9 Best Pet Gates for Cats and Dogs

Updated: Oct. 27, 2023

Keep your furry friends safe and contain their mischief at the same time. These top-notch pet gates set boundaries in your house and yard.

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Best Free Standing Pet Gate Via Chewy
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Choosing a Pet Gate

If you want to keep your pets out of certain rooms or prevent them from escaping the yard, a good pet gate is an effective solution.

Gates can soothe anxious pets by creating a cozy, manageable area where they feel safe and secure. For vulnerable puppies and kittens, a gate restricts access to hazards like stairs and swimming pools.

Here are things to look for in a pet gate:

  • Size. The gate needs to fit the threshold or opening it will go across. Many gates adjust to narrower or wider-than-standard spaces.
  • Safety. Look for double-locks, small spaces between bars and non-toxic materials and finishes.
  • Types. Walk-through (doors to pass through so you don’t have to climb over), retractable, folding, free-standing or pressure-mounted (spring-loaded).
  • Durability. Wood is elegant and plastic lightweight. But if your pet likes to chew, metal is the sturdier non-edible choice.
  • Portability. Ideal for moving the gate from room to room or from indoors to the backyard.
  • Ease of installation. If you don’t want to put holes in the walls or wood trim, or you need a temporary solution, a free-standing gate is a good choice.
  • Cost. Pet gate prices range between $20 to $200, depending on the quality and features.

The following is our list of the top pet gates on the market.

Best Walk Through Dog Gate Via Amazon
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Best Walk-Through Dog Gate

When almost 18,000 Amazon customers give a product five stars, we take notice! The Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate is one such product.

Adjustable to fit openings from 29- to 36-1/2-inches wide, the pressure-mounted gate can be set up and taken down quickly. To add stability, mount it directly into the wall (hardware is included). Other features include a safety lock, non-toxic finish and four-inch extension kit.

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Best Free Standing Pet Gate Via Chewy
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Best Free-Standing Pet Gate

Curb your dog’s enthusiasm with the Unipaws Six-Panel Dog Playpen Gate. This versatile folding gate with six articulating panels has sturdy hinges, making it easy to configure in multiple ways. Transform the wood and chew-resistant steel wire gate into a hexagonal or rectangular shaped playpen in seconds. Plus, it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

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Best Pet Gate For Small Dogs Via Amazon
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Best Pet Gate for Small Dogs

The MyPet Portable Pet Gate is an affordable yet sturdy pressure-mounted option for small dogs, or older ones who can’t jump too high. It works on a sliding track, expanding and contracting, then snapping in place to partition off rooms and hallways. Soft, rubber bumpers on all four corners protect walls from scuffs.

“My dogs [six miniature Dachshunds] have tried to climb it or knock it over, but it’s held strong,” writes one satisfied Amazon customer.

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Best Pet Gate For Both Large And Small Dogs Via Chewy
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Best Pet Gate For Large and Small Dogs

Does anyone own just one pet anymore? The MyPet Extra-Tall Petgate Passage Gate with Small Pet Door was made for households with multiple furry friends.

The 42-inch gate keeps the most acrobatic circus performers and escape artists confined. It features a locking swing door (in both directions) to permit passage at your discretion. Within, there’s a small flip-up style door you can leave unlatched if the cat or smaller dog is allowed to roam, but your big dog is not.

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Best Retractable Pet Gate Via Target
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Best Retractable Pet Gate

You could always use another pair of hands. The Scandinavian Pet Design Guard Me Gate with quick-release, double safety latch and automatic retractable operation is almost like having one. To open, grab the handle, push down on the button with your thumb and presto, you’re in!

We also love how the no-bar design prevents little paws from squeezing through the slats and getting caught. The gate mounts from the inside or outside of the door frame (hardware included). When retracted, it takes up little space.

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Best Pet Gate For Large Areas Via Chewy
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Best Pet Gate for Large Areas

The North States Deluxe Hardware Mount Dog Gate is extra-extra wide to go where no standard dog gate can go. Made of heavy-duty steel in a matte white finish, the gate extends up to 72 inches across. Its pivoting panels allow you to get creative; twist and turn them in all kinds of ways.

One satisfied Chewy.com customer writes, “The pivoting panels are so easy to adjust and make this feature invaluable. You can angle the gate and obtain the needed gate width easily.”

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Best Outdoor Pet Gate Via Amazon
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Best Outdoor Pet Gate

With high marks for weather-defying durability, the Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate keeps pets safe outside. This strong aluminum gate has no plastic parts to break or wear out. It easily mounts to deck and patio posts and comes with a one-year warranty.

Won’t quite fit that area at the bottom of the stairs? No problem. Two width extensions are available.

One Amazon verified purchaser writes, “The quality is great in both the main gate and extension … just be sure to order the “outdoor gate” if using outside, as it comes with weather-resistant hardware.”

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Most Stylish Pet Gate Via Chewy
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Most Stylish Pet Gate

The Cardinal Gates Decorative Freestanding Gates are some of the prettiest we’ve seen, with large windowpane cut-out designs for a contemporary, airy feel. Choose from five design and color combos to complement your home’s interior décor: Aspen Bamboo, Barnwood Branches, Gray Geometric, Walnut Vines and White Starburst.

The gate’s open design looks beautiful and allows for see-through visibility.

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Best Collapsible Travel Pet Gate Via Homedepot
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Best Collapsible Travel Pet Gate

Traveling with pets just got easier with the lightweight Pet Life Porta-Gate. This soft-sided gate collapses and folds up, taking up little space in your baggage.

Thread the poles through the casings and extend the gate across any standard door opening. Rubberized grips attach to siding, drywall or metal. The little window unzips, rolls up and stays in place with a hook-and-loop tab to allow passage for small dogs, cats, rabbits or ferrets.

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