Nancy Snyder

Nancy Snyder

location-pin Phoenix, Arizona

School: San Diego State University

Expertise: product testing, pets, wellness, health + wellness, grocery shopping, food news, restaurants

Nancy Snyder

  • Senior shopping editor at Reader's Digest, Taste of Home, Family Handyman and The Pet Collective
  • Registered dietitian with master's degree in nutritional science


As a senior shopping editor for The Pet Collective on Reader’s Digest, Nancy connects the animal-obsessed audience with the best products for taking care of—and spoiling—their pets. Originally a dietitian, Nancy turned her love of dogs into a successful social media brand, creating service- and entertainment-oriented pet content that quickly garnered nearly 7k followers and 168k views in the first year. An animal lover herself, Nancy grew up with everything from dogs and cats to iguanas and chinchillas. As a senior shopping editor, Nancy has over five years’ experience writing for a major landscape supplier covering a diverse range of topics including water-efficient solutions, sustainable landscaping, turf products, hardscapes, outdoor living and landscape lighting. Nancy collaborated with industry professionals to provide informative and engaging content on innovative products and technology to landscape contractors. Nancy's writing goes beyond mere product descriptions; it serves as a bridge between cutting-edge solutions and the readers who implement them. Her expertise extends beyond the greenery, as she seamlessly connects with an audience passionate about pets. With a dog social media brand under her belt, Nancy has a knack for guiding animal enthusiasts toward the best products, whether it’s for pampering pets at home or ensuring a safe and comfortable experience on their next outdoor adventure. Follow Nancy for product recommendations and insights that elevate both your outdoor spaces and the lives of your cherished pets.


University of Arizona, bachelor's degree in communications San Diego State University, master's degree in nutritional science Utah State University, dietetic internship program

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