I Tried the Aquapaw Pro, and Bathing My Dog Has Never Been Easier

Updated: May 03, 2024

The Aquapaw Pro's combination sprayer/scrubber prevents water waste and mess while providing a more enjoyable bathing experience for both you and your dog.

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Bathing my 50-pound pit bull, Ernie is a backyard activity that neither he nor I look forward to. The act alone requires more hands than I physically have available to bathe him, man the hose, grab the soap and keep him from cutting his bath time short. Having to choose between avoiding water run-off or my dog running off, I always choose the latter and end up with a puddle of water and a lot of mess. If there was a way to bathe my dog without having to take a bath myself, I was all ears.

That’s when I heard about the Aquapaw Pro. Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, this pet bathing tool features a sprayer and scrubber in one, helping you do more with fewer hands. The selling point for me is the on/off button feature, meaning no more running back and forth from the hose (or worse, water pooling at my feet). If the Aquapaw Pro showed promise of making bath time less messy and more efficient, I knew I had to try it (which meant Ernie inevitably had to try it, too).

What is the Aquapaw Pro?

Ariel View of Aquapaw with BoxNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

The Aquapaw Pro is a multifunctional grooming tool for dogs. It slides comfortably over your hand and combines four functions into one innovative tool at your fingertips—scrubber, bathing brush, massager and shower. So whether your dog needs a deep scrub after a romp in the mud or a more soothing massage and rinse to ease anxious nerves, the Aquapaw Pro has you covered.

The Aquapaw Pro easily connects to your backyard garden hose or indoor shower head, accommodating bath time for dogs of all sizes and fur lengths. Featuring an on/off button and adjustable low/high water settings, you can cater to your pup’s comfort levels and bathing needs while preventing water waste and unnecessary mess.

We Tried It

Aquapaw Pro

This combination sprayer/scrubber prevents water waste and mess while providing a more enjoyable bathing experience for both you and your dog.

Aquapaw Pro Features

Here’s an in-depth look at the most notable features of the Aquapaw Pro pet bathing tool.

Multifunctional Tool

The Aquapaw Pro combines a pet brush, scrubber, massager and shower in one—allowing you to brush and rinse with the same hand at the same time. In contrast to a hose and your fingertips, the scrubber brush and pressurized water jets of the Aquapaw Pro provide a deeper clean in less time.

Ergonomic Design

All four sides of Aquapaw Nancy Snyder for Family Handyman

Featuring 100% premium silicone, the scrubber is not only gentle on your pup, it’s flexible on your palm and durable enough to withstand many years of use. The scrubber’s long nubs help to massage dog coats of all lengths and thicknesses, and a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap snugly grips your hand while providing easy access to the on/off button and adjustable pressure settings.

On/Off Button

My favorite feature is the on/off button. At the click of a button, you can conveniently turn on and shut off the flow of water when needed. No more unnecessary water run-off while you suds up your dog in between rinses or when you attempt to dry him off at the end of bath time.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

Low and High Pressure of Aquapaw side by sideNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

The on/off button also serves as a pressure adjustor to cater to your pup’s comfort level. Once on, it defaults to a gentle rinse, perfect for sensitive areas like the face and ears. Click it once more, and the water will come out as a more powerful rinse, helping to get out tough dirt or strong odors.

Easy Installation

The Aquapaw Pro features a strong, flexible eight-foot hose with two adapters that connect to your outdoor garden hose or indoor shower head. So, whether you need to bathe your pup inside or out, you’re covered.

How We Tested It

I unboxed the Aquapaw Pro to find four parts: The bathing brush connected to the eight-foot hose, a shower head adapter and two garden hose adapters (one for North American garden hoses and another for international garden hoses). Because I’ll be bathing Ernie outside (and I’m lucky to live in Arizona, where I can bathe him outdoors all year long), I only needed two of the four parts to get started.

 Aquapaw Unboxed Aerial viewNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

The setup was extremely quick, and the instructions were simple to follow—except for one tiny hiccup. There is a tiny plastic gray piece that needs to come out of the hose adaptor (which wasn’t initially apparent, and the instructions did not mention it). Without removing it, the hose and adaptor won’t connect. But once I got that sorted, everything else was a breeze.

