Never Guess a Paint Color Again, Thanks to This Hue-Matching Colorimeter

The Color Muse colorimeter takes the guesswork out of matching paint colors by letting you scan colors on any surface to find the exact match.

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Ever wondered if there’s an easier way to match paint colors than with a physical fan deck from a hardware store or paint shop? Good news—there is. The Color Muse colorimeter is a virtual fan deck that matches any color you can find. It’s a small, handheld tool that scans the color of any surface and makes it shoppable with a paint-matching app on your smartphone.

See a color at a friend’s house you want to match? No problem. Always wondered what color paint is on the walls of your favorite restaurant? Wonder no more. Even match the color of a petal on your favorite flower. The Color Muse turns what you see into a canvas.

What is the Color Muse colorimeter?

The Color Muse colorimeter is a portable paint-matching tool that pairs with an app on your phone. The tool can scan any surface and match the hue to a large inventory of paint. The app also has an “inspire” feature that allows you to see scanned colors incorporated into different rooms and color palettes, so you can map out your renovation before you shop for paint and paint essentials. You can even create and save custom color palettes in the app to share with friends via email, text and social media.   

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How to Use the Color Muse Colorimeter

The first step in using the Color Muse is to download the Colo Muse app and connect your Color Muse device. Then, you’ll calibrate it using the sensor under the screw cap. Once your device is paired and calibrated, you scan and match all the colors you want.

Scanning colors with the Color Muse is simple—you just press it against any surface and press “scan” in the app. The scanned hue will appear in the app, along with a list of matching paint colors. When viewing your matches, you can filter out which results you want to see based on things like brand and collection. The app allows you to compare similar paint colors and save your favorites in named folders with notes. You can even export and share those color palettes with others.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

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Five-star reviewer, James Adams, says the Color Muse is compact, easy to use and accurate. “This is now my coolest tool as a general contractor,” he writes.

Verified Amazon purchaser, John Lacrosse, writes, “I’m often asked to match paint for customers during a remodel, and frequently they don’t have any left in a can to get the info from. The Color Muse has been great at finding the correct color time and again. It will list colors from multiple manufacturers going from best match on down. On top of that, it’s easy to use.”

Where to Buy the Color Muse Colorimeter

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The Color Muse colorimeter retails on Amazon for $70. Whether you’re painting a room or setting out on your next DIY project, you can use the Color Muse colorimeter to color match with total confidence, accuracy and ease. Say goodbye to clashing colors and painting mishaps!

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