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Make Paint Jobs Last

We'll show you how to prepare your house to make the paint job last longer.

Decorative Painting

You won't end up with ugly walls with these decorative painting techniques.

Eight Drywall Fixes

Quickly repair and smooth out your beat-up walls before you paint for better results.

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Build Your Own Bar

Build the ultimate feature for any man cave - a home bar with beer on tap.

DIY TV Stand

Looking for the perfect project? Build this handsome TV stand this weekend.

Edge Gluing Boards

This basic woodworking skill will help you get better results in many different projects.

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Toilet Repair

Toilet repair articles to fix flushing problems or replace any toilet part.

Whole Home Filter

Instead of an expensive filtration system, try a simple whole house filter.

Plugged Sewer Lines?

Keep invasive tree roots from plugging your sewer line by boring them out.

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Cabinet Rollouts

Rollout shelves will put everything in your cabinets in easy reach.

Recycle Bin Hangers

Free up floor space by hanging your recycling bins on the wall.

Garden Storage Box

Keep your garden tools dry and handy with this simple storage cabinet.

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Remodel Your Bathroom

Make a dull bathroom feel fresh, bright and inviting while adding storage.

Build Window Cornices

Custom-build your own window cornices for 1/4 the price of store-bought for this dramatic look.

Build a Bookshelf

Build a great-looking bookshelf with classic lines like this one in just one day!

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Great Goofs from DIYers

Dust Devil
Dust Devil
Michael Drefchinski

While trying to be neat and tidy, Michael Drefchinski managed to stir up quite a dust cloud!

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