Pets are an extension of any family, so show them some love with these care tips, cleaning advice, pet products and supplies, and DIY projects.

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    How to Choose a Harness for a Cat

    You take your dog on daily walks, but how about your cat? It may sound daunting, but it is entirely...

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    9 Best Dog Leashes

    Need a great leash for your dog? Here are our 9 top-rated picks and why we chose them.

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    How to Choose the Best Leash for Your Dog

    Planning on getting a dog and not sure how to choose the best leash? Read this guide to learn what...

    How to Fix a Cord Chewed by Your Pet

    You can repair a chewed cord without calling a pro. Here's how.

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    How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Couch

    If pet hair has taken over your furniture, there's a way to get it off quickly and easily.

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    7 Best Products for Removing Pet Stains on Furniture

    If your pets are allowed on the furniture, the occasional stain is inevitable — just be sure to have a...

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    10 Best Dog Bed Covers

    A dog bed cover can help extend the life of your dog's favorite sleeping spot and make it easier to...

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    Best Dog Collars for 2020

    Want to buy the best dog collar for your pup? Here are our 8 top-rated collars and why we chose...

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    9 Best Pet Ramps for Your Cat or Dog

    If your pet struggles to climb onto the bed, couch or into the car, a pet ramp is the perfect...

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    9 Best Cat Harness Options

    Hunting for the best cat harness? These are some of the best models you can get for your furry companion.

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    How to Make a Cat Harness

    Make your own DIY cat harness from a few simple materials and watch your feline friend safely enjoy the sunshine.

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    8 Best Cat Beds

    Every cat needs a comfy place to catch some ZZZs. We rounded up our eight favorites!

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    How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Cat

    Want to pick out the best bed for your cat? It's all about figuring out your cat's personal preferences and...

    Top 10 Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car

    If you drive a lot for work or have kids and pets, you know how hard it can be to...

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    8 Cleaning Products You Shouldn’t Use Around Your Dogs

    Make sure you're not endangering your beloved pets with the cleaning products you use.

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    Should You Get a Collar for Your Dog?

    Have dog collar questions? We have answers in this dog collar guide that addresses types, choosing and use.

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    The Top 20 Things Your Dog Should Never Eat

    You've probably heard that chocolate and grapes are dangerous for dogs, but there are other common foods and drinks your...

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    The Best Durable Dog Toys for Avid Chewers

    If you're looking for durable dog toys, try these, which stood up to my dog's rough play and avid chewing.

    How to Make DIY Cat Toys

    If you're wondering, "How do I make my own cat toys?" We've got four simple DIY homemade cat toy ideas...

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    If You Don’t Clean Your Dog’s Leash, This Will Convince You to Start

    It turns out your dog's leash may be dirtier than you think. Don't worry, these expert tips will have your...

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    How to Build a Dog Washing Station

    Make bath time more comfortable and convenient for you both — and keep the mess out of your house.

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    Hot Tub Safety Tips for the Whole Family

    Here's how to keep adults, kids and pets safe in and around a hot tub.

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    13 ‘Facts’ About Dogs That Are Totally False

    You may think you know everything there is to know about pups, but it’s possible you’ve fallen for a few...

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    8 Pet-Safe Pest Control Products

    When you choose products to rid your yard and home of pests, keep the health of your family and pets...

    7 Tick Repellents That Work (Plus 2 That Might Not)

    Ticks are most active during warmer months and can carry debilitating diseases, so it's important to protect yourself before you...

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    How to Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds

    You can prevent dogs from rooting around in your flower beds by employing one of the following methods for how...

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    Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

    Dogs love to give licks, but is a wet nose a good thing? Here's why dogs have wet noses and...