomplish from the operator position, and anti-scalp rollers prevent gouges while traveling over uneven terrain. Bradley offers a decent warranty as well, covering their mowers for 24 months for commercial users and 36 months for residential.

Please note that this mower doesn’t meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, so it’s not for sale in California.

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Cub Cadet Pro X 636 36' Stand On Mower
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Best Beginner Stand-On Mower

Cub Cadet Pro X 636 Stand-On Mower


  • Compact size is convenient to maneuver and store
  • Comfortable padding for driver
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Durable construction


  • 2-year warranty is shorter than most others

The relatively narrow, 36-inch wide deck of the Cub Cadet Pro X 636 is easy for beginners to handle and convenient to navigate through narrow gates or into tight storage spaces. Its 18.5-hp Kawasaki engine is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of overall power but still perfectly suitable as long as you’re not using it on extremely thick or long grass.

A large suspension platform contributes to a comfortable, smooth ride, even when moving at the 8.5 mph max speed. We also appreciate the large cushion to lean on while operating, increasing comfort as well as maintaining your center of balance.

Adjusting cutting height is simple thanks to a straightforward lever and pin system, which offers a 1.75 – 4.5 inch range. The 10-gauge steel deck shell is on the thinner side, but Cub Cadet adds extra 7-gauge reinforcements on the top, bottom and side to give extra protection against wear and tear.

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Greenworks Optimusz 48' Zero Turn Mower
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Best Battery-Powered Stand-On Mower

Greenworks OptimusZ Zero Turn Mower


  • Battery-powered (environmentally friendly and eliminates expensive gas purchases)
  • Much quieter than gas-powered mowers
  • 6-hour runtime per charge
  • GPS Connectivity


  • Pricier than other models

If you’re committed to transitioning your outdoor power equipment collection from gas to battery-powered options, consider the Greenworks Optimus Z. The 18kWh built-in battery boasts an impressive 6-hour runtime, and Greenworks claims it can cover up to 16 acres on a single charge. The 12 mph max speed is faster than nearly all the gas-powered machines on our list—so you don’t have to worry about compromising on efficiency or productivity.

By using a battery-powered motor instead of a gas engine, this Greenworks mower is significantly quieter, creates much fewer vibrations, and doesn’t generate any harmful fumes. All these factors contribute to a more comfortable ride for the user, as well as neighbors and co-workers.

This mower won’t be a practical choice for anyone on a budget, as it costs about twice as much as typical gas-powered machines. That being said, if you plan to use it frequently, such as for a landscaping company, the money saved on gas could justify that initial investment over time. Although we haven’t tested this mower personally, we have had great experiences with other Greenworks products and consider them a high-quality and reliable option in the electric power equipment space.

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Toro Grandstand 60' Stand On Walk Behind Mower
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Best Stand-On Mower for Heavy-Duty Use

Toro Grandstand 60″ Stand-On/Walk-Behind Mower


  • Durable 7-gauge deck and bumpers
  • 10 mph forward speed
  • Large 10.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Folding platform reduces footprint


  • Relatively small tires compared to other models

With a thick, 7-gauge steel cutting deck and “bull-nose” bumper to absorb frontal impacts, the Toro Grandstand 60″ Stand-On/Walk Behind Mower is perfectly suited for heavy-duty jobs. Its 25-hp Kohler engine generates a maximum forward-cutting speed of 10 mph, and the 10.5-gallon gas tank carries enough fuel to perform most jobs in a single fill-up.

A unique foldable platform also converts this machine from a stand-on to a walk-behind mower, which can come in handy for those who need precise control—or those who want to shrink the footprint for loading multiple mowers into a trailer. This 2-in-1 design doesn’t sacrifice the usability of the platform, either, and features a self-adjusting suspension and slanted sides for maintaining a secure and stable stance while traveling over sloped terrain.

Regular maintenance is convenient to perform as well, and when the fuel tank is removed, users have access to both sides of the engine and controls.

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Ferris Srs Z3x Soft Ride Mower
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Best Stand-On Mower for Large Yards

Ferris SRS Z3X Soft Ride Mower


  • Wide deck and powerful motor cover large areas quickly
  • Pivoting axle is safer on hills
  • 4-year warranty
  • Extra-large 24-inch rear wheels


  • Could be overkill for smaller yards

For maximum deck size at a reasonable price, consider the Ferris SRS Z3X. Available in three deck sizes (52-inch, 61-inch and 72-inch), it features a 37-hp Kawasaki motor that delivers forward cutting speeds of up to 12 mph. The result is a machine that can make quick work of the biggest, baddest yards out there.

