Blue-9 Balance Harness Review: Tried and Tested Adjustable, No-Pull Dog Harness!

Updated: Jun. 11, 2024

The Blue-9 Balance Harness will fit your dog perfectly and keep them from pulling during on-leash adventures.

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If you’ve ever trained a dog to walk on a leash or in a harness, you know how challenging it can be, especially if you’re working with the wrong type—or the wrong fit—for your pup. And if your dog is anything like my stubborn German shepherd, Henry, you know the added struggle that a pulling pup brings to the mix. But rest assured, there’s hope, and its name is the Blue-9 Balance Harness.

The Balance Harness adjusts to fit your pup securely without restriction and features an additional front leash hook to prevent pulling during on-leash training. I bought it for Henry when he was six months old and have adjusted it to fit him as he’s grown. One year later, I still use it daily. It’s the only harness I reach for when we go on long hikes and outdoor adventures.

What is a Blue-9 Balance Harness?

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The Balance Harness is manufactured by Blue-9, an Iowa-based company that develops products specifically for training dogs. Created with obsessive attention to detail by designers who have spent years training and caring for dogs, the Balance Harness prevents pulling while keeping your pup’s safety and comfort top of mind. Six points of adjustment mean the harness securely fits any dog size or breed and allows for full range of movement.

The Balance Harness—like many types of dog harnesses on the market right now—features an ergonomic, H-design. This keeps your dog’s shoulders and front legs free from restriction and allows them to move naturally, which helps prevent muscle and skeletal problems when worn for extended periods of time.

This harness also features two main leash loops—one at the front of the chest and one that sits near the middle of the back—to which you can hook any type of dog leash (Henry wears his harness paired with this SparklyPets Hands-Free Leash). Use the back leash loop on its own or in tandem with the chest loop, which sits low enough to prevent tugging on the trachea and acts as a no-pull corrector. I love the option and placement of both leash loops, as I never feel like I’m choking or straining Henry while on our walks.

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Why I Love It

The Balance Harness features soft-touch nylon straps as opposed to typical harnesses that often contain padding or panels, which can trap heat on hot days. Thinner straps also reduce the risk of chafing and restriction. Henry can wear his for hours without experiencing any friction or overheating.

When it comes to putting the Balance Harness on your pup and adjusting it to the right fit, there are multiple, conveniently-placed buckles and strap adjusters right where you need them most. This is good news for pet owners that struggle to place a harness over their dog’s head, or for dog breeds that are typically difficult to fit. There’s even an adjuster on the back strap, making this harness the most customizable fit I’ve ever seen. Henry has worn the same medium/large size Balance Harness since he was a puppy, and it still has room to adjust further as he continues to grow.

As Henry and I often find ourselves trekking in wooded areas, I also appreciate the bright orange color of his Balance Harness. Even through his thick fur, the slender straps of the harness are visible from a distance. And on road trips, I consider it one of the essential items every dog owner needs in their car. The all-strap harness is also easy to clean. I throw mine in the washing machine and hang it to dry after super muddy play days, or simply wipe away light dirt and soil as needed with a damp cloth.


  • No-pull design with six adjustment points
  • Two leash loop options
  • Sizing fits extra-small to large dogs
  • Neck buckle for dogs that dislike over-the-head styles
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Multiple color options (including bright orange for visibility)


  • First-time adjustments and sizing can take time

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

I’m not the only one who thinks the Balance Harness will transform the way you walk your dog. Amazon reviewers say the Balance Harness changed their lives—and their pups’ lives, making walks more comfortable and enjoyable for all.

Five-star reviewer Mark Jones says, “Our Blue Heeler often has sore underarms from harnesses that are too tight in that area. I decided to give this harness a try, and it is a huge improvement. There is a good bit of space between the strap and the underarm area. Problem solved! And it does a decent job of decreasing pulling with the leash attached to the front. Plus, the front attachment is high enough so tripping of the front legs is minimal. It is easy to put on and take off… Very nice product!”

Verified Amazon purchaser Zoe Keller says the Balance Harness is the best harness ever: “I have been using this harness since I started leash training with my dog. She’s a Maremma Sheepdog, so I have a hard time finding things that fit her well. This harness has solved all problems for us: She no longer pulls (the front clip is a LIFE CHANGER), she doesn’t get rubs from the harness and for 1.5 years I was able to use one harness to adjust to fit her. We just recently had to upgrade to a bigger size.” Zoes adds, “All in all, this harness is the best quality, best for training and best for pup comfort. Luna and I highly recommend.”

Where to Buy a Balance Harness

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If you’re training a dog to walk on a leash or in the market for an adjustable, comfortable harness, the Blue-9 Balance Harness is your answer. Depending on size, it retails for between $40 and $50 on Amazon and the Blue-9 website, which is about the middle of the line when it comes to price points for dog harnesses (most range in price from about $20 to $80). A harness is the safest way to hook your dog up to a leash, and a quality, well-fitted one will reduce pulling and stress on your pup’s neck and joints.

(We think this one makes a thoughtful gift for a dog lover, too!)

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