5 Best Pet Hair Removers for a Fur-Free Home

Our pet expert tested the best pet hair removers to confirm they work and help families win the fur-shedding battle.

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Best Pet Hair RemoversAmy Shojai for Family Handyman

Pet lovers joke that in our homes, fur acts as a decorating choice—or in the kitchen, as a condiment. We don’t laugh, though, when we try the latest pet hair remover that can’t do the job. Grooming your dog and cat helps enormously, of course, but not all cats enjoy a cat brush.

While the worst of pet shedding happens seasonally in the spring and fall, indoor cats and dogs often shed year-round. Managing the drifts of fuzz on carpet, upholstery and clothing challenges the most savvy dog and cat lover. So we rounded up the best pet hair removers and put them to the test. I have three pets: a mostly black Kelpie dog, a silver-shaded tabby cat and a white tabby spotted kitten. Yes, pet hair shows up on any color of fabric.

I tested the products on my carpets, in the wash, on the car upholstery, on the carpeted stairs, on clothing and even on the bedspread. In most cases, you’ll need more than one product to address your specific furry issues. But whether on the go or with single or multiple pets, one or more of these pet hair removers should help tame your problem.

The Best Pet Hair Removers

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 Black+decker Furbuster Handheld Vacuum
Amy Shojai for Family Handyman

Best Overall Pet Hair Remover

Black+Decker Furbuster Handheld Vacuum

Dog and cat fur clings to many different surfaces, so the best pet hair removers should work well on more than a single surface. I have an off-white carpet on my stairs that’s nearly impossible to clean, even with my pet hair vacuum. Fur collects on both the horizontal steps and vertical facings. The Furbuster handheld vacuum comes in the ideal size—not too heavy or bulky—to easily glide across all surfaces and collect fur deposits. I didn’t realize so much fur had been collected until I tested this product! The clear collection bin gathers the debris, and it was easy to empty it into my trash.

Plus, I loved the cordless design. My upright vacuum has attachments for this, but the cord hampers maneuverability. Once charged, the Furbuster goes anywhere—on the stairs, in the car, on the furniture and on the bedspread. If you have awkward areas (under small tables) or deep furniture crevasses, it also cleans up in spots when it’s too difficult to move large furniture pieces. This product gets my best-in-show vote.


  • Works on various surfaces
  • Has two speeds and deep crevice tool
  • Only weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Easy-to-clean dirt/fur reservoir
  • Cordless
  • Battery lasts about 20 minutes


  • Pricey
  • Very loud

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Bounce Pet Hair And Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets
Amy Shojai for Family Handyman

Best Budget Pet Hair Remover

Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets

At a price point that’s about $0.08 per laundry load, you can’t beat these pet hair dryer sheets for saving money and time. Of all the products I reviewed, these dryer sheets are by far the easiest to use. Drop one into the clothes dryer cycle and the extra-large “mega sheets” (larger than similar dryer sheets) do the rest. While the dryer sheets help with the hair, people with heavily shedding dogs may not find them as helpful as those with shorter-furred beasts.

I noticed that while the pet hair remover worked well on some fabrics, it didn’t show much difference on certain materials. However, I still consider it a best laundry trick for removing pet hair.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Larger than average dryer sheets
  • No perfume added
  • Also reduces wrinkles and static on clothes


  • Effectiveness varies with fabric

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Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover
Amy Shojai for Family Handyman

Best Pet Hair Remover for Travel

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

I’ve used rolls of tape, ever-sticky rollers you rinse and some Velcro-like brushes for my clothing—all lose their stickiness too soon or require constant cleaning to get a fresh stab at pet hair remover properties. The ChomChom roller combines the effectiveness of a roller, a textured hair catcher and a handy lint trap for easy emptying and cleaning. This is one of the best pet hair removers because it runs back and forth (others often require one-directional operation). At a wallet-friendly price, the ChomCom roller offers an economical value.

It works decently on clothes for a quickly spiffing up after snuggling your pet. Plus, it excels on sofa cushions and upholstered furniture, but (according to other reviews) isn’t the best on velvet and velour fabrics. The size makes it practical for travel so you can stay fur-free on the road with your dogs.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Rolls backwards and forward
  • Bin collects fur and debris
  • Works on various surfaces
  • Reusable and economical


  • Awkward to use on clothes
  • Hard to clean Velcro-like surface

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Uproot Cleaner Xtra
Amy Shojai for Family Handyman

Best Pet Hair Remover for Carpets

Uproot Cleaner Xtra

Where have carpet rakes for pet hair removal been all my life? Sure, I have a vacuum and it does a decent job, but it also leaves behind some of those tiny hairs that embed into the carpet like needles in a haystack. At my house, I have several area rugs on top of the hardwood floors, and I can’t vacuum one without it catching and clogging the machine. Plus, the others have densely woven piles so cat hair becomes part of the design.

