Brad Allred of Project Build Stuff Brings His DIY Expertise to ‘Workshop It’

A social media sensation for his DIY tips and projects, Allred brings his expertise to a new show streaming on At Home with Family Handyman.

Brad Allred uses three words to describe his new At Home with Family Handyman series, Workshop It, which premiers Wednesday, November 1: “Education. Utility. Passion.”

Growing up, Allred says he was a “master tinkerer, always tearing apart and rebuilding everything and anything I could get my hands on.” Then, when he started teaching high school engineering in 2018, he needed an outlet from the stress of the classroom and decided to start building around his house.

Allred says he “started out sharing DIY tips and projects on Instagram.” By 2020, he says, “I was making full-length YouTube videos showing new DIYers how to tackle projects step-by-step” on his channel, Project Build Stuff.

Since then, Project Build Stuff amassed more than 109,000 followers across social channels and educated millions of aspiring DIYers. Allred uses his teaching background to tackle complex projects, breaking them down into “easy manageable steps anyone can do in their own home,” he says.

Brad Allred Brings His Diy Expertise To 'workshop It' At Home With Family HandymanAt Home With Family Handyman

Here’s one tip Allred offers for people looking to get into DIY: “Take your DIY journey one project at a time. You only need the tools and knowledge to tackle that first project, and then you can slowly add to your skills and toolset for each proceeding project on your list.

“In no time you will have acquired tons of skills and, most importantly, the confidence to dive into more complex jobs.“

In his new series, Allred is excited to share builds that mean a lot to him.

“On Workshop It, I was able to showcase some of my favorite projects I’ve done around my home from making a Little [Free] Library to help my community to a dining room table made out of an actual bowling alley lane,” he says. “I think the builds that are most special to me are the ones that bring my family together the most.”

Though he’s a DIY expert in his own right, Allred is still constantly learning with the help of Family Handyman! A longtime reader and subscriber, he touts the magazine as “a wealth of inspiration and knowledge for any project I want to tackle.” Because of that, he calls hosting his show on At Home with Family Handyman “a dream come true.”

Workshop It premiers on At Home with Family Handyman on Wednesday, November 1! New episodes will then air weekly on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

The channel is currently available on At Home with Family Handymanstreaming now on Samsung TV Plus, XUMOThe Roku ChannelLG ChannelsPlexfuboTV, and Sling Free. At Home is also available through the Family Handyman app on iOS, Apple TV, Android, AndroidTV, FireTV and Roku devices.