• Build a Low-Cost Storage Shed

    Build a Low-Cost Storage Shed

    We designed this shed with saving money in mind. The dimensions are designed to make the most efficient use of lumber and simple construction methods make the building process easy. Complete instructions here»

  • Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

    Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

    These 13 tips will help you get a $25,000 bathroom for $3,000 by doing the work yourself and following the advice of our kitchen and bath design pro. Get a new look and stay on budget. Here's how»

  • Super Simple $50 Workbench

    Super Simple $50 Workbench

    Do you have $50 and 2 free hours? If so, here's your new workbench. It's simple and cheap enough that you can make it in a morning, and yet big enough for serious woodworking projects. Check it out»

  • Don't Use Economy Auto Parts

    Don't Use Economy Auto Parts

    Cheap auto parts cost you extra time, money and aggravation in the long run. So it's better to use professional grade parts unless you plan to sell or junk your car in a year or so. Learn more here»

DIY Projects, Home Improvement and Repair Guides

Fix a Wobbly Bookcase

Here are three simple ways to anchor your bookcase and keep it from tipping.

Simple Bookcase Plans

Build this simple bookshelf with a miter saw, biscuits - and a young helper.

Suspended Bookshelves

Build this simple set of book or display shelves in a single weekend.

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Build a Home Office

Build a compact home office with big work area and plenty of storage.

Create a Quiet Office

DIY strategies to soundproof your office and block the racket.

Office in a Closet

Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office.

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Troubleshoot Outlets

Try these electrical tests before calling an electrician and save a service call.

Using a Multimeter

Test batteries, circuits, dead appliances and more with this helpful tool.

Rough-In Wiring

Save a lot of money by doing your own wiring safely with these techniques.

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Fast Furniture Fixes

Repair nicks, scratches, dings and dents in your wood furniture.

Refinish Furniture

Refinish furniture in less time, effort and mess, and get better results.

Reupholster a Chair

Follow our simple four step series and get first-class results.

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New Tile Backsplash

On a tight budget? Give your kitchen a whole new look for under $200.

Built-In Shelves

Discover hidden storage space in your walls with these two projects.

Build a Potting Bench

You don't need any special skills to build this gardener's bench.

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Beijing Barbecue
Beijing Barbecue
Ray Duffy

Beware the words “ready to assemble! ” And don't assume the instruction sheet is going to help you!

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    These 10 tips will keep you cool and save you money. We include upfront costs and payback, but the actual savings depend on your house, region, climate, living habits and electric rates.
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    Every spring and fall, home centers offer great prices on insulating spray foam. If you're tempted to stock up, be prepared to use it right away. The have a shelf life so check expiration.
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