With the Uproot Cleaner Xtra reusable pet hair removal broom, I can use it like a carpet rake for hard-to-reach pet hair. Simply glide over the area that needs attention, and the broom loosens and gathers even the stickiest, most stubborn hairs. Use this on anything except knitted or very delicate fabrics. It comes in a plastic bag with an easy assembly of one screw/nut that took 30 seconds to put together.

I tested this on part of the rug I hadn’t vacuumed in over a week, but also tested it on an area I’d just cleaned. I expected to comb up piles of fur on the non-clean area. However, I also gleaned a bunch of invisible fur on the area that looked clean and wasn’t!

The fact you can adjust the length of the handle for the best grip and pressure is brilliant. Once you rake up the loosened fur, either collect and toss or vacuum the area. As a bonus, it comes with a smaller handheld device for more fragile fabrics, like the comforter on the bed.


  • Effectively loosens stuck-on fur
  • Adjustable telescoping handle
  • Includes both a curved and straight edge
  • Can be put together in seconds
  • Reusable design


  • Requires lots of effort for large areas
  • Some reviewers note the handle may break with prolonged use

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5 / 5

 Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover
Amy Shojai for Family Handyman

Best Pet Hair Remover for Small Spaces

Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover

Touted as perfect for cars, the Analan mini pet hair remover works best for small spaces. The triangular handheld device has rubber “teeth” on each side, from coarse to fine. I found it awkward to use in the car, although the pointed edges can reach into crevices to remove hair. For me, this worked best to spiff up my cat trees, cleaning off the (gasp!) year+ fur coating on the carpeted levels.

The points rooted out fur caught in the corners, too. While it does a decent job on the carpet, I wouldn’t want to crawl around on the floor to treat a large space. It’s a nice size for travel, though, and would fit inside the glove box in your car for handy cleanups on the go.


  • Handheld design
  • Pointed edges for reaching crevices
  • Three “teeth” size options
  • Cleans with just a water rinse
  • Affordable


  • Requires some elbow grease
  • Not good for large areas

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What to Look for When Buying a Pet Hair Remover

Before choosing a pet hair remover, review the situation. Pet hair goes everywhere, but not every pet has the same type of fur, and not everyone has the same kind of surface. Do you have a curly-coated breed like a Poodle or a “hairless” Sphynx cat? They shed far less than a Chow Chow that loses fur in clumps. Evaluate their fur factor, so you know whether you need heavy-duty products or touch-up ones.

Assess what surfaces need help. Does fur collect on your furniture or carpet? Do you have hardwood? Does the dog travel in the car with you often? A one-time investment that deals with fur on multiple surfaces could be more cost effective than purchasing several surface-specific products. Speaking of which, think about additional purchase in the future, like filters for handheld vacuums or extra batteries if needed. Do you have the energy and stamina for the extra elbow grease and time needed to make some products work effectively?

Why You Should Trust Us

As a certified animal behavior consultant for cats and dogs and an award-winning author of more than 35 pet care titles, I have shared expert pet care and behavior information with pet parents for over 30 years. I’ve also lived with a variety of pets, from double-coated German Shepherds that shed drifts of fur to short-haired dogs and cats with fine hard-to-remove hair. My current pets—all with short fur—still offer challenges to control the fuzz.

How We Found the Best Pet Hair Removers

I’ve used many pet hair removers over the years and have already reviewed some, like the FurZapper. To start the process, I considered seven products new to me after searching online for top pet hair removers that received high marks. Once I received the various products, I tested them based on their purpose. For those designed to work in the laundry, I first snuggled my pets to make sure clothing had a visible coating of fur. I also included the pets’ bedding as a more challenging test.

I have hardwood floors that show drifts of even short fur. Some of the robot vacuums work great on hard surfaces, but we also have carpets on the hardwood, plus wall-to-wall carpeting on the stairs and in my office. While it’s usually a must to vacuum two or three times weekly to manage the fur, I postponed cleaning. That way, deposited fur offered a challenge for testing the pet hair removers.

Last year, we swapped out upholstered furniture for a leather sofa and chair, because smooth surfaces don’t collect as much fur. But my dog demands daily car rides, so expected fur collected on the seats. To test the pet hair remover for the car, I took off the car seat cover for a few days. After testing all seven products, I narrowed down this list to the five best-in-show pet hair removers.


How do I get rid of pet hair everywhere?

Dogs and cats shed, so you’re guaranteed to find pet hair around your home often. But a smart way to get rid of pet hair is to invest in the best pet hair removers and products from vacuums and rollers to grooming gloves and carpet rakes.

What is the most effective pet hair remover?

The most effective pet hair remover on this list is the Black+Decker Furbuster. It offers four times more suction power with the push of a button. Moreover, it includes a crevice tool for hard-to-reach places, a motorized pet brush and an easy-empty dustbin.

Amy Shojai, CABC
Amy Shojai, CABC is the Affiliate Pet Editor at Large for Family Handyman. She's also an award-winning pet journalist and the author of 35 pet titles. She specializes in translating pet medical jargon and shopping information into information pet parents easily understand. Amy shares animal behavior and care information on her blog, and lives in North Texas with her furry muses.