This $5 Handy Tool Removes Ticks From Dogs, Cats and Humans

Updated: Nov. 13, 2023

Prevention is the best medicine, but when a tick comes into contact with pet or human skin, you'll be happy you have this tick removal tool.

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If you’re planning to spend time outside (with or without your pup) during the warmer months, you run the risk of a dreaded tick bite. Be prepared for tick season by making sure you have a tick removal tool in your arsenal. With over 4,200 reviews and an average of 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon, the HomeSake tick removal tool is a safe way to quickly remove the pesky pests.

Hopefully, you’ll never find ticks in your house, but they can attach to your clothing and pets, as well as enter through crevices in the home’s exterior.  Ticks carry deadly diseases that can infect you and your pets, so you’ll want to eradicate them. Here’s how you can protect your property and yourself from ticks.

In case you do encounter a tick, this highly effective gadget will be able to remove the entire critter from you or your pet. You’ll want to keep one in your car, camper first aid kit and backpack, so you’ll always be ready just in case.

What is a tick removal tool?

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A tick removal tool is better than tweezers, because you can gently loosen the tick and pull its entire body out of the host. The HomeSake tick removal tool, which comes in a pack of three in different sizes, is a plastic hand tool that envelopes the tick on two sides, giving you more control to remove the nasty little foe.

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How to Use the Tick Removal Tool

Get the tick between the crevices on the tool. Gently wiggle or twist the tool a little bit to loosen the tick’s grip, then pull it straight out. Vets and doctors suggest putting the tick in a resealable plastic bag, in case further study is needed.

After the tick is removed, disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Wash your hands and tools, and apply antibiotic ointment to the bite site.

Once bitten, bacterial infections may occur if a tick head is left under the skin. Seek medical attention to avoid problems. Lyme disease is serious, and signs and symptoms could show up from three to 30 days after the bite, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Best Amazon User Reviews

“I am new to Maryland and ticks! I was able to easily remove multiple ticks off of my two boys in various body locations with ease. Tweezers can hurt as you pull on the tick. The twisting feature allows for the tick to be removed in one piece,” shares verified buyer, Amazon Customer,

Amie, a five-star reviewer, writes, “It works great. I remove a lot of ticks from my dogs and these are the best type. Easy to use and painless for the dog. Completely removes the tick, no parts left behind, the tick comes off alive”.

“Buy this!! I have five pets—three dogs and two cats. Recently moved to the country and oh has tick season started!” shares verified purchaser, Allimarie9. “I’ve used these tools multiple times and each time it has been very easy to remove the ticks. Pull the tick straight out and it will come up complete. Highly recommend this product!!”

Where to Buy the Tick Removal Tool

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Of course, the hope is that you nor your pet will come in contact with a tick this spring, summer or fall. However, if you do, you’ll be happy you have this three-pack of tick removal tools, which is available on Amazon for less than $5. Don’t be sorry, be prepared.

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