Build a Pet Palace Like the Ones on the Show!

Have you heard about our new show? Grab some popcorn and your pets and get ready to stream Pet Palaces hosted by Luke Barr!

What is Pet Palaces?

You love your pets, and you love DIY — or, at least, reading about it. Our new show Pet Palaces combines both these things. We’re bringing you all kinds of incredible DIY habitats for pets of every species!

Host Luke Barr regularly tackles unique challenges as he strives to design spaces that fit the pets, as well as the needs of their owners. That’s right: These “palaces” aren’t limited to cat towers and dog houses. Barr designs for ALL kinds of pets. Keep an eye out for the catio episode, one of Barr’s personal favorite projects. 

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Who is Luke Barr?

Luke Barr with a power tool building a pet palaceat home with family handyman

Barr’s love for DIY started early. Growing up in a family of carpenters and electricians means his loved ones taught him how to make custom things for his home. He’s now channeling that love into helping pet owners give their furry, scaly or feathered friends beautiful spaces.

Barr also loves animals; he currently has a dog, cat and indoor chicken. So these incredible “palaces” are designed by someone with hands-on experience owning pets, who understands how to balance a pet’s needs within an owner’s space. Support the cats in your neighborhood with these feral cat shelters.

Family Handyman DIY Projects

If watching Pet Palaces motivates you to tackle some projects for your pets, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re building a catio, DIYing popular pet products or flexing your woodworking skills, you’re sure to find some inspiration.

Where to Watch Pet Palaces

Pet Palaces is part of  At Home with Family Handyman, streaming now on Samsung TV Plus, XUMOThe Roku ChannelLG ChannelsPlexfuboTV, and Sling Free. At Home is also available through the Family Handyman app on iOS, Apple TV, Android, AndroidTV, FireTV and Roku devices.

Rebecca Wright Brown
Rebecca has been her dad’s DIY assistant since she was old enough to walk. Prior to Family Handyman, she worked as a freelance writer and editor across industries.