10 Paint Colors and Trends for Small Kitchens

Updated: Oct. 26, 2023

These small kitchen paint colors and trends make your small kitchen feel bigger, brighter and more fun!

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Playful Pink Wallscourtesy 53houseplantsandme Instagram
Courtesy @53houseplantsandme/Instagram

Playful Pink Walls

One advantage of a small kitchen is that the space is an opportunity to try something outside the box. A wall color that might be overwhelming in a large kitchen, is the perfect punch in smaller doses, like in this pink kitchen by @53houseplantsandme. You can’t help but smile in a pink kitchen full of plants! Pink is also one of the best interior paint colors of 2022.

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Bold Teal Ceiling Courtesy Kevintwittyinteriors Instagram
Courtesy @kevintwittyinteriors/Instagram

Bold Teal Ceiling

A bold color on the ceiling is a great way to draw the eye upward and make your small kitchen feel more spacious, as seen in this gorgeous galley kitchen by @kevintwittyinteriors. While the rest of the kitchen is traditional, with white cabinets and a wood floor, the ceiling packs a punch and transforms the space into something special. The technique is even more effective if your kitchen ceiling is dome-shaped, like this one.

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Dusty Plaster Pink

The walls and some of the cabinetry in this beautiful kitchen by @lovedbyjenny are painted a soft pink. Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball, is soft and soothing; but far from boring. A light, earthy color like this can make a small kitchen look cozy, without overwhelming the space. Psst! Ever seen a color at some place that you really want to match? This colorimeter will get the job done.

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Monochrome Green Courtesy Darmaks.interior Instagram
Courtesy @darmaks.interior/Instagram

Monochrome Green

Consider painting the walls and cabinets of your small kitchen the same color, or a slight variation, as in this dark green space by @darmaks.interior. When you visually blend multiple surfaces with the same color, you remove any focal points, so your eye isn’t drawn to any specific area. This makes your walls seem taller and the overall look is cohesive rather than choppy.

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All Black Courtesy Geordie Jens Abode Instagram
Courtesy @geordie_jens_abode/Instagram

All Black

You might think using black in a small kitchen will make it look cramped, but when done correctly, black can have the opposite effect. This small kitchen by @geordie_jens_abode features one black wall, with matching black cabinets and appliances. The block of black gives the small kitchen an uncluttered look, and by offsetting it with white walls and white flooring, there’s plenty of light to prevent the room from feeling like a cave.

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Two Tone Cabinets Courtesy My Little Den Instagram
Courtesy @my__little__den/Instagram

Two-Tone Cabinets

We’ll always be a fan of white cabinets, but adding a contrasting color on the base cabinets has a grounding effect. In this tiny kitchen by @my__little__den, the blue base cabinets provide a fun dose of color, while the white cabinets on top reflect light around the kitchen and help open up the space. Other trending colors to consider on your lower cabinets are dark green, navy blue, dark gray or black.

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Bright Green Focal Point Courtesy Heirloomtraditionspaint Instagram
Courtesy @heirloomtraditionspaint/Instagram

Bright Green Focal Point

All tones of green are popular right now, and that includes the bright kelly green used in this wee kitchen from @heirloomtraditionspaint. Using the cheerful color on the cabinets, bead board backsplash and shelves creates a colorful attention-stealing focal point that visually enlarges the space. If you have a narrow galley kitchen, apply the bold color to the farthest wall, if possible. This gives the kitchen more depth, making it look bigger. Here are some inspiring small space paint ideas.

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Moody Gray Courtesy Devol Kitchens
Courtesy deVOL Kitchens

Moody Gray

A rich, moody color, like the dark gray used by @devolkitchens, makes your small kitchen look timeless. To pull off a color like this in a small space, make sure your kitchen gets plenty of natural light, and keep the ceiling white. To recreate the look of the stormy gray color used here, try Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore or Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

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Light Neutrals Courtesy Morricehome Instagram
Courtesy @morricehome/Instagram

Light Neutrals

In general, white cabinets and walls make a small kitchen look bigger. But, if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light, stark white can look dingy and have the opposite effect. Instead, opt for light neutrals, like ivories and creams. This will make your small kitchen look spacious, yet still warm and welcoming, as seen here in this charming little kitchen by @morricehome.

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Jewel Tones Courtesy Kittymccall Instagram
Courtesy @kittymccall/Instagram

Jewel Tones

Want to add some drama to your small kitchen? Transform it into a jewel box by using dark, saturated colors, like emerald green, dark blues and plum. The navy cabinets and dark green walls in this small kitchen by @kittymccall add chic style to the room, and the white ceiling and backsplash balance out and provide contrast. When pairing dark colors together like this, use colors close together on the color wheel — think blues and greens or purples and reds.