What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

It might feel impossible to find the perfect pairing, but we have great options for your consideration.

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Pine Hutch Paint Color


I’m renovating a house with a pink exterior and a lot of pink in the interior, so let’s just go there right away.

Pink is opposite brown on the color wheel, and it’s flattering to all skin tones. Who doesn’t want to look younger while making dinner? No one. But sometimes choosing the right pink can be an exercise in frustration.

Lean away from cooler undertoned pink and into warmer light corals or neutral blushes. A paint I have in my own home that seems to work virtually everywhere is Pine Hutch by Glidden. No one ever walks into my house and says “Wow, this is pink!” They say, “Wow, this space feels good.”

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Choice Cream Paint Colour


Any warm cream will complement your brown granite. It makes it easy to choose fixtures and other decor elements in the room by providing a bright, neutral backdrop.

If your brown granite has any pink undertones — or you want to enhance them — then Sherwin-Williams’ Choice Cream is the paint to pick. “It’s a nude-color evergreen,” says Marzia Dainelli, CEO and interior designer at Dainelli Studio.

The more pink-leaning cream adds softness to a bolder, patterned brown.

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Lobby Scene Paint Color


Plum is more versatile than you might think. I’ve actually used plum or dark purple in multiple homes, to different effect. Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, and purple complements the yellow undertones in brown granite.

It’s also a twist on tone-on-tone color palettes. Purple is adjacent to brown, but amps up the glamour factor, especially with black fixtures. But switch out fixtures for brass, add a couple of oil portraits with bold gold frames, and you will have yourself an English-inspired kitchen.

I might try Benjamin Moore’s Dark Purple soon myself, and Lobby Scene from Backdrop could be a more Bordeaux take.

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Sage Green Paint Color in Kitchen

Sage Green

I love Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle because of what the company calls its “indeterminate color.” But it’s a mellow gray-green with depth, a version of sage.

I find a lot of what gets described as sage green comes off on the wall as too minty. You need the warmth of the natural sage — again, pairing colors that appear together in nature every day — to get the warm brown granite to play nice.

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Dusk Gray Paint Colour

Dusk Gray

Dusky shades can lend your brown granite (and entire kitchen) some mystery and glamour, instead of playing it back to a neutral zone.

Dainelli says dusk gray is eye-catching, especially Greenblack from Sherwin-Williams. “Not black, not green, dusk gray gives you the drama you crave,” she says.

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Pale Blue Paint Colour on Wall

Pale Blue

Pale blue is a go-to for good reason.

Leni Calas, an interior design build professional and founder of Ward 5 Design Studio, says it’s her first choice because the muted hue softens the brown. “Think of the combination of faded denim blue jeans and well-worn brown cowboy boots, or trees and sky as inspiration,” she says.

She says just walking out your back door might bring you some color combos that work, because brown and blue occur so readily in nature. Then you can pair white fixtures and stainless steel for a Scandi feel, or choose brass and darker fixture shades for a more eclectic look.

Her perfect blue pick? Sherwin-Williams’ Upward, which also happens to be the company’s Color of the Year for 2024.

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Beige Paint Colour in Living Room


Are you surprised beige is back? It is!

If you want to balance the depth and warmth of brown granite, consider using Accessible Beige from Sherwin-Williams. It’s an apt name because it’s been a classic, popular pick by neutral fans for good reason, even as trends leaned away from beige. It flexibly manages marrying sophistication with comfort. Maybe that is why it’s once again trending in interiors.

Think of it as the cream afloat the dark chocolate espresso of your countertop.

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Garden Green Paint Colour on Kitchen Cabinets

Garden Green

Since 2020, there’s been a slow-simmering trend toward jewel-toned paints, especially those that might offer a sense of bringing the outdoors in.

Take a bigger risk with a bolder color that will pay off in dividends with “strong, impactful, and natural vibes,” Dainelli says. She likes Rock Garden from Sherwin-Williams, which she says will neutralize the stronger yellow shades of brown granite.

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Antique Copper Paint Colour


Copper is a great compromise between earthiness and urbanity. This reddish hue works well with the warmth in brown granite without getting garish, thanks to the warm brown undertones in the paint.

My pick would be something like Antique Copper from Benjamin Moore. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures will lend a homey-but-polished feel, black will lend some gravity, and brass fixtures will add a glamorous touch.

Katie Dohman
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