Pets are an extension of any family, so show them some love with these care tips, cleaning advice, pet products and supplies, and DIY projects.

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How To Build a Cat Hammock

Everyone likes relaxing in a hammock — even your cats. Here's how to make their dreams come true, DIY style.

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Tips on How To Clean Aquarium Sand

Cleaning aquarium sand is a cinch with a straightforward siphon, but these expert tips will ensure you don't disrupt your...

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The 8 Best Fish for an Aquarium

Consider these fish for a freshwater aquarium, according to the experts. Most are peaceful, low-maintenance, adaptable and readily available.

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How To Get Rid of Snails In an Aquarium

Wondering where all those unwanted snails in your aquarium came from? Learn how they probably got there, and how to...

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4 Tips on How To Raise the pH In an Aquarium

Keep your fish safe by avoiding drastic swings when raising the pH in your tank.

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8 Ideas for an Agility Course for Dogs

See our top picks for at-home dog agility courses, from beginner-friendly kits to competition-grade equipment and DIY options.

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How To Create a Sensory Garden for Dogs

Unleash joy with a sensory garden tailor-made for your dogs! Learn how to spark their curiosity and promote healthy behaviors...

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5 Tips on How to Lower the pH In an Aquarium

If your tank is testing higher than you would like, check out these expert-approved methods for safely fixing the pH.

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How Long Will Fleas Live In a House Without Pets?

Your home may be prone to a flea infestation even if you aren't a pet owner. Experts explain how these...

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What To Know About Orthopedic Dog Beds

Dogs of any size and age can benefit from some extra support. Discover how an orthopedic dog bed can ease...

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How To Get Rid of Fleas On a Dog Naturally

Our expert shares her tried and tested natural remedies for eliminating fleas, along with methods to make your home, yard...

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How To Keep Dogs From Digging Under the Fence

Find out what motivates dogs to dig under fences and how you can get them to stop with some simple...

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6 Warning Signs Your Pet Has Fleas

Spotting these signs early can stop a small problem from becoming much worse.

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Are There Pet-Safe Essential Oils?

Find out how to safely use essential oils around your pets, which ones to avoid, and how to keep your...

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What To Know About Cooling Dog Beds

Yes, there are actually beds that can keep your dog cool and prevent heat-related illnesses. Check out our favorite cooling...

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How To Keep a Dog From Jumping the Fence

Rather than banning your dog from the backyard, we've outlined expert-approved strategies to break their habit of jumping the fence.

Can Dogs Get Ticks in Their Mouths?

You perform routine tick checks on your dog, but you could be neglecting an important area—your dog's mouth. But can...

Top-Rated Seat Belts and Car Seats for Dogs of All Sizes

We found the best seat belts and car seats for dogs to keep your best friend safe while you travel...

Spoil Man’s Best Friend with The 15 Best National Pet Week Deals

Say "thank you" to your pet's unconditional love by spoiling them with wag-worthy National Pet Week Deals. Our Sales Editor...

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Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

Uncover the reasons behind your dog's fear of fireworks, and find expert solutions to keep them calm during noisy celebrations.

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What To Know About Elevated Dog Beds

What's up with elevated dog beds? Consider this style if your dog gets too hot or has achy joints.

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19 Pests That Are Dangerous to Your Pets

Is your pet safe from these common pests? Check for these warning signs and see what preventative measures you can...

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8 Home Remedies To Stop Dogs From Chewing Furniture

Keep your furniture safe with these simple, DIY home remedies. Transform common household items into powerful, dog-friendly solutions.

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How To Choose the Best Flooring for Dogs

Considering new dog-friendly flooring for your home? We asked a dog trainer for advice on the best choices to make...

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How To Clean a Dog Bed

Knowing how to clean a dog bed properly can prevent damage and reduce allergens in your home.

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8 Ways to Stop Pets From Tracking Mud Into Your House

From cleaning stations to tried and true products, try these solutions to keep your home debris free.

10 Ways To Keep a Dog From Pooping in Your Yard

Find out how to gently and safely keep neighborhood dogs out while maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors.

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What Are Barn Cats?

Explore the fascinating life of barn cats and uncover essential tips for their care, well-being and safety.