Pets are an extension of any family, so show them some love with these care tips, cleaning advice, pet products and supplies, and DIY projects.

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    6 Best Smart Dog Doors

    If you're tired of acting like a doorman for your pets, a smart dog door is a worthwhile investment.

    7 Best Smart Pet Monitors

    A smart pet monitor lets you check in on your furry friends, whether you're at work, on vacation or in...

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    Is Mulch Safe for Dogs to Eat?

    Mulch can tidy up a garden bed, prevent weeds and help retain moisture. But is it safe for your dog?

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    Is Grass Safe for Dogs to Eat?

    Your dog loves to eat grass, and sometimes he gets sick immediately after eating it. Why do they do this,...

    6 Best Smart Pet Feeders

    If you're always on the go or have pets who are particular about meals, a smart pet feeder will ensure...

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    Safe Landscaping Tips for Families With Kids and Pets

    Experts dish on the best way to match your lifestyle with your landscaping desires.

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    10 Not-So-Common Supplies You’ll Want If You’re Stuck Inside

    From pet food and batteries to potting soil and charcoal briquettes, necessities and niceties help you make the most of...

    Earwigs: Are They Dangerous to People and Pets?

    Earwigs are an intimidating insect to see around the home. But are they actually dangerous?

    12 Houseplants You’ll Regret

    The selection of houseplants today is almost as impressive as the many benefits of having them in your home. Some...

    18 Quiet Dogs That Don’t Bark (Too Much)

    Looking for a dog that keeps its bark on the down-low? Animal behaviorists say these quiet breeds could be a...

    8 Pets to Get If You’re Allergic to Cats and Dogs

    If you and fur don't mix, you are certainly not alone. The good news is that you've got options.

    The 14 Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

    Banish boredom from your dog's life with these clever puzzle toys. Your pooch will be mentally stimulated, physically active, and...

    20 Things You’re Probably Doing That Veterinarians Wouldn’t

    Vets went to school to learn the dos and don'ts of animal care. Here are the mistakes they're not making...

    Should You Be Buckling Your Dog & Do Dogs Need Seat Belts?

    Humans aren't the only ones who should buckle up. Here's why.

    18 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

    Looking for a child-friendly fur baby to bring home to your family? Kids and dogs have an almost-magical connection with...

    Ways to Make Your Pets Comfortable While They’re Home Alone

    Here's how to make sure your pets are safe and stress-free when home alone.

    19 Cleaning Tips Every Dog or Cat Owner Should Know

    These tips for pet owners offer practical solutions for everything from cleaning up fur to keeping pets off the furniture.

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    40 Before and After Car Detailing Photos That Will Stun You

    Kids, spouses, pets and everyday use destroyed these cars. Car detailing brought them to back life.

    25 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

    From hairless to wire-haired to water-repellent, here are the top 25 dogs that won't leave fur all over your furniture...

    13 Odd Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Dog

    Dogs do pretty weird stuff sometimes! Here are expert answers to some questions you've been begging to ask your dog.

    10 Natural Weed Killers That Can Fix the Yard

    Ready to make the switch to a weed killer that's safe for the environment, your family and your pets? We've...

    This Is Why Your Dog Likes To Eat Its Poop

    Or other dog poop, for that matter.

    10 Flower Bed Fencing Ideas to Spruce Up Your Landscape

    Keep kids and dogs out of your beautiful landscaping with these attractive flower bed fencing ideas.

    The Most Bizarre Pets of Presidents

    Which president kept an alligator?

    Banish Pet Hair from Your House with These Brilliant Products

    As much as you love your pet, you despise all that fur that sticks to your clothing and furniture. These...

    Why Do Dogs Kick Up Your Lawn After They Pee?

    Yes, there's a reason why the dog is scratching up your lawn!

    10 Plants That Are Toxic for Your Pet

    Plants add color, texture and beauty to your home and yard, but some of those plants are toxic for your...