Grey Plastic of Aquapaw PipeNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

Once I turned the hose on, I appreciated that the water did not start coming out full force, thanks to the on/off button of the Aquapaw Pro. Instead, I was able to wait until I had Ernie positioned and ready before clicking the “on” button and starting his rinse. And when I needed to lather him up with soap, I was able to conveniently click the “off” button until it was time to rinse again.

I noticed that when the Aquapaw Pro was in the “off” position, the hose pressure would build up and cause a small leak at the adapter connecting point and at the hose switch at the wall (which is to be expected due to the force of gravity and the fact that the running water has nowhere to go), but it was nowhere near as much water run-off as I’d previously experienced from a running hose.

 Aquapaw Pipe on groundNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

Although bath time took Ernie away from backyard lizard hunting, once I started to massage his fur with the Aquapaw Pro brush, he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the brush/rinse combo provided a gentler way of easing him into bath time—something that the regular garden hose was never capable of achieving.

Dog Ernie Bathing outside Nancy Snyder for Family Handyman

Because Ernie has sensitive skin, I use Burt’s Bees hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs. The brush helped to really massage the shampoo evenly into his fur. Previously, I used my hands to try and rub it in, but the brush does a much better job.

Ariel vie of dog bathingNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

When it came time to rinse, I liked being able to control the pressure for washing around his face (and he seemed to appreciate that, too). In the past, I would just form a kink in the hose to lower the pressure, and frankly, Ernie deserves a better spa experience than that.

Rinsing the dog outsideNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

As bath time came to an end, the “off” switch came in handy yet again. As most dog owners can attest, our wet pups have a natural urge to roll around in dirt. So, the window of opportunity for toweling your pup off and getting them back in the house before they do so is very small. Having the convenience of the “off” button allowed me to do so without worrying about a running hose.


  • Scrubber/rinse combo allows you to clean more efficiently and effectively
  • On/off button means less water waste and less mess
  • Pressure adjustor settings allow you to switch between rinsing sensitive areas
  • 100% silicone material is flexible, gentle and durable
  • Adjustable strap is one-size-fits-all
  • Compatible with outdoor hose and indoor shower head
  • Shower adapter has nook for hanging bathing tool
  • Helps to remove shedding dog fur
  • Provides a more relaxing bath experience for you and your dog


  • Some water still leaks when set to “off” position
  • When connected to the shower head adapter, you cannot use the regular shower head at the same time

Aquapaw vs. Aquapaw Pro

Aquapaw vs Aquapaw proVIA MERCHANT (2)

Aquapaw is available in two versions: The original Aquapaw and the Aquapaw Pro (which I tested in this review). While both versions share many of the same features, here is how they differ:

  • Size: The original Aquapaw is smaller, covering up just the palm of your hand. It is better suited for cats and small dogs, while the Pro version caters toward larger dogs.
  • Brush nub length: The brush nubs on the original are shorter, while the Pro has longer nubs to accommodate thicker coats.
  • On/off setting: While the Aquapaw Pro features an on/off button, the original Aquapaw is turned on and off with a squeeze of a fist.
  • Adjustable water pressure: Unlike the Aquapaw Pro, the original Aquapaw does not come with adjustable water pressure settings.
  • Price: The original Aquapaw is about half the price of the Aquapaw Pro.

Final Verdict

Dog wearing robe and watching outside windowNancy Snyder for Family Handyman

The Aquapaw Pro was a win in both my and Ernie’s book. Not only did it cut down on water waste and hassle, it actually seemed to provide a relaxing experience that my dog enjoyed. And now that I’ve used the bathing tool’s shampoo massaging brush and pressurized rinse a handful of times, I’ve realized that all of Ernie’s previous baths were subpar.

Whether you bathe your dog out back or in the bathtub, the Aquapaw Pro provides the ultimate dog washing station. And thanks to Aquapaw Pro making bath time more quick and efficient, Ernie was back to thinking about lizards in no time (dog bathrobe not included).

Where to Buy the Aquapaw Pro

You can purchase the Aquapaw Pro for around $45 from a variety of merchants including Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart.

We Tried It

Aquapaw Pro

This 4-in-one bathing tool fits comfortably on one hand, giving you total control of bath time with Fido.