Amazon’s Paint Finder Makes It Easy to Pick the Perfect Color

Updated: Jun. 05, 2024

Never suffer from color regret again. The Amazon Paint Finder makes it easy to find complementary shades in seconds.

Nothing freshens up a space quite like a new coat of paint, but finding the ideal color isn’t always easy. According to a conversation with the Color Expert and creator of the Color911 app Amy Wax, it’s important to choose room colors that complement your personality. “A room can definitely affect whether someone feels relaxed and soothed or very stressed,” she says.

“It is not uncommon for people to search out colors that make them feel quieter and less stressed such as softer blues and greens, or even creamy off-whites.” Wax goes on to say that “it is of utmost importance for the colors of your room to work together in harmony.”

With all that pressure to find the perfect hue, it’s no wonder that most of us feel decision paralysis when it’s time to shop for a new shade. Sure, swatch cards from the home improvement store are helpful for matching existing paint. But trying to locate a new shade in a sea of colors—one that meshes well with your furniture, decor and trim—is overwhelming.

That’s why I’ll never pick another paint color without consulting the Amazon Paint Finder.

What is the Amazon Paint Finder?

The Amazon Paint Finder is a multipurpose digital painting tool. At first glance, it looks like a repository for nearly every brand and paint color available on the site. However, it does so much more than simply act as a library of swatches. The Amazon Paint Finder is a digital painting consultant that makes it easy to hunt down complementary hues.

How To Use It

The Amazon Paint Finder’s robust search tool makes it easy to browse their huge selection of colors, from baby blue to neon green. Shoppers can find a specific color by typing in the name. There’s also an option to search purchasable paints by brand, so it’s easier than ever to hunt down the perfect hue.

Worried about how a shade will look with your decor? Shoppers can use the upload feature to show prospective wall colors in real time. All they need is a current, well-lit photo of a room that captures a portion of the wall that will be painted. From there, the digital painting tool replaces the current wall color with any of the choices available in their catalog.

There’s an option to view curated palettes using the “inspiration” tab. This clever feature enables shoppers to browse photos of existing rooms, then purchase any of the showcased paint colors for their own home. Users are able to build out their own color palettes to save or share with friends.

Below the color finder is a section highlighting everything your painting project needs, from paint sprayers to brushes. Each featured pick boasts thousands of positive ratings, so you know you’re shopping the site’s top painting products. Three tabs offer different product picks: cleaning and repair, masks and protection and painting tools.

At the bottom of the Amazon Paint Finder page is a handy calculator that determines approximately how much paint you’ll need for each project. Simply type in each wall’s dimensions to determine how many gallons to buy. The tool calculates this amount by assuming that each wall gets two coats of paint. It takes the guesswork out of the equation, so you can focus on finding the best paint rollers instead.


How do I identify existing paint?

Identifying existing paint colors to use a touchup pen or cover cracked areas isn’t easy. An old-school way of finding an identical color involves bringing a paint chip of the existing shade to a store. Next comes searching through swatch cards to find a close fit.

Most times, a hardware store employee from the paint section can help. These skilled specialists can assist in locating matching shades. They’re also a good resource for any questions about touchups and techniques.

Several paint-matching apps exist that make it easier to find a good match. These apps have access to thousands of different paint colors from top brands, and they’re capable of recommending close shades. The only drawback of using an app is that the recommendations rely heavily on good lighting to find the best fit since most use a phone’s camera to “see” the current color.

Tools like the Color Muse colorimeter are one of the best ways to locate an identical match. Simply hold it up to the wall and the built-in shade scanner does the rest. It connects to almost any smartphone and delivers personalized recommendations of similar shades which can then be saved for future use.

How do I pick the perfect room shade?

According to Amy Wax, there are a few ways to select a color palette that relaxes you and channels the perfect vibe. She notes that determining the best color for any room begins with a broad look at your favorite shades. “Start with a color family that you can spend a lot of time in, and be completely comfortable. Think of blues, blue-grays or even delicate pinks or greens.” She notes that it helps to begin with a softer color in that family to jump-start the design.

Wax goes on to say that lighting also makes a big difference when picking a palette. “If your room is smaller with less sunlight start with a lighter shade, if your room is ablaze with sunlight, you can try a color two or three swatches up from the bottom of the color strip.”

She notes that it’s important to do a swatch test before committing to a color. “I suggest sampling a wall in the color of your choice, with a large sample of at least four feet square, two coats of paint. If you are comfortable with that color, then you can start building the whole color palette using that as a base.” The Amazon Paint Finder tool is an easy way to do this without putting in the labor.

Where to Find the Amazon Paint Finder

Amazons Paint Finder Makes It Easy To Pick The Perfect ColorFamily Handyman, via merchant

The Amazon Paint Finder is easy to access via the Amazon menu or by clicking the button below. It’s completely free to use, making it one of the most handy painting tools in any contractor or DIYer’s repertoire.

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