Ferris brand stand-on mowers are also a favorite of our expert Poole, who cites their “excellent blend of maintainable components and comfort”. He describes the Ferris SRS Z3X as “a pricey, although wonderful machine with a pivoting front axle that clings to hills. The reason we are switching to Ferris is their suspension platforms and their inclusion of greaseable spindles.”

Its large 11-gallon fuel tank provides the range to tackle big jobs in a single fill-up, and we’re especially big fans of the tank’s exterior filler neck. This design is much easier to fill than other mowers that require you to position your gas can at awkward angles. Ferris also provides mulching and lawn striping kit mower attachments, and the option of a 3.5-bushel grass clipping collector. The warranty runs for four years or 500 operating hours, with no hour limitation for the first 24 months.

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Bradley 61' Compact Stand On Mower
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Best Budget-Friendly Stand On-Mower for Large Yards

Bradley 61″ Compact Stand-On Mower


  • Low price considering the wide deck
  • Thick, durable cutting deck
  • Built-in hour-meter
  • Comfortable thigh cushion


  • May be too wide for smaller entryways and yards

If you’re enticed by the Bradley price but want a wider cutting deck, consider the Bradley 61″ stand-on mower. The engine is slightly more powerful than the 36-inch model (26-hp vs. 25-hp), but the three-blade cutting deck is far wider at 61 inches. The deck is still seven-gauge steel.

One other upgrade of note: Unlike the other Bradley, this one comes with an installed digital hour-meter, so you can track your usage for maintenance and warranty purposes.

A nice big thigh cushion keeps the driver comfortable and stable while riding the mower, and the large zero-turn control handles are easy to grip and operate. If you prefer to operate it as a walk-behind option, the standing platform flips up and out of the way.

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Ferris Srs Z1 36' Soft Ride Mower
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Most Compact Stand-On Mower

Ferris SRS Z1 36″ Soft Ride Mower


  • Just 65 inches in length
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable suspension platform system
  • 4-year limited warranty


  • 8 mph max speed is slower than most

If your storage space is limited, or you have a lawn with landscaping features and trees that require maximum precision to work around, the compact Ferris SRS Z1 36″ Soft Ride mower is a great fit. At just 65 inches in length, this 36-inch mower is well-suited to fit through narrow openings and steer around tree beds. It is also short enough to fit into tool sheds and trailers without much hassle.

This mower is also designed specifically with user comfort in mind. The suspension platform is customizable to different weights and operating conditions, resulting in an overall more comfortable and productive foundation for the operator.

A hand-operated deck lift is easily accessible from the operating position, so it’s simple to raise when it’s time to climb a curb or drive into a trailer.

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Ferris Srs Z2 52' Soft Ride Mower
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Most Comfortable Stand-On Mower

Ferris SRS Z2 52″ Soft Ride Mower


  • Platform adjusts according to operator weight
  • Large cushioned thigh pad
  • 23-inch tires for stability over curbs
  • Convenient fuel tank design


  • Lower fuel capacity than similar-sized options

For users who prefer to minimize jostling and bouncing while mowing, consider the Ferris SRS Z2 Soft Ride mower and its suspension platform system. This system offers five positions to choose from, customizable to the rider’s weight—lower positions for lighter users who need more cushioning, and higher for heavier riders who benefit from a stiffer, more rigid platform.

A large ergonomic thigh pad further enhances operator comfort and increases overall productivity. The controls are positioned to be easy to reach and operate, so quickly raising the deck and adjusting the speed is a simple procedure. The 23-inch drive tires are beefy enough to ascend curbs and terrain, providing superior traction, stability and maneuverability.

The extended neck of the fuel tank is simple to fill up when you’re ready, and the greaseable spindles are great for those who prefer to do their own mower maintenance.

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John Deere Q810e Quiktrak Mower
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Best Stand-On Mower from A Legendary Manufacturer

John Deere Q810E QuikTrak Mower


  • Durable and easy-to-clean deck
  • Convenient fuel tank position
  • Deck adjustments are spring-assisted
  • Large caster wheels increase maneuverability


  • Less powerful engine compared to other mowers

A well-recognized name in lawn care, the John Deere Q810E QuikTrack stand-on mower offers a 36-inch cutting deck and is powered by a fuel-efficient, 19-hp air-cooled engine. Its heavy-duty 7-gauge steel deck is manufactured to create a smooth underside with minimal welds and sharp corners, which reduces material buildup and makes cleaning much easier.

The external fuel tank has a nice wide mouth for easy filling, and unlike some mowers that conceal their tank inside the frame, this mower provides convenient access. The recessed caster wheels also offer a tighter turning radius and improved maneuverability and are less likely to snag on terrain obstacles.

Another nice touch: The mower features a quality leaning pad to enhance operator comfort, and the controls are easy to locate for increased productivity.

What to Consider When Buying a Stand-On Mower

According to Poole, the main things to consider when choosing a stand-on mower are how steep any slopes being mowed are, other terrain features that could cause issues, and how maintainable the machine is.

Poole explains, “Mowers with larger deck sizes often have a wider stance and a heavier operating weight. If mowing hills this greatly improves hillside stability.” If your terrain features rocks or large roots, Poole recommends a mower with a deck that’s easy to raise and lower while mowing. When it comes to maintenance, Poole recommends maintainable components, explaining that maintenance-free components generally have a shorter lifespan.

If you need to navigate gates and turn tight circles around beloved bushes and trees, a smaller deck is often better. If you have more wide-open spaces, look for a mower with a wider deck.

Types of Stand-On Mowers

Although there aren’t specific types of stand-on mowers, you could roughly group them into these two categories:

  • Commercial Stand-On Mowers: These are used by professional lawn care companies and require maximum durability to withstand the abuse of frequent, nearly everyday use. Commercial mowers also usually have larger deck widths.
  • Residential Stand-On Mowers: Residential users tend to have smaller yards, and since they’ll only be mowing once a week, these stand-on mowers sometimes skew narrower and are more likely to have thinner decks.

Why You Should Trust Us

I spent more than five years as a residential and commercial carpenter in NYC–specializing in custom furniture construction and installation and am now a freelance writer focusing on home improvement, DIY and appliances. I use my hands-on experience and expert insight to craft product reviews, buying guides and how-to articles. Since I’ve spent so much time using various tools and equipment during my time in the field, I know exactly what to look for when suggesting the highest-quality, reliable products.

We consulted Zach Poole, owner of Advance Lawn Care to learn more about the specific features buyers need to keep in mind when purchasing stand-on mowers. Advance Lawn Care is a lawn care and home services company based in Hot Springs Arkansas. A lot of the work they do requires ride or stand-on tools, so Poole knows what makes a stand-on mower worth your money.

How We Found the Best Stand-On Lawn Mowers

Having spent years working as part of a large landscaping team at a state park, I’m familiar with operating, maintaining and repairing large, commercial-style mowers. I kept this experience in mind when assembling this list of mower options, and also called upon the expertise of Zach Poole, owner of Advance Lawn Care, to add even more professional insight. With Zach’s advice and recommendations—along with my own extensive online and customer review research—I evaluated potential options based on brand reputation, maintenance requirements, user-friendly controls, durability and overall performance, finally landing on the 10 models listed here.


Are stand-on mowers good for large yards?

Yes, stand-on mowers are an efficient way to mow large yards, especially if you’re dealing with bumpy or hilly terrain. Since you can shift your weight easily, it’s easier to maintain the ideal center of gravity when driving or bumps and turns, unlike riding mowers that jostle you around every turn and bump. Stand-on mowers also tend to have higher cutting speeds than other types, which is preferable when cutting larger areas.

Are stand-on mowers better than zero-turn mowers?

According to Poole, neither mower is necessarily better than the other, as both have advantages that make them useful for different functions. If you’re planning on using your mower for bagging leaves, for example, stand-on mowers don’t offer as much capacity as sit-down, zero-turn machines, and won’t be a good choice for larger lawns in that respect. Stand-on mowers do offer better visibility though, and as Poole explains, “the ability to directly see the tires greatly reduces the risk of tearing the turf during turns.” Finally, your personal preference will determine which mower is more comfortable for you. Some find stand-on mowers help reduce lower back pain, while others prefer the stability of a seated zero-turn